Friday, January 14, 2011

snowjam 2011

you probably haven't heard, but it snowed earlier this week.

it almost interfered with my flight back from florida, but the pilot was macho and wanted to fly it even though the other florida-to-gsp flights were canceled. it was actually the smoothest landing ever, and all the other passengers broke out in applause for the pilot... um. ok.

the flight attendant was going through the end-of-flight announcements and said "for those of you needing ground transportation, good luck with that".

the one plow in south carolina keeping the runway clear for my plane
the road just becomes a sheet of ice
you can make fun of the south for 'freaking out' about snow/ice as much as you want, but we don't have a fleet of plows or even much of a salt supply. usually they put sand out on the road, which i have never quite understood. i also saw cvs using cat litter. the people who run to the food store for bread and milk, you can make fun of them. josh and i went to the food store for beer and pizza.

bbq at my house tomorrow
a slippery sheet of ice covers everything
i trip and fall on a clear sunny day, i cannot run on this
anyway, as grumpy as i have been about not being able to run, i realized today that the snowjam worked out in my favor. for the past few months, my long runs have been maxing out at 12-14 miles, 2-3 times per month. my ragnar legs added up to about 21 miles total, at a good effort, so it's for the best that i had forced down time and extra easy runs.

well, i could have ran more on the treadmill but then i couldn't use my excuse of taking it easy and recovering.

tuesday (1/11) am run attempt: 1.1 miles, 14:24 (avg pace 13:05), 27*
very icy; even the snow had a layer of ice. cautiously walked a lot; slid some.

wednesday (1/12) pm treadmill: 4.25 miles, 41:15 (avg pace 9:42)
seemed sooo hard to bump the speed up to 9-min/miles so i just ran slow. one episode of cake boss in my vibrams, another episode in my mizunos.

friday (1/14) am run attempt: 4.4 miles, 42:34 (avg pace 9:40), 32*
some stretches of clear sidewalk/road but had to walk the icy parts in the shade.


  1. Glad you made it home! Your snowjam pics look a lot like my snowpocolypse pics (that is the name Atlanta went with this time). I did love the way the layer of ice on the snow made it look like plastic. We are mostly melted on the roads now, the grass is still under a layer of snow. What time does the BBQ start?

  2. You crack me up! Glad you made it back and thank you for defending the south!

  3. love the flight attendants parting words.

    we usually have a sheet of ice on our steps leading out to the parking lot and i always just use regular salt, ian thinks its ridiculous and a waste, but it always works :)

    glad youre home safe and you should relish in the fact that you can rest your legs :) Should I bring ice cream to the BBQ?

  4. I can't believe how icy it was here!! You are so right about the snow plows and roads. They do not prepare the road safely for us so it is harder! Glad you got home safely :)

  5. The south is really completely unprepared for this amount of snow... While I enjoyed my snow day on Monday, I sure didn't care for sledding to work on Tuesday!

    Glad you got home okay!

    BTW... The smoothest landing I ever had was during a blizzard in South Bend (IN). Rough conditions seem to bring out the best in pilots!

  6. Houston shuts down if there is even snow in the forecast, not that that happens more then once every 5 years.

  7. Yeah - why do 9mm feel so fast on the treadmill??

    I would have been terrifed about landing in that - but then, I'm always terrified of landing. I hate to fly. I'm flying tomorrow. It will be worth it.

  8. I have noticed the same thing about treadmills...I feel like I am hauling ass and I'm not keeping a very quick pace. What is up with that?

    Glad you made it thanks to the flight attendant!

  9. You're so right about the lack of equipment. I grew up in Cleveland and get frustrated with Maryland's tendency to freak out over snow. But...the removal ability isn't quite there like Cleveland's.

    Anyhow, hopefully you'll get some melting soon!

  10. I live in the snow and hate to run in fresh snow. You have guts to get out there in it!

  11. The ice on top the snow looks like fun...I remember some fun sliding on that type of terrain. I'm sure you are happy you made it home - I've read about lots of people who got stuck.

  12. We used to use cat litter on our very long driveway when I was a kid. It was all we had, I guess.

    I just checked our usual running trail and it's unrunnable :(

    I'm ready for spring.

  13. yay for getting home safe and sound. and i'm totally down for that bbq at your place. sounds like it's going to be a good time.

    and i'm not an expert but the sand usually is for traction. bummer they don't put down salt or something to melt it all away

  14. I do laugh at the south freaking out, but it's understandable when there's no infrastructure to deal with it. For some reason, they don't seem to salt the roads here -- instead they put down a HUGE layer of gravel/grit/sand. (And it all flies into your face and blinds you when it gets windy.) Rahhhh!

    The pilot for your flight sounds like a cool dude.

  15. I'm the weird one who loves to run in that kind of weather!
    Feel free to send the snow up here to the north where it belongs anytime now!

  16. The pics are gorgeous and makes me even happier to know I don't have to face that all that often down here in TX. That ice covered snow is the worst.

    Glad you are home safe.

  17. I'm glad you made it home, this was certainly not the best week to be travelling, especially not flying, with all the delays! I'm glad you at least got to run too, first the snow and now I'm sick so I haven't ran all week- craziness! Hopefully will go tomorrow though.

    Thanks for defending the south too. The snow might get us, but people know nothing until they experience our 96-98 degree temps with 80% humidity :)

    Amy Lauren.

  18. Your posts always make me laugh. As for applauding after a landing, it seemed like for a while people would applaud when the plane landed on *every* flight I took. I never understood that.

    I'm glad you made it home safely!

  19. Glad you made it back safely!

    I shipped your package, but they couldn't deliver it because of the bad weather so they returned it. Well, I tried :-P

    PS: They use sand here too when it is too cold to use salt. The sand basically just adds traction - and makes a sloppy mess.

  20. That does look like quite a bit of snow for SC. No wonder you didn't run if you don't have the equipment for it. Cat litter can give you good traction if you get stuck (in a car.) I only run in the Yak Trax when I have to. We can have lots of snow but after a day or two the roads are bare. My road (dirt) isn't but I only go about .3 of a mile to a paved road. I prefer not to wear them for sure.

  21. That flight attendant.. classic!!!!!

  22. You were just in Florida...running a bazillion miles and having fun in the sun...I don't feel sorry for you. That is all. :)

  23. I'm so glad you made it home safely but ugh, back to snow!!
    Sorry about the snowjam!

  24. Beautiful pictures, I guess it becomes now difficult to come out to run.

  25. Holy cow, look at that ice sheen! I wouldn't be running (or walking) on that anytime soon!

  26. Im with you on the whole beer thing, too bad for the people getting healthy stuff. Bread and Milk. Hah! Wow, looks like a winter wonder land of shit. I hate the winter, and it sucks in the south because, like you said. SC probably only has one plow in the whole state, and it's at the airport. ANd I never understood the whole sand thing. What if it snows again. So they are turning the highway into a dirt road covered with snow again anyways. lol. Take care and thanks for sharing the wonderful yucky pics of snow. I will be there for the BBQ. Ill bring the case of San Mig!

  27. when we get a lot of snow (or actually pretty much any snow that sticks for more than a few hours) people here freak out for the same reason. when they aren't equipt for it, the snow is crippling.

  28. Snow I can handle. Ice not so much. Wow!

  29. sooo gorgeous!!!! and i'm glad you made it home safely!

  30. CVS using cat litter, now that is funny. And snow? I hadn't heard you had gotten any at all?! (just kidding, it was kind of funny and I thought of you, felt sorry for u knowing that there is only one plow down there...)

    That's awesome what the flight attendant said about ground transportation.

    And I was on a flight that had a lot of turbulence, but the landing was quite smooth so the pilot got applause too. Yeah, funny. I think people were glad to be alive and not have hurled.