Saturday, January 29, 2011

picking up slack

some things, such as my laziness, never change.

mon - 6 easy
tue - 7 (3 tempo)
wed - 6 easy
thu - 3 easy
fri - 8 (trackwork)
sat - 15
sun - rest

mon - lazy
tue - 6.5 easy
wed - lazy
thu - lazy (am weights)
fri - 4.9 easy am / 7.1 (3 tempo) pm
sat - 11.5 'easy' (tired legs)
sun - to be determined

monday, wednesday and thursday weren't totally "lazy" days so much as i was moody. instead of pushing myself out the door, knowing at least a short run would fix my mood, i allowed myself to not-run which only made me more moody.

i've also been having this situation lately where i don't want to run if i haven't had a 'movement' yet. i have had too many "calls" from nature when i am as far as possible from a bathroom. basically, i never had such a movement tuesday, wednesday or thursday. lame excuse i know, but i'm not about to start chugging ex lax.


the squats and such thursday morning set me up with already-tired legs for friday and they weren't exactly feeling fresh saturday either. i'm hoping to get in 12-15 miles on sunday, we'll see. nothing like cramming all your miles into 3 days right? (kids: file this under how not to train for a marathon. i'm an expert)

friday was errunds day as josh and i ran to the food store in the morning to get coffee beans. later i dropped off some mail at the post office as my warmup for my afternoon run. so productive. the tempo miles were hard at first, then i found a groove, and then the last half-mile was hard again.

friday (1/28) am: 4.9 miles, 44:42 (avg pace 9:07), 33*
friday (1/28) afternoon: 7.1 miles, 58:51 (tempo miles 7:50, 7:31, 7:44), 57*
saturday (1/29) am: 11.5 miles, 1:44:10 (avg pace 9:03), 56*

with tired legs and hope for another long run tomorrow, i hopped in the tub for an ice bath. apparently my pipes have great insulation because i probably could have just sat in the cold water; it was frigid. i had already emptied the ice maker though so i went ahead and added the ice.

ice baths: tailgating in the tub

in other news, i almost got hit by a car again on my long run last week. in the exact same intersection  where i had a run-in before. remember, it's not important to look to the right when driving. you only need to look left.

oh and i still have some stickers left. email me if you want one.
(if you haven't gotten yours yet it's 'cause i haven't mailed them all, but it's coming i promise.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

back in the saddle

i'm a whiz at proportion

i hope the running i've been doing since august is good enough to consider a "base". some weeks were better than others, and i averaged about 30mpw for the past three months.

now it's time to put my nose to the grindstone. that doesn't sound very pleasant, but then again speedwork doesn't feel very pleasant.

over the next few months i'm planning an 8k, possible 10k, half-mar, and a grand return to the marathon. well, hopefully a grand return.

i still haven't forgotten the last one two, but i need to put on my big girl underpants and toe the line again.

the training plan i created for marathon #10(!) is a step back from jack daniels and incorporates the simple workouts i've preferred in the past instead - tempo runs, 800's and mile repeats. i'm also aiming to do back-to-back "long" runs like i did when training for the goofy challenge (8/16, 10/20, etc). i'll only build by 10% per week, and cutback by about 30% every 3-4 weeks. i will hopefully do yoga weekly to stay loose and stretch out.

of course i'm hoping to see a good time on the clock but let's not put the cart before the horse.

i got another awesome pair of socks from my dad this weekend!
and you thought i couldn't get any more stylish...
i was impressed with everyone owning up to having the sweaters and hoochy skirts.

16 weeks to go!

Monday, January 24, 2011


back in early-december, i was contacted by megan of build-a-sign about getting to create my own product - sticker, magnet, sign, banner.

because i'm a procrastinator (and indecisive, and don't have computer graphics skills) it took me awhile to settle on a design. it had nothing to do with the company's website - it's very easy to use and customize a design. the customer service is also five-star! the decals i ordered are a quality product and reasonably priced.

i saw numerous other bloggers come out with their own build-a-sign goodies and lucky for me, megan never forgot about me. eventually i created a vector image and put one of my running 'mantras' on it, and now i have some to giveaway! just comment below (leave your email address) or email me (lindsay at chasingthekenyans dot com) and i will mail one out free of charge. until i run out. edited to add: they are 3x4.

if you're ever in need of pr material, or even just one item, be sure to check out build-a-sign!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

stylin' and profilin'

stacy and clinton, er, amy lauren and matt tagged me with the 'stylish' blogger award. i feel i am devaluing the award though. i mean... i am just now making an effort to get dressed for work as though i (somewhat) care. aka, attempting to cover my wife beater base layer. who knows how long this will last.

to fulfill the requirements of this prestigious award, i am doing 7 stylish things instead of random ones:

1) ho-licious shirt i've never worn. i bought it a couple years ago and don't ever go clubbing, so i'm not really sure why i bought it. white/blue nike tank not included.

don't mind my dirty mirror.

2) oldddd clothes that i haven't worn it years. thanks to my purge-goal they are now keeping someone fashionable warm for $0.50 and no longer at the bottom of my drawers.

gap sweaters circa 2000
please tell me you had one too

3) i also goodwill'd clothes i never should have worn to begin with. they reminded me of the redhead and her "former" wild girl days.

isn't that a long skirt
hollister, in case you're shopping for a hoochy skirt

4) this gem is circa 1999. i am pretty sure i haven't worn it since then. i swear i'm not a hoarder.

laundry day, hence the sheet-less bed

5) going old school. stole this one off facebook. basically i have always looked cool. especially in middle school.

6) still stylin' in the present.

another one of my hot outfits worn during ragnar florida keys

7) how can you deny my fashion? you know you want to be my friend.

i was 'deb' from napoleon dynamite

now i know you are all inspired to post your most fashionable moments too. i tag everyone.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ragnar relay florida keys 2011: leg 2

as i left off, we fueled at ihop and headed towards the next major exchange. apparently we got a little turned-around en route, but i didn't know because i fell asleep. we split up - some dozed in the van, others outside on the grass. raffi did yoga and joined me for s'mores. a piece of my iphone screen fell into my eye, that hurt (replacement glass is in the mail).

i looked like a hot mess all weekend.
but, my team still pretended to be my friends!

soon enough, our teammates arrived and we made our way through the tunnel and out onto the racetrack. it sounded cool for runner #12 to have a lap around the track to finish their leg, but in reality it didn't look that fun. it was warm, there was no shade, the track is over a mile long and the stands were empty. taryn handed off to brian and we were back on duty. at least this time he had a 9+ mile leg, so we didn't have to sprint back to the van.

while brian ran, we stopped at dunkin donuts for more food and coffee. you'd think you might lose weight doing a relay but in reality you eat the entire time you are not running.

back on the road, we caught up to brian and stopped to cheer for him. we then rushed to the next exchange so daphne could get ready. this exchange was in the middle of a farmer's field; you could see the runner's for. ever.

the next two legs were on a gravel canal trail. the pre-race safety briefing warned about snapping alligators on this trail. the team vans drove along next to the runners, and the extra noise helped keep the gators away. i'm sure it was also helpful to the runners to have the headlights around once the sun went down. we pulled over on the trail and opened the doors and pumped black eyed peas to the gators runners (we should have done that more often).

the next exchange was a wider section of gravel and the sun was almost completely down. daphne handed off to danna and we continued down the gravel trail. i drifted off to sleep again and woke up at the next exchange point - an on-ramp to US1. i donned my safety vest (borrowed from the lovely redhead), headlamp and my brooks nitelife hat instead of a butt-light. i wore my sugoi tatu arm warmers to intimidate the gators and filled my fuelbelt handheld bottle with gu brew. my next run was almost 12 miles and vans were not able to stop and provide aid to runners.

i downed a pineapple roctane and danna came out of nowhere. we hustled to the official exchange point a few yards away and i was off -- up the on-ramp and over the bridge. i passed a runner and her bike pacer. i was aiming for an 8:00/mile pace and wanted to get this scary leg over with.

i'm not in the best shape speed- or distance-wise, but avoiding gators and crocs was motivating. my headlamp wasn't the brightest, every runner i passed could light up the whole the shoulder of the road while i could barely see 4 feet in front of me. i was quite nervous about stumbling upon a reptile - the ones with legs and those without. i saw a lot of squiggly-lined road patch and jumped at every one thinking it was a snake (really i did 12-miles with hurdles).

ragnar had provided 3 water stops on this leg; i only took water at the third. i popped two more gu's during the leg and dropped a wrapper shortly after the second water station. race organizers had stressed not leaving food/trash on the route because it could attract gators. i didn't want to be responsible for anyone's death so i stopped to find it.

the route was flat except for a few bridges and one off-/on-ramp. i was excited thinking i was getting off US1 and almost done with my leg, and then realized i had to go back up the ramp. i was motivated by a few blinking lights ahead at times, only to find out they were ragnar directional signs.

soon i was running on a slight downhill and arrived on key largo. only a few more miles to go. the running path was setback from the road and the headlights no longer helped light the way. i was still leary of reptiles.

i pushed through the fatigue to pick off a few more runners, called out my number to the volunteer radioing them ahead and probably looked awkward handing off to hunter. brian and raffi asked how many creatures i saw and i said 90, then i said to myself "you moron, that's ridiculous, no one will believe you". i shuffled back to the van where i learned that danna had wiped out on the gravel trail and was more concerned about getting pictures for facebook than administering first aid. at least my van mates had something to keep them busy during the longest leg of the relay.

documenting battle wounds > first aid.

leg 2 (1/7) - 11.75 miles, 1:34:10 (avg pace 8:00), 55*
24 road kills!, but got passed by 2 fast guys like i was standing still.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


today i runched (noun - a light midday run between morning and evening; verb - to run during lunch).

ten minutes into my run, i started getting the shakes. i had eaten some (dry) cereal and homemade yogurt for breakfast around 9, so i don't understand where they come from (it's happened before).

i told myself that i had plenty of food stores/fuel in my love handles, and it sure wouldn't hurt to burn some of that. i did just devour a box of godiva chocolate hearts yesterday. it was a pretty good exercise in mental-toughness as i pushed through "the shakes".

for a second i was tempted to 'eat' some of the dirty snow from the side of the road. the shakes feeling eventually went away so i know it wasn't anything serious - just my stomach freaking out that i wasn't going to feed it every 5 seconds anymore.

after i (sorta) showered off i noticed my face was attractively flushed. i looked like a hot mess. hopefully this is somewhat normal.

wednesday (1/19) runch: 6.5 miles, 56:18 (avg pace 8:40), 53*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

donut run

kathrin invited me to a donut run put on by her tri coach, katie, of malone coaching. i convinced josh to do it, but he said i had to do it too even though he knows i'm allergic to donuts. he's been wanting to do the krispy kreme challenge but unfortunately it hasn't jived with our schedule thus far. i told him in advance that it was ok if he beats me in this race.

it was an informal but fun 'race'. you could be a "challenger", run a two-mile loop, eat six donuts, and run the two-mile loop again; or you could be a "casual" runner and eat 0-5 donuts in between the loops. my competitiveness (and hard-headedness) signed us up for the challenger division.

josh and i ran together for the first loop and i just barely beat him to the donut table. he's a fast eater and took off for his second loop when i was only halfway through my donuts.

i attempted dipping my donuts in water, but that was entirely too disgusting. i stacked a couple, smushed them, and forced myself to eat them 'fast'. the urge to puke was stronger while eating them than while running.

a good method

i'm pretty sure this was my first negative split race ever, go figure. donuts clearly make for good fueling.

surprisingly i didn't feel like puking until the last short but steep hill, but my donuts held it together. i almost caught back up to josh - he finished a few seconds in front of me for probably 5th place male 'challenger'.

i finished 2nd place female in the 'challenger' division; maybe 3rd overall? it was hard to tell.

tastes like victory
donut run (1/15): 4 miles, 31:46 (avg pace 7:56), 37*
i stopped my watch for the eating part... so who knows what my "race" time was. this definitely counts as a pr.

Friday, January 14, 2011

snowjam 2011

you probably haven't heard, but it snowed earlier this week.

it almost interfered with my flight back from florida, but the pilot was macho and wanted to fly it even though the other florida-to-gsp flights were canceled. it was actually the smoothest landing ever, and all the other passengers broke out in applause for the pilot... um. ok.

the flight attendant was going through the end-of-flight announcements and said "for those of you needing ground transportation, good luck with that".

the one plow in south carolina keeping the runway clear for my plane
the road just becomes a sheet of ice
you can make fun of the south for 'freaking out' about snow/ice as much as you want, but we don't have a fleet of plows or even much of a salt supply. usually they put sand out on the road, which i have never quite understood. i also saw cvs using cat litter. the people who run to the food store for bread and milk, you can make fun of them. josh and i went to the food store for beer and pizza.

bbq at my house tomorrow
a slippery sheet of ice covers everything
i trip and fall on a clear sunny day, i cannot run on this
anyway, as grumpy as i have been about not being able to run, i realized today that the snowjam worked out in my favor. for the past few months, my long runs have been maxing out at 12-14 miles, 2-3 times per month. my ragnar legs added up to about 21 miles total, at a good effort, so it's for the best that i had forced down time and extra easy runs.

well, i could have ran more on the treadmill but then i couldn't use my excuse of taking it easy and recovering.

tuesday (1/11) am run attempt: 1.1 miles, 14:24 (avg pace 13:05), 27*
very icy; even the snow had a layer of ice. cautiously walked a lot; slid some.

wednesday (1/12) pm treadmill: 4.25 miles, 41:15 (avg pace 9:42)
seemed sooo hard to bump the speed up to 9-min/miles so i just ran slow. one episode of cake boss in my vibrams, another episode in my mizunos.

friday (1/14) am run attempt: 4.4 miles, 42:34 (avg pace 9:40), 32*
some stretches of clear sidewalk/road but had to walk the icy parts in the shade.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ragnar relay florida keys 2011: leg 1

at the start of 2010, ragnar announced a new relay - miami to key west! in january! you can't pass that up. i chatted it up with a few blog buddies and luckily brian, was awesome enough to coordinate a team. i'm clearly too lazy for that; please just boss me around.

after months of planning (on brian's part) and anticipation (my part), i boarded a plane and headed south. i spent an exciting day in ft laud waiting to be picked up by my teammates. aka, i sat in the lobby of the holiday inn express.

i took pictures of random things to pass the time

all packed up

eventually i met up with part of the team and we prepared for the weekend ahead. a delicious spaghetti dinner, a few hours sleep, and we were up and on the road to the start line in miami.

dawn at crandon park beach

team captain brian, aka safety boy, started us off with a quick 3-mile leg. it was a legitimate concern that he would beat us to exchange 1 so we wished him luck and took off for the van. luckily we beat him and the next runner (daphne) even had a few minutes to prepare for her run. we passed her just as she was starting a climb up a bridge and honked/yelled/banged on the windows for her.

while waiting at the next exchange, i sent a photo of the view to my office mates who were stuck at work. daphne handed off to danna and we were on the road again. now i was feeling nervous as my turn grew closer. would i be able to run hard enough? would the nausea creep back in? would i get lost? would i be eaten by an alligator? at least i didn't have to worry about bathroom issues as i was able to take care of business before the race started.

i changed out of my $12 boston sweats and into running clothes. i wanted to run with my phone in case my leg got bitten off by an alligator, so i wore a sugoi fizz bra tank since it has a pocket on the back. one trip to the porta-potty for nerves ala redhead style and i waited for danna. she came cruising in, executed a smooth exchange, and i was off.

at a 6:46 mile pace.

yeah that's faster than my 5k pr, and i still have two more legs to run later. i slowed down and aimed for a 7:45 pace for the 4.2 mile leg. i jumped at a few palm fronds laying on the side of the road that looked like alligators. i passed a woman who had her headphones up too loud and didn't hear me coming. my shoe came untied. i didn't see any other (ragnar) runners during my leg. in the last mile i had to cross an intersection twice; it was hard to start back up after stopping.

i sped onward to the exchange where i awkwardly slapped the bracelet into hunter's hand instead of on her wrist. not the way to set a good impression upon people pretending to be my friends my new friends. we walked back to the van, i had a few minutes to stand around and cool-off, and then drove on to the next exchange.

i think this might be where we first started to daydream about pizza. already. at 10:30am.

hunter handed off to tim dan steve jim, our last runner in van 1. we drove to the first major exchange at gould's park, found the other half of our team, cheered jim in to hand-off to patrick of van 2, and went "off-duty".

a short run, cheering, and riding around in a van is exhausting work. we sped off to a luxurious lunch at ihop where they accidentally gave me nut-filled pancakes and i went into anaphylactic shock. just kidding, i didn't go into shock. luckily i noticed something funny about my blueberry pancakes and they whipped up a new, nut-free stack for me.

we stuffed ourselves full and went to the homestead miami speedway, the next major exchange, to rest up and prepare for our next "shift".

leg 1 (1/7) - 4.2 miles, 32:39 (avg pace 7:46), 54*
one roadkill; passed by no one.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

tag productivity

cleaning out 'stuff' desperately also applies to my e-stuff -- paring down google reader, tidying up my not-so-tidy inbox. step one, get around to answering old emails with a mishmash of taggings from last year (and one i dodged answering).

from september 1: (see procrastination)
the happy 101 award from andrea of age groups rock

1. state who gave you the award - done.
2. 10 things you like -
m&m's, running, josh & my family, house renovating, air conditioning, getting mail, puzzles, sushi, running in the rain, giving presents.
3. pass this on to 10 people - pass. i'm 4 months late. pretty sure this ship has sailed.

from december 20:
difficult questions tag from sweatykid

what was your favorite toy or game to play when you were little?
legos. i built lego houses all. the. time. when i applied to college i wrote a blurb about how i wanted to be an architect because i built lego houses when i was little, so they accepted me into the landscape architecture program.

i also thoroughly enjoyed sidewalk chalk and creating towns/roadways all over our driveway. it helped that we lived in the boonies and had plenty of driveway to draw on.

apparently i should have gone into some sort of civil or architectural career.

if you could achieve any athletic feat, what would it be, and in which sport/event?
running in the olympics! medaling would be nice but just making it to the big dance would probably be sufficient.

which vegetable best embodies your personality, and why?
this was a tough one. i enlisted the help of some online quizzes. said i was a celery - "you probably have volumized hair, and are great at organizing. you like to show your true side to people, even when they might not know you that well. you always have an optimistic look on the world." said i was a tomato - "you are a ripe, red wonder. full of flavor and spirit. you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't like you (except maybe aliens...or people who are allergic). though many people think you are something you are not (a fruit!), they still wanna be just like you. you also go great with salad."

so i guess i either have volumized hair or am great with a salad.

would you rather live somewhere that’s known for being really really cold, or really really hot? why?
hot hot hot. i do not like bulky clothing; it takes up too much space. i would be totally fine w/ wearing a bathing suit and loose top everyday. hopefully that would motivate me to workout more and eat less. of course this would involve living in the caribbean and not having to work.

pizza: if you had to pick one, is yours chicago-style or new york-style, and why? and while we’re at it, what’s on this hypothetical pizza?
new york. i'm not a crusty-person (and josh might divorce me if i said chicago style). sauce+cheese+veggies (but no 'shrooms).

from december 22:
2010 reflection tag by mindy of 13.1 miles to go

1. what are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
motivating my little sister to start running! and teaching my stubborn brain how to run for fun (sometimes, not always; competition is still good).

2. what was your favorite race in 2010?
the midnight flight mile. maybe this year i'll be in shape for it and beat the boys!

3. what are your running goals in 2011?
run more than i did in 2010; stay healthy; lose some friggin' weight for realz (or you can check the non-condensed version here)

4. what is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
i wouldn't say this is my favorite, but it's what i always seem to end up doing -- overeating :(

5. what is your most embarrassing running moment?
2007 - when my old running partner discovered my dog had eaten a particular section of my tights... while we were stretching after a chilly morning run.

2008 - nothing comes to mind.

2009 - a particular mid-day, side of the road, pit stop.

2010 - knocking on a random (kind of freaky) house out in the country and asking to use their bathroom. seriously, who keeps jars of mystery-substance in their bathroom? it was only embarrassing b/c i was running with other people and had to make them wait.

seriously, wtf is this?
yes, i risked my life sneaking a photo in this house for the sake of the blog.

Monday, January 3, 2011

revvin' in '11

here in the ctk house we really know how to party. josh had a 24-hr bug and spent new year's eve with the porcelain god, completely foiling our plans to go out to da club. i accused him of faking it the next day and he said "well i have conveniently been sick whenever we have plans to go out dancing". hmmmm.

oh well, the club couldn't have handled me anyway. he went to bed at 9:30 and i listened to the fireworks all night. it was like the projects, but without people climbing in my window.

alright enough with the random youtube links. on to declaring my 2011 goals!

  1. run some marathons. preferably more than 2. i'm going to be 80 before i finish my 50-state goal.
  2. race a half-mar. i feel the need to prove to myself that disney wasn't a fluke.
  3. 5 pr's. stretching myself a little from the previous goal of 3. hope to include:
    • 5k - sub-21
    • 8k - sub-35
    • 26.2 - sub-3:30
  4. run lots of miles. preferably more than 2009's tally.

  1. 30-minutes of activity per day. this should keep me regular with weights and yoga.
  2. abdominables: 25,000 abs / 250 planks. the numbers kept me crunching in 2010 so i'm aiming high.
  3. commute to work via bike regularly during daylight savings. 
  4. drop a few pounds. for real this time. gotta make peace with my old friend calorie counting.

  1. one weekend-getaway every month. unfortunately not 12 trips of tahiti-magnitude, i still haven't won publisher's clearinghouse.
  2. get the tree guy out to actually trim the trees. i only had the work quoted back in june '10...
  3. purge crap. mainly - clothes but other stuff too. i'm not a hoarder, i just don't like owning so much 'stuff'. i also have way too many clothes, especially considering i typically only wear the sweatpants collection. i have a walk-in closet, dresser, half of "josh's" dresser, and a wardrobe-thingie for my running clothes. josh probably deserves his own *complete* dresser instead of half of one. additionally i will not purchase any new clothes unless replacing something old.
so there we go, 11 goals for 2011.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

rearview mirror - 2010

2010 was the year of nausea, have i mentioned that yet? it finally cleared up in september/october and these last 2-3 months have been soo nice to feel "normal" again. hopefully i won't have any lapses in '11.  the constant "off" feeling kept me from running consistently all summer, but gave me an excuse to be guiltlessly lazy.

it was still a good year - i ran a decent amount of miles and stayed injury free once again (i don't consider the random health issues an injury).
2005 - 735.94 (started march 14th)
2006 - 623.43 (did not log may-september)
2007 - 1335.95
2008 - 1618.95
2009 - 2025.10
2010 - 1545.00

january - 180.05 miles. ran on the treadmill a lot, but also had a few runs with the old kentucky crew.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 17.1 miles.

february - 177.36 miles, the (original) month of no m&m's! ran a 10-mile race for an automatic pr.
8-days of no-running; longest run, 17.1 miles.

march - 121.20 miles. vomit-inducing vertigo. when i quit responding to text messages because i was puking my brains out, josh left work and drove 6 hours to check on me.
11-days of no-running; longest run, 9.12 miles.

april - 155.81 miles. ran two marathons - boston and kentucky derby.
13-days of no-running; longest run, 26.2 miles by default.

may - 143.55 miles. looking back on this month now, i probably should not have re-inserted any speed/hard workouts so soon after my double 'thons.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 12.75 miles.

june - 129.61 miles. moved home from kentucky! apparently i never gave june it's own recap. sorry june. i think it was because this was when my mac crashed.
9-days of no-running; longest run, 10.4 miles.

july - 51.60 miles. health issues. wedding! tahiti!! 'nuf said.
23-days of no-running; longest run, 10.05 miles.

august - 88.65 miles. finally started feeling 2% better. began rebuilding the exercise habit.
15-days of no-running; longest run, 8.15 miles.

september - 101.60 miles. ran 3 races in one night and hope to repeat in '11.
13-days of no-running; longest run, 11.45 miles.

october - 112.45 miles. ran/walked a 5k with my sisters. spectated josh and my sister in their first half-marathon!
11-days of no-running; longest run, 10 miles.

november - 128.08 miles. another month of no m&m's. ran a trail half-marathon.
12-days of no-running; longest run, 13.1 miles.

december - 155.04 miles. ran/walked a 5k with my sister. ate a lot of cookies.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 14 miles.
time spent running: 23:27:40
days off: 7
abs/yoga: 10 ab workouts/3 yoga sessions
avg temp: 41.25*

december tends to get gyped out of it's own monthly review. i don't know about you but i'm kind of tired of 2010 reflections so i'm jamming it all together.

all in all, it was another good year of running. the day-in and day-out dealing nausea and other health problems sucked, but hopefully those are all behind me now as i continue to feel a little better every day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year; new workout

welcome new year's resolutioners with pledges to get in shape in 2011!

i found a great starter-workout, guaranteed to get you off on the right foot with an exercise habit. please go here and start feeling the burn.