Saturday, January 29, 2011

picking up slack

some things, such as my laziness, never change.

mon - 6 easy
tue - 7 (3 tempo)
wed - 6 easy
thu - 3 easy
fri - 8 (trackwork)
sat - 15
sun - rest

mon - lazy
tue - 6.5 easy
wed - lazy
thu - lazy (am weights)
fri - 4.9 easy am / 7.1 (3 tempo) pm
sat - 11.5 'easy' (tired legs)
sun - to be determined

monday, wednesday and thursday weren't totally "lazy" days so much as i was moody. instead of pushing myself out the door, knowing at least a short run would fix my mood, i allowed myself to not-run which only made me more moody.

i've also been having this situation lately where i don't want to run if i haven't had a 'movement' yet. i have had too many "calls" from nature when i am as far as possible from a bathroom. basically, i never had such a movement tuesday, wednesday or thursday. lame excuse i know, but i'm not about to start chugging ex lax.


the squats and such thursday morning set me up with already-tired legs for friday and they weren't exactly feeling fresh saturday either. i'm hoping to get in 12-15 miles on sunday, we'll see. nothing like cramming all your miles into 3 days right? (kids: file this under how not to train for a marathon. i'm an expert)

friday was errunds day as josh and i ran to the food store in the morning to get coffee beans. later i dropped off some mail at the post office as my warmup for my afternoon run. so productive. the tempo miles were hard at first, then i found a groove, and then the last half-mile was hard again.

friday (1/28) am: 4.9 miles, 44:42 (avg pace 9:07), 33*
friday (1/28) afternoon: 7.1 miles, 58:51 (tempo miles 7:50, 7:31, 7:44), 57*
saturday (1/29) am: 11.5 miles, 1:44:10 (avg pace 9:03), 56*

with tired legs and hope for another long run tomorrow, i hopped in the tub for an ice bath. apparently my pipes have great insulation because i probably could have just sat in the cold water; it was frigid. i had already emptied the ice maker though so i went ahead and added the ice.

ice baths: tailgating in the tub

in other news, i almost got hit by a car again on my long run last week. in the exact same intersection  where i had a run-in before. remember, it's not important to look to the right when driving. you only need to look left.

oh and i still have some stickers left. email me if you want one.
(if you haven't gotten yours yet it's 'cause i haven't mailed them all, but it's coming i promise.)


  1. I just got my sticker today! My week is now complete :)

    Your mileage has really picked up! (Despite the lack of movements.)

  2. I got my sticker, thank you!

    Be patient--you'll get all your mojo back before you know it.

  3. Oh, I am so on the lazy train right now! ugh!

  4. I don't run without a BM, but sometimes there is a second BM. I am lucky to run on a bike path with portions with woods on both sides, and I just go behind a tree. I bring paper:)

    Mojo, mojo, I think you need some races:)

  5. you run too many miles in lazy mode to be considered truly lazy ;-)

  6. There not important the way which you run... The really important thing is that you enjoy with what you do when you run....

  7. I thought I was lazy? :) There is nothing worse than the old "code brown" when miles from home. You could try the Smooth Move herb tea, it's senna which is a natural laxative. I had to drink it during my cleanse. Works every time!

  8. I always schedule a potty stop 1.5 to 2 miles into a run...the running really seems to jog things along! Haha. And I rarely choose a running route that doesn't have a bathroom every 5 miles or so. McDonalds and SBUX are my best friends! (I'm also chummy with the hospital, the marina, and Safeway.)

  9. Be careful out there! Just stopped today at the local church who is in the best place as a bathroom stop on my run! And I got my sticker, thanks!

  10. Good careful for those crazy drivers. Ice baths...I experienced my first! Brrrr! Torture that is well worth it. Sorry I am so behind on here. I suck at being a good blog reader consistently. Must catch up. I missed the whole sticker thing.

  11. Pretty good for lazy!!! Love the ice bath tailgating party! Now that is funny!!!

  12. LMAO at the tailgating in the bathroom. I wouldn't need ice here either..

    Glad you got some decent running in on Friday and Saturday.

  13. Cooler in the bathroom! Love it!

    Good thing for lots of port-a-potties during the race!

    Still debating over that "snatch" sticker!!

  14. I love the sticker, thank you!!
    I wish I had been lazy and not sick this week...lazy sounds decadent and fun!! Sick just stinks.
    Hope your run goes well tomorrow.

  15. I too am an expert on how not to train for a marathon. : ) I do wish drivers would look both ways. That is my biggest pet peeve about road running. I'm glad you didn't get hit. Funny thing about BM's -- the question I get asked most by my students and non running friends is: Have you ever had to cr** during a race?

  16. Ughhh movements. Runner's bane.

    My new strategy (in lieu of dashing off into the woods) has been to run with my gym key and basically stick close to the gym vicinity until things are taken care of. It's crazy how miserable a "bathroom attack" can make a run...

  17. Be careful around those crazy drivers!!! I just end up running into the ones that think they have the right-of-way and see me crossing but keep going anyway!! I consider myself pretty careful, almost neurotic and always looking to make sure Im not going to get plowed down by a vehicle lol

  18. That ice bath sounds like the ticket to a successful long run yet again tomorrow. Friday's double did look pretty challenging, listen to your legs!
    And ah the potty. Did you know a plumber's busiest day of the year is Thanksgiving? You probably did know that.

  19. i'm the same way about "movements" on longer runs....don't want to get stuck...scary about almost getting hit by a car, you might want to avoid that intesection ( ;
    i'd love a sticker if you have any left

  20. "some things, such as my laziness, never change." Best line I've read in a while..and oh so true for me as well. Be careful out there at that crazy intersection!!

  21. Ups be carefull with crazy drivers, I always check twice because I never trust.
    I'm uset to ice baths, after all I love it at the end :-))
    Dont worry, your body will begin to move to lazy to marathon girl!

  22. Hey, you doubled my mileage for the week. If it weren't for Meredith, I would have put up a goose egg this week. 30 miles with an 11.5 long run isn't a bad place to be on your first week into marathon training.

    Remember, running makes you regular. Once you get consistent again, you'll be droppin' a deuce on cue every morning again :).

  23. I know what you mean about not wanting to get caught needing to go on the run, especially in the cold.
    BTW- your mileage for "slacking" is pretty good!

  24. Hey girl! Such is life... Things are going to get better... Movement and mood wise. ;-) Hope you had a good run today. The weather sure was beautiful!!

  25. You always make me laugh! Umm-one bonus to living in the middle of bum fr**k nowhere-CORNFIELDS! No worries with "movements". Words of wisdom-Cornstalks do not equal Charmin.....

  26. I can NOT do ice baths in the winter. Must be nice to have sissy winter!!! :P

  27. I've been good this past week on my workouts for once! ha! I must've stolen your mojo! :)

  28. I got my sticker this weekend and I LOVE it! I put it in my office at the high school...the kids love it too!!

    Ice baths are totally for bad asses! I am such a baby with that!

  29. I haven't gotten my sticker yet. Is this punishment because you still haven't gotten your goodies that were promised like three lifetimes ago? Maybe I am just waiting to send them so I can add a sticker with the package. Yup. Sticker for you and you didn't even have to ask. You can express your excitement in a blog post dedicated to me.

    speaking of blog posts. I am officially boring. I bore myself. You might get your wish...I see a laundry post in the near future. Unless I stop sucking soon.

  30. I hate stupid drivers. Glad you didn't get hit!


    PS - if you ever start to feel bad about slackage, just come see me - I've put slackery to a whole new level. You'd think I wasn't training for a daggone marathon at the end of March.

    I've scrapped all speedwork out of my "training plan". And I'm Gallowogging my long runs.

    Now don't you feel better already?

  32. You almost got hit again? Same spot? Was it the same driver too?

  33. Love the sticker. I'll take one - PLEASE?!!! :)

    As for not running w/out having a "movement"...congrats on your patience. I never wait, just go out there, armed with biodegradable TP, and hope for a "clean" round. If not, well...the dogs with me and I can blame it on him.

    Keep up the good running. We all have those lazy days.

  34. Bonus points for coining the term "erRUNding"—and for actually doing it! Nothing like combining to-do list items to make you feel productive!

  35. LOVE it...tailgating in the tub! So funny!

  36. I have to run where I can duck away for a potty break.. just sayin. And your not a slacker just listen to your body.. No time at all you'll be raring to go!!!

  37. That's a big part of why i have not been running outside lately. So dangerous. Around here the snow banks are so high that you constantly would have to keep stopping and starting, making sure people would see you. Drivers usually only look to the left, i know, which makes it even more dangerous.

    I am learning to "be one" with the treadmill.

    hey, did u see I blogged again? yep, twice in a week!! Will wonders never cease?

  38. LOL...I know what you mean about the movement thing. On a long or high intensity run, I need to go more than once to really get "empty."

    Your running is really picking up nicely.