Sunday, February 6, 2011

bringing the heat to michigan

one of my good friends got married this weekend. in michigan. brr. hence why i needed the shoe advice. i was amused how the red shoes won by a landslide. no need to recount votes here. thanks for all the input fashionable friends.

course by this time the shoes were long gone

i informed my mitten-dwelling friends of my travel plans and although someone forgot/ignored me (and then tried to blame it on me) the redhead did not let me down. morgan drove about an hour to run - that is some serious dedication; i don't even like driving 5-10 minutes to run. the weather was supposed to be a high of 19 degrees, but by the time i arrived the forecast changed to a high of about 30 degrees. heat wave; you're welcome michigan.

my old running buddy had guilted me into running a few miles with her as well, so we went out for 5 miles around 7am, had just arrived back at the hotel and morgan arrived a few minutes later. i scarfed down a yogurt since i hadn't eaten anything yet (and dairy products are always good before running) and headed back out with morgan.

neither of us knew the area so we drove part of the route first and realized we were just gonna have to deal with running 4-lane highways and narrow shoulders for part of the run. this wasn't a big deal to me as south carolina roads rarely have a shoulder so i'm used to running in ditches or having to stop and let cars pass. morgan kept apologizing for putting our lives in danger and making comments about death (we may need to stage an intervention).

she never did apologize for sprinting up all the hills and leaving me a half-mile behind though. her hill workouts are definitely paying off although it still doesn't make me want to do them myself. i told her she can brag to everyone that she was faster than me. seriously, she's the friggin' redheaded energizer bunny! :)

i had joked about running by michigan's finest scenery (closed down factories) and morgan managed to route us by the chrysler plant and test track. it was hard to see through the trees and 27403 feet of snow but technically we did run by it. we also ran by my future home, josh and i are hoping to close by the end of the month.

there will be plenty of room for everyone to visit

the snow/ice made it slick in a few spots but we made it. surprisingly i held up well considering i was jamming in 19 miles. morgan was kind enough to bring me a bottled water and spare power gel as i forgot to pack mine. it was a confidence boost to see i could handle the mileage and a decent pace with practically no food (yogurt + 1 gel). it was also nice to not have a bathroom emergency either.

the front of my right ankle was sore for the majority of the run so i'm not sure what's going on there. i'm hoping it's just from a few too many slippery steps on the snow. it's not swollen or bruised, doesn't hurt to point my toes, does ache when flexing toes back towards shin, aches when making circles with toes... and of course this was before wearing the heels, so i can't blame it on them. it doesn't hurt bad, just bothersome.

any ideas of google search terms i can use?
"front part of ankle hurts" isn't giving great results.

anyway, both runs were great and it was super sweet to 'hang out'/girl talk with morgan for 2 hours. after the run we went to tim horton's where i was tempted to eat the whole rack of donuts. i saved those calories for an extra piece of wedding cake instead.

saturday (2/5) am run #1: 5 miles, 44:40 (avg pace 8:56), 16*
saturday (2/5) am run #2: 14.10 miles, 2:07:34 (avg pace 9:03), not much warmer


  1. **Hanging my head in shame**

    My punishment for FORGETTING (I never ignore) was helping my brother in law with a car repair that ended up taking 5 hours in the freezing cold.

    Good luck with the new house closing! :-P

  2. So, I noticed that you are barefoot in the picture!! Which shoes did you wear??
    I've had that weird feeling in the front of my shin but lower, towards the foot and I've done a lot of stretching with my feet under my buns and leaning back and I've also stretched that area out on the foam roller(my PT gave me that idea). That little niggle hasn't been around for a while, thank goodness.
    A new house? That sounds exciting!

  3. Love that Michigan has Tim Hortons now... a little touch of Canada. Did you have a Timbit?

  4. PS - dress looks great on you!

  5. Hm, I would not worry about the foot...can you jump on it without pain? Good luck with the new house closing, ha!

  6. Always take the extra wedding cake!

    I got my sign from you and I love it!!! Thanks.

  7. ANTERIOR ankle pain? Heres a link to a more detailed picture: Hope it goes away as quickly as it came!

  8. i think your foot is reacting to the slipping and sliding. it happens to me after the first snow or two up here.

    i got your sticker. and the other fun stuff. it totally made my weekend brighter :)

  9. One more time for good measure: I'm sorry!!! :)

    You were such a trooper, thanks for rolling with the hills and brushes with death to run around the arctic tundra! :)

    (Next time please visit when it's nicer out!)

  10. Speaking of interventions...the fact that you ran 19 miles in 16 degree snowy me, THAT is reason for an intervention. Too cold!

  11. Yipes, hope the weird anterior ankle pain goes away soon! Does seem like all the cautious footing on icy conditions might be a catalyst -- my lower legs tend to get tight and tense in those areas. Send a heat wave AK's way next! I'm ready to wear shorts!

  12. By the looks of it, that house ain't in paradise on the beach...big or not, it's still in a town with massive snow all winter. Just a reminder you have elsewhere to move to eventually :). Very cool you got in a great run with the Redhead...and wow, 19 is awesome. Greenbay, here you come!

  13. Dang cute dress girl! Take no offense to the overwhelming cry for the red shoes, I don't know any better either most of the time and often its too late.

    PS if your looking for more house to dust or clean you can come to mine. The lawn alone must be a .....

  14. How much firewood would it take to heat that place. You better start flirting with some lumberjacks.

  15. What a riot!!! Awesome job on the run(s) - I don't know how you go long on so little nourishment!

    Can't say I exercised that donut willpower...

    Can you arrange for one of your friends to get married in Ontario next? I promise not to endanger your life on the route *I* plan. :D

  16. LOL! Glad you got to run with Morgan, now come to Florida and run with me!

  17. Fun times in MI from the looks of it... Great job getting the miles in and seriously, I don't get how you can run 19 (!) miles with hardly any food at this kind of pace! I would need twice the time and 4 times the calories.

  18. Very cool you got to hang with Morgan! Sounds like a fun weekend.

    I've had that pain a bit before. I've always found that ice knocked it out...hope it does for you too.

  19. love that morgan drove to meet up with you! if i lived closer I'd be right there with you both!

  20. Sounds like a fun time and great weekend!

  21. Way to go on the miles in the heat wave and all. Too bad about the ankle, I had this nasty blister under my toe and I altered my running form to avoid popping (eventually failed). Anyways, different muscles were sore because of that. It might be the same because you were running in the snow..

    Is that a pic of your future home, looks more like a dorm or apt than a house. Awesome!

  22. Ha! All those votes for the cute red shoes, & you end up barefoot in the pic :D

    Your new home looks beautiful. Might be annoying to have all those tours traipsing through though.

  23. Love your future home! Call when you need help moving!!
    Congrats on the run. I've had "that" ankle pain! A lot lately! Ever since screwing it up with the grass cutting incident and running in the snow or on ice or when I snow shoe definitely flares it up! I think this condition is called "weak ankles"......:)

  24. Nice house ;) I don't screw with feet issues anymore, i just go to the podiatrist. Better safe than sorry!

  25. I tried to get her to come out to my side of the mitten for that run, it would have been less dangerous...

  26. I'm in serious catchup mode again. Only 4 days behind...

    Check this link to look at ankle injuries.

  27. I love the house you're thinking of moving into - I'll be right there to help you move in, and don't think it's weird or anything, if you see a Uhaul truck pulling in with me, and some big dudes get out to help me unload it. It's not like I'd be moving in with you or anything like that....of course....

    Glad you got to see your old friends.



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