Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i shake my butt

the scene:

tuesday evening, 5:30pm.
39 degrees.
runmute home with 4-mi tempo.

i don't want to be a chicken.
i don't want to be a duck.

this stupid song. stuck in my head.

i think the slapping of my feet on the wet pavement made me think of the "clap clap clap clap" portion.

regardless, it was annoying.

stuck in your head now? you're welcome.

tuesday (2/1) am run: 2.75 miles, 25:02 (avg pace 9:06), 39*
i overslept my alarm and didn't have much time but i forced myself out the door for what little time i had.

tuesday (2/1) pm runmute: 7.5 miles, 1:01:59 (tempo miles 7:44, 7:52, 7:36, 7:51), 39*
you can clearly tell where the two big hills were. boo.

you like how i can pull doubles now and not before ragnar? i'm a planner.


  1. Whoa. Explain to me a "runmute" because that sounds awesome.

  2. Nice morning run AND runmute home! Love it!!! Boo to hills during tempo. That should be outlawed.

    Also, I feel obliged to advise you that we have a SNOW DAY here. You might want to take the day off work in solidarity.

  3. Great run!!! Thanks for the song lol!!!

  4. Those are the best commutes - clears the mind. Sometimes my little 6 miler can take hours (I run the wrong way).

  5. Doing doubles... Looking good!!!

    clap clap clap

    Good thing I don't know that song, otherwise it probably would be stuck in my head now! ;-) It sometimes has advantages, not having grown up here! ;-)

  6. I'd totally be chicken dancing if I could run some sub-8 hills!

  7. Speed is coming back to the legs - nice!!!!

  8. yay runmutes. do you runmute both ways?

    and thanks. now i know what i'll be singing alllll day today.

  9. That song is sooooo stuck in my head now ROFL!!!

  10. You're so much cooler and reliable than I am. Chicken dances and run recaps. I remember the days when I could reliably kick these out. Alas, I'm stuck in the trenches of apathy towards myself.

    Thanks for the lunch-time inspiration!

  11. Wow, doing 2-a-days now, someone's working hard enough for the both of us. Those are pretty good splits for your tempo, even with hills!

  12. Better late then never right?!?!? :)

  13. Cool. Thanks for that song.

  14. uh, yeah....thanks for that!

    Awesome run! You are coming back quickly now. Excited for you!

  15. Now I have that song in my head too.. thanks alot!!
    Good job on the double run!

  16. Awesome runs. Your times are really impressive.

  17. Whew! I guess I should be happy I don't know that song...