Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekly rundown: too few, too many

i am so glad you all claimed to like my artwork. i labored over them for hours ten minutes. i will do my best to channel my michelangelo skillz regularly. at work.

as for the husband for "sale" on craigslist, i am merely subscribed to the local craigslist free stuffs and furniture by owner in case a good deal pops up. sorry to disappoint.

week in review (12/6 - 12/12):
total miles: 29.44
time spent running: ~ 4 hrs 29 min
avg pace: 9:10
off days: 2
  • mon: total laziness. ugh.
  • tue: an early morning run! in 18*. i lasted 2.5miles.
  • wed: double laziness. yuck yuck.
  • thu: an attempt at a tempo, 10mi total
  • fri: easy 6mi with josh
  • sat: easy 5mi with terri
  • sun: easy 4.5mi with terri; easy 1.5 in vibrams

so after my three good weeks and a cutback week, apparently my body/mind were still in cutback mode and i had a pretty slack week. i learned i need to continue to declare my 30-min/day rule. i thought i'd stick to it without officially listing it on my monthly goals but apparently that's not good enough.

as for my tempo attempt - i averaged an 8:18... a solid 30 seconds slower than what i should be doing (and have done recently on other runs). i don't know if it was because it was my first non-easy run in cold weather since last winter (43*, but my asthma acts up in cool weather) or if i was being cautious in the dark.

spotted on my thursday run-mute

week in review (12/13 - 12/19):
total miles: 40.40
time spent running: ~ 5 hrs 53 min
avg pace: 8:54
off days: 1
  • mon: easy 4mi with josh
  • tue: 3mi tempo (7:39/mi avg)
  • wed: weights & abs
  • thu: another runmute! added on a bit to make it 9mi (normally 6-7)
  • fri: ran errands. literally. 5mi easy
  • sat: easy 3+mi
  • sun: long run with 6x800

oops. i wasn't supposed to hit 40 miles for another week or so. on saturday's short 'n easy run i got the stink eye from a runner girl who was overdressed; it was 37* and i was in shorts and longsleeve shirt. i'd illustrate that but i wasn't quite sure how to portray the stink eye via paint.

on friday i decided to run errands since my legs were a little achy from thursday's run-mute. i stopped at the post office and walmart. it was alright until the last mile when i started to get annoyed at carrying my bag.


  1. for a second i thought that the sunrise over the house picture was a house-on-fire pic! silly me.

    love that you literally ran errands. and survived the annoyance of the bag until the last mile. that would have annoyed me the whole darn way. i hate even carrying my keys (therefore i don't hahah!)

  2. I did a lot of that "errand" running stuff with Fred-he loves biking to all the village "hot-spots!"

    That house with the Christmas decorations......just doesn't look right without snow! JMO!

  3. You are like one of Santa's helpers running with a bag full of goodies!

    Just adorable!

  4. Now, see,that house with all the stuff out front, that's more like what I am used to!! Tons of yards like that in our neighborhood! But with even more blow-ups!!

    I didn't know you were starting to use the Vibrams though - what do you think of them? you didn't wear those out in the rain on Sunday, did you?

  5. Umm-You beat my mileage by 17 miles this week! Nice work. I pretty much just put the miles on in the car and fueled myself with fudge and caramels! I'm trying to gain weight as I'm only 88 pounds-BAAAHHH! Perhaps when I was eleven.....

    Nice workouts!

  6. I feel like this is a post Rick would have had some great comment for- and pretty much, since it is 5am, I got nothing. Oh, but I don't like Jessica Simpson. Or her sister. Or her new nose. Random.

  7. Stink-eye for wearing shorts???? Awwww 37ยบ is a heat-wave now.

  8. Love the Christmas decorations. There are lots of houses that look like that here in good ole East Texas! Great job on the mileage!

  9. What's with the stink-eye? No reason for that.

    The only errand I can run to around here is the post office & bike shop, but it's the opposite way from the rest of civilization, so I rarely go that way.

    I'm such a slacker.

  10. Your "laziness" sure does look better than my weekly numbers!! Just sayin!

    I hope you and terri had a wonderful time!!!

    have a fantastic holiday!

  11. What? Are you saying that husband wasn't a good piece of furniture?

    Good to see you out and at 'em again. I'm not too far behind. My brain (and my spare tire) are ready....