Sunday, January 2, 2011

rearview mirror - 2010

2010 was the year of nausea, have i mentioned that yet? it finally cleared up in september/october and these last 2-3 months have been soo nice to feel "normal" again. hopefully i won't have any lapses in '11.  the constant "off" feeling kept me from running consistently all summer, but gave me an excuse to be guiltlessly lazy.

it was still a good year - i ran a decent amount of miles and stayed injury free once again (i don't consider the random health issues an injury).
2005 - 735.94 (started march 14th)
2006 - 623.43 (did not log may-september)
2007 - 1335.95
2008 - 1618.95
2009 - 2025.10
2010 - 1545.00

january - 180.05 miles. ran on the treadmill a lot, but also had a few runs with the old kentucky crew.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 17.1 miles.

february - 177.36 miles, the (original) month of no m&m's! ran a 10-mile race for an automatic pr.
8-days of no-running; longest run, 17.1 miles.

march - 121.20 miles. vomit-inducing vertigo. when i quit responding to text messages because i was puking my brains out, josh left work and drove 6 hours to check on me.
11-days of no-running; longest run, 9.12 miles.

april - 155.81 miles. ran two marathons - boston and kentucky derby.
13-days of no-running; longest run, 26.2 miles by default.

may - 143.55 miles. looking back on this month now, i probably should not have re-inserted any speed/hard workouts so soon after my double 'thons.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 12.75 miles.

june - 129.61 miles. moved home from kentucky! apparently i never gave june it's own recap. sorry june. i think it was because this was when my mac crashed.
9-days of no-running; longest run, 10.4 miles.

july - 51.60 miles. health issues. wedding! tahiti!! 'nuf said.
23-days of no-running; longest run, 10.05 miles.

august - 88.65 miles. finally started feeling 2% better. began rebuilding the exercise habit.
15-days of no-running; longest run, 8.15 miles.

september - 101.60 miles. ran 3 races in one night and hope to repeat in '11.
13-days of no-running; longest run, 11.45 miles.

october - 112.45 miles. ran/walked a 5k with my sisters. spectated josh and my sister in their first half-marathon!
11-days of no-running; longest run, 10 miles.

november - 128.08 miles. another month of no m&m's. ran a trail half-marathon.
12-days of no-running; longest run, 13.1 miles.

december - 155.04 miles. ran/walked a 5k with my sister. ate a lot of cookies.
7-days of no-running; longest run, 14 miles.
time spent running: 23:27:40
days off: 7
abs/yoga: 10 ab workouts/3 yoga sessions
avg temp: 41.25*

december tends to get gyped out of it's own monthly review. i don't know about you but i'm kind of tired of 2010 reflections so i'm jamming it all together.

all in all, it was another good year of running. the day-in and day-out dealing nausea and other health problems sucked, but hopefully those are all behind me now as i continue to feel a little better every day.


  1. I haven't done a reflections of 2010 post and I kinda like it :). (I am still fighting with my video though :P. I did get it done, but 10+ hours of trying to add music to it and it just ain't going to happen!!! Grr). Maybe I'll get that post up by the end of the day; not sure where my 2-weeks of not working went cuz I got so little done. Oh well. I like how you took each month and gave it recognition - I need to get back to doing something similar.

    Here's to a much less nauseous 2011!!! :)

  2. boo for nausea but hopefully that doesn't come back this year! great year of running. two marathons in april?! champ

  3. Your organizaation of miles and notes is amazing and had me prepare an excel spreadsheet to track all my stuff in one place. I have a Garmin and Training Peaks but I like my system better and will allow me to keep track so much better.

    BTW - your numbers are out of this world. They look great and keep it rock!

  4. I would have thought your mileage would have been crap given your nausea/vertigo issues, but you did really well! Congrats! And lets hope for a better 2011, healthwise! Me thinks marriage is good for you:)

  5. I love the Reader's Digest version. 2011 will bring good things.

  6. The nausea-y stuff sounds extremely frustrating; I wonder what was going on? Here's to a nausea-free New Year. (Ps. Intense April with those two marathons!!) I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a great running year for you now that some of the mystery medical stuff is kicked!

  7. Holy mileage numbers. I knew you ran a lot, but geez......
    I'm so damn tickled when I hit 20+ a week!
    Oh well, we all have our "things" we're good at. I guess mine is a "snatch"!
    Yeah, that sounds bad.....

  8. The highlight of your year musthave been your wedding and I remeber well the photos of your honeymoon wonderful scenery. As for your running you stuck in there when times were tough and many of us would have given up. Hope you have a great injury free 2011

  9. Wow! You got all those miles in with major nausea issues. That is amazing. There is nothing worse than feeling nauseous in my opinion!

  10. You're going to have a great time at Ragnar. I considered running that one...maybe next year. I have a couple of blog posts about packing for Ragnar you may want to check out. The 2 things to bring are earplugs and pepto. My stomach does horrible things during the course of a ragnar and pepto is my friend.

  11. You're going to have a great time at Ragnar. I considered running that one...maybe next year. I have a couple of blog posts about packing for Ragnar you may want to check out. The 2 things to bring are earplugs and pepto. My stomach does horrible things during the course of a ragnar and pepto is my friend.

  12. Great year!!! Glad to hear the nausea is going away.

  13. You still managed to pull off a great year despite all of your health issues. And YOU GOT MARRIED! Hope you have a healthy 2011!

  14. You had a lot that could have sidelined you like sickness and a wedding but you rocked it!!! Happy New Year!

  15. Awesome numbers! I can't believe you are using the wedding/honeymoon as an excuse.... haha j/k

    If you are tired of 2010 reviews, does that mean that we are going to get a 2011 goals next??? :)

  16. I guess this year I'll have to check track of my miles run...

  17. i hope the nausea/vertigo is behind you now. you really had a great year despite those issues, though.

  18. So, great year, but as a pharmacist I'm wondering - did you get the vertigo worked out?

  19. Wow, still very impressive running! I will never get to those numbers with my busted foot. Sigh. But I biked a ton :) Happy New Year, here's to no more health issues!

  20. Wow! That's some kind of mileage for 2010. Congratulations! And good luck for 2011.

  21. That's a LOT of mileage!!! So great to see you on JIll's video! :)

  22. Lindsay, that is awesome mileage, despite all the health problems. You've been so positive through all of that. Happy New Year. Wish you a happy and healthy year with lots of running.

    About your question on USATF: I don't know too much about the scoring and overall standings. I signed up with the New Jersey Association of the actual USATF. You can specify when you sign up that you are a member of a particular local club. That way, when you race at USATF races, you earn individual or group points(depending on whether the race is designated as an individual, masters or team event). The scoring system is a little complicated, and it is also age-graded. But as there are a number of members of our local club members who are also USATF members, we have loads of fun at these events. It can get really competitive too.

  23. I'm thinking of 2010 like driving a car. It's behind us and in the rear view mirror. And last I checked, we don't drive forward by looking in the rear view mirror (well - most of us).

    Time to get the car moving in the right direction!

  24. Looks like some great miles for 2010!

  25. I hope you feel better this year! You are amazing to log such miles! I wish my body could handle it. You are an inspiration Lindsay. I hope someday I can be as speedy as you! Keep up the good runs!

  26. I'm definitely wishing you a happy and healthy new year. And I pretty much wish I had met you back in 2009 because those mileage figures alone...looks like you had a kickass year!
    I'm impressed by your patience and gradual mileage growth after putting the vertigo behind you. You've set yourself up for a great 2011.

  27. I am so glad you are feeling better! Here is to you kicking but in 2011!

  28. Wow...those are some great numbers, especially considering that you were fighting health issues and had a little thing called a wedding.

    nice job this year!

  29. I think despite the adversity, you had a great year!

    Miss you pie. I think I will blog soon.