Thursday, January 6, 2011

tag productivity

cleaning out 'stuff' desperately also applies to my e-stuff -- paring down google reader, tidying up my not-so-tidy inbox. step one, get around to answering old emails with a mishmash of taggings from last year (and one i dodged answering).

from september 1: (see procrastination)
the happy 101 award from andrea of age groups rock

1. state who gave you the award - done.
2. 10 things you like -
m&m's, running, josh & my family, house renovating, air conditioning, getting mail, puzzles, sushi, running in the rain, giving presents.
3. pass this on to 10 people - pass. i'm 4 months late. pretty sure this ship has sailed.

from december 20:
difficult questions tag from sweatykid

what was your favorite toy or game to play when you were little?
legos. i built lego houses all. the. time. when i applied to college i wrote a blurb about how i wanted to be an architect because i built lego houses when i was little, so they accepted me into the landscape architecture program.

i also thoroughly enjoyed sidewalk chalk and creating towns/roadways all over our driveway. it helped that we lived in the boonies and had plenty of driveway to draw on.

apparently i should have gone into some sort of civil or architectural career.

if you could achieve any athletic feat, what would it be, and in which sport/event?
running in the olympics! medaling would be nice but just making it to the big dance would probably be sufficient.

which vegetable best embodies your personality, and why?
this was a tough one. i enlisted the help of some online quizzes. said i was a celery - "you probably have volumized hair, and are great at organizing. you like to show your true side to people, even when they might not know you that well. you always have an optimistic look on the world." said i was a tomato - "you are a ripe, red wonder. full of flavor and spirit. you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't like you (except maybe aliens...or people who are allergic). though many people think you are something you are not (a fruit!), they still wanna be just like you. you also go great with salad."

so i guess i either have volumized hair or am great with a salad.

would you rather live somewhere that’s known for being really really cold, or really really hot? why?
hot hot hot. i do not like bulky clothing; it takes up too much space. i would be totally fine w/ wearing a bathing suit and loose top everyday. hopefully that would motivate me to workout more and eat less. of course this would involve living in the caribbean and not having to work.

pizza: if you had to pick one, is yours chicago-style or new york-style, and why? and while we’re at it, what’s on this hypothetical pizza?
new york. i'm not a crusty-person (and josh might divorce me if i said chicago style). sauce+cheese+veggies (but no 'shrooms).

from december 22:
2010 reflection tag by mindy of 13.1 miles to go

1. what are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
motivating my little sister to start running! and teaching my stubborn brain how to run for fun (sometimes, not always; competition is still good).

2. what was your favorite race in 2010?
the midnight flight mile. maybe this year i'll be in shape for it and beat the boys!

3. what are your running goals in 2011?
run more than i did in 2010; stay healthy; lose some friggin' weight for realz (or you can check the non-condensed version here)

4. what is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
i wouldn't say this is my favorite, but it's what i always seem to end up doing -- overeating :(

5. what is your most embarrassing running moment?
2007 - when my old running partner discovered my dog had eaten a particular section of my tights... while we were stretching after a chilly morning run.

2008 - nothing comes to mind.

2009 - a particular mid-day, side of the road, pit stop.

2010 - knocking on a random (kind of freaky) house out in the country and asking to use their bathroom. seriously, who keeps jars of mystery-substance in their bathroom? it was only embarrassing b/c i was running with other people and had to make them wait.

seriously, wtf is this?
yes, i risked my life sneaking a photo in this house for the sake of the blog.


  1. There are quizzes on the internet, that tell you what vegetable you are? I gotta go....

  2. Your embarrassing moments are the best ever. You NEED to be an investigative reporter with skills like that!

  3. Legos!! I have boxes and boxes of Legos stored at my mom's house. I am tempted to go and get them but my productivity would drop to zero. That is unless you count productivity based on the size of my lego village.

    Did M&Ms and running really rate higher than Josh??? Ouch! :)

  4. Wait, you didn't run in the Olympics? I thought the Kenyans were always there.

  5. My hubby loved Legos growing up and he has turned out daughter into a Lego lover!! Me I'm more of a Playdoh girl!

    How brave of you to first use a stranger's bathroom...and second take a pic?! It must have really been an emergency!

  6. WTH is that stuff in the jar? I totally would have opened one. LOL!

  7. So glad you reminded us all of the embarassing mement from 2009. Still one of my favorite blog posts ever!

  8. That is hilarious about the running tights. It sounds like something my dog would do!!!

  9. That's a good way to get your tags done - nice & efficient ;)

    Dying to know what was in those jars. Can you get back in that house?

  10. If I had the "balls" to even do the "peeing at a stranger houses during my run", I so would have had the balls to take one of those jars and get it analyzed!! This is why I prefer the corn fields!

  11. oh man legos. i need to go break some of those out right now!

    and bahahahh to those moments. i need to hang out with your in real life lady!

  12. I love that you have large hair just from an online quiz. They know you so well ;). And a salad? Everyone loves salad!! :)

  13. yay love these posts! I think I have a couple to catch up on too :-/

    I love legos! My brother and I had quite the collection :)

  14. Yeah, like I'm letting a group of scantly clad strange women into my house!!!!! LOL

  15. I don't even know where to START with commenting on this post!!"You are a ripe, red wonder" ?! Ahahahaha. Aren't vegetable quizzes entertaining? I like that you got all your tags out in one shot -- streamlines the process, for sure.

    Disgusting jars of mystery substance! Excellent snooping. You need to go into investigative journalism in addition to a civil/architectural career.

  16. Let's just say that it would not only have been Josh had you said anything but NY Pizza. You would have been off the reader list if I knew where that was. I think I checked that one day and it was something like 1500 unread posts although I went through some and actually did read them all....weird.

  17. Lego came out top in the UK in one of those 100 count down top item programmes.

  18. legos!!!!!!!!!!!! i also had lincoln logs... we lived in a log house it was totally context appropriate :)

    great quizzes. i lol-ed about the quizzing yourself on veg type. pretty interesting results!!!!!!!! perhaps when i go into practice i can employ that as a route of self-exploration???? :)

    and ewwwwwwwwwwwww mystery sludge! in a bathroom?! ewwwwwwwwww!

  19. Way to cram all the tags into one post. CHEATER! heh

  20. Your posts always made me smile. This was great and I totally want to go back and read it again when I don't have kids at my feet. Love the story about your dog and tights. I'd be so stoked to qualify for the Olympics but unfortunately I am far off from that...I'll just have to watch you do it. I love M&Ms too...the peanut kind. And that pic at the end is disgusting but cracks me up that you have a picture of it on here. Love YOUR blog!

  21. What is in those jars? gross

  22. I don't know what's funnier, the mystery jars or the dog/running tights moment!

  23. I don't agree with tomato, and my dissent is on principle. I don't like tomatoes and I'm neither an alien nor allergic. Therefore that description gets no credit points.

    Also, legos are the business.

  24. Ha the tights story. And pretty impressive with the legos!

  25. If you ever feel the need to play legos again, we have them And they hurt like hell when you step on them...

  26. Have you tried coconut M&M's? I just saw them at Rite Aid, but resisted.
    Trust me, I wouldn't wish you ill fortune, but I really do pray that these people are sitting down to their computer on a Saturday night, and rockin' Google with an image search for "mystery-substance bathroom jars" to complete their collection. They hit your blog and you reach some out-of-court privacy-violation settlement.
    That's just my wish, though.

  27. Seriously, WHAT WAS in those jars? I'm dying to know!

    Unrelated, I need to try coconut M & M's!!

  28. Oh man, no way would I knock on a stranger's door to use the bathroom. And those jars? I would run away!

  29. Those jars....were they asking you to puts on the lotion???!!!

  30. OMG! Those jars are absolute BARF!

  31. You know, I am not sure I know the difference between NY style and chicago style pizza... Is that bad?