Monday, February 28, 2011

i did it! (x2)

morning run success!

with a little help from kevin, i sprung out of bed with my 5am alarm on friday. yeah, friday is so old news now, but i had a busy weekend.

drawing an iphone is so much funner than taking a screen shot
mkay so maybe i didn't spring, but i did get up for an early morning run in the rain.

i got sprayed by a pepsi truck near the end of the run. don't drink pepsi 'cause they have mean drivers.

i've grown; i'm bigger than a pepsi truck

after the run i had to hurry and pack for the weekend. packing is stressful and i always forget something. i was late as always but eventually met up with a friend and began roadtripping to dc for a bachelorette weekend.

it was super windy and we got stuck in a traffic jam once for a tree that had fallen across the interstate somewhere around richmond, but otherwise it was a pretty smooth ride. we checked into our hotel, and relaxed before a late dinner (9-something pm) at cafe citron.

saturday morning i hopped out of bed (early again!) and went for a run! all by myself! this is a big deal because i struggle to run when traveling, especially when my travelmates are not running. i sort-of looked at a route on mapmyrun and figured i could wing it. i did pretty good, only got lost mixed-up twice. what's up with the 6-way intersections dc? do you know how hard it is to "turn left" when there are 3 lefts you can take?

eventually i made it to a paved-trail system. i was a little freaked at first because it looked like i was in the ghetto and there was no one else out and about. a half-mile later i felt relief as i started to see runners. and runners. and runners.

back home you only see this many runners at a 5k

this was a huge deal. do you know how many runners i see at home? zip zilch nada. here, i saw so many runners! groups of runners, pairs of runners, i was the only loser running alone. what a tourist. however, a lot of them were wearing more clothing than me (wimps).

i had no idea where i was, but eventually i came up on the zoo! i wanted to sidetrack but i figured they probably didn't have the animals out of bed yet and i needed to get back to the hotel at a reasonable time. i ran on.

some go to the zoo to photograph animals;
i capture the pizza playground

and then my bowels started rumbling. never a good thing when you have no idea where you are, but the trail was never far from civilization. i shamelessly walked into the four seasons on pennsylvania ave to utilize their facilities. the hotel workers were polite and didn't kick me out for looking homeless. so there's a plug for the four seasons in return for their clean bathroom and friendly doorman.

the trail met up with the potomac and i saw rowers! if only i had a shell... and a few more people... oh and a body of water. i kinda miss rowing.

i ended up at abe's memorial, turned and ran to "the pencil" (washington monument) before heading back on 17th. this time there was a sign pointing "left" to dupont circle and of course i picked the wrong left, but i figured it out. after 11+ miles (only meant to run 10) i treated myself to starbucks and went back to the hotel where i found my friends still sleeping.

the rest of the weekend was a blast. we went shopping in georgetown, trapeze lessons at tsny (you know i did not participate. heights, no thanks. it looked fun though), dinner at barcode, a night out on the town, and sunday morning brunch at perry's. a dc must-do.

male readers - you're welcome


  1. now i have another reason to not drink pepsi. hizzah.

    sounds like a great weekend. seeing runners out and about it always nice and exciting to me too

  2. Cool, 11 when you meant 10. The best way to sneak an extra mile in! I visited DC last year and loved running there. It's so pretty and it seems like there is a lot of support for runners.

  3. Awesome weekend! My bro lives in D.C so I must go visit him soon! Never been. Nice job with the last pic...definitely adds something to this post. :)

  4. Pat yourself on the back! I think all your male readers are going to thank you!

  5. Great weekend.
    Your artwork is the best!

  6. I love running around DC and seeing all the other runners. I even saw some while running in the rain and tornado watch this afternoon. :) Glad you got to run around the city and not get too lost!

  7. You should have run with Emily. I cannot wait to run in DC in a couple of weeks. You are right. I see no runners at home and they are all over the place there.

  8. K-Dizzle??? That's a new one :-P

    I totally dropped the ball this morning on you. I was like a zombie at the pool this morning. I got halfway though my swim and thought, "Shit! I forgot to text L-Dizzle" haha.

    Oh well, Wednesday will be here in no time.

    Looks like an awesome run in DC.

  9. I'm glad you had a good trip to DC! Yes, there are runners EVERYWHERE around here! The trails are jam packed during good weather.

  10. SO jealous!!! I LOVE D.C. and running in this amazing city!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time and pooping at the Four Seasons is just the extra little (or big?) bonus!!!

  11. omg, what the heck is that in the last picture?! lol.

    sorry you got an early morning shower by a pepsi truck.

  12. Love the art work!
    I am confused by the last picture though...

  13. I think I would have rearranged the pizza if that is possible...

    Looks like you had a blast.

  14. a) those drawings are hilarious.

    b) thank you.

  15. Awesome morning running...looks like you're BACK!

    And I totally ran that trail and route the last time I was in DC so I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I agree...what's up with all the running groups in DC? They are all times of the day too. I wanted to yell at them to stop making the rest of the US look bad, but then I'd so look like a tourist so I bit my tongue =P

  16. Nice job! I love your drawings. They're so much fun. What program do you use to make them? If I were to try something like that, it would take me forever.

    Before the kiddos were born, Nick and I took a vacation to DC. We stayed at this cute boutique hotel right near Dupont circle. It was a nice area. One morning we were heading out and saw 3 or 4 police cars outside the hotel. We were watching the news the next day, and heard that the hotel front desk had been robbed at gun point! Crazy!

  17. I'm very impressed with your morning runs. Also, thanks for the disclaimer against Pepsi, I own Coca Cola stock :)

    I LOVE to run when I travel, but it is a little frustrating trying to figure out where to run, safe routes, etc. If you ask about safe areas to run at the hotel desk, most of the time, they "haven't a clue"

    Sat. Snickers 26.2 - mile 18 - send good vibes - THANKS!

  18. DC has so many great places to run, sounds like you hit quite a few.

  19. Trapeze lessons!! You totally should have gone in there!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fun weekend!!! Awesome on the morning runs.

    And a pizza playground? How fun is that!!

  21. You are right on with the Pepsi drivers. THey are rude as Hell. I never drink pepsi though, as I prefer coke, and for people that say there is not a difference, then their taste buds are fried from smoking too much or doing too many drugs. DC, I use to work there, so I know what you mean about the turns. The city is built in a pentagon shape or something like a honeycomb, so the streets are screwed up to the hilt. You can easily get lost. Thanks for the pics, though the last one was too blurry!!! Nice run too.

  22. Pizza park made me hungry but more importantly when are the paintings going up in the MoMA or Guggenheim? That is some shnazzy stuff there.

  23. First, woot! morning running. Second, woot! DC-my-hometown!! You ran in Rock Creek Park. Aww, I love the National Park system and its crazy trail through DC. So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  24. Sounds fun! I will not drink Pepsi and when I can afford it I will stay at a Four Seasons, or at least stop to use the restroom.

  25. I THOUGHT I recognized those photos! Too bad the trip was a short one that didn't allow for a meetup ... and too bad our six-way intersections/maddening roundabouts had you running in circles—literally!

  26. nice job waking up two times! love the iphone pics :) i was texting friends wake up messages this morning ;)

  27. Love the pics. I will not drink Pepsi.

    Glad you had a great time in DC, it is a fun place to run!! I wish I lived closer! (I'm about an hour and a half from downtown)

  28. Barcode is half a block from my office! You were all up in my world. But don't worry--I'm pretty sure you were never in the real ghetto. ;)

  29. Hmmm. Lindsay!
    Way late on this post, but it's an absolute classic.
    And screw pepsi. In fact, screw the whole soft drink industry.
    Saw an article. They're being called The Next Tobacco Industry. Love it.
    Screw 'em.
    And thanks for that blurry ass pic of a possibly hot chick. Ha.