Sunday, March 13, 2011

signs of spring

longer daylight (7:30pm!)

trees and flowers in bloom

people investing their tax returns
this is not my former co-worker, south carolina has many rich, wise investors

has anyone tried out the ntc app since tuesday? my doms finally subsided today (sunday) just in time for a long run. i'm hoping the lunges can substitute as a tempo run because i definitely did not do any sort of speed work all week. in all honesty, i have mastered the 4-hr marathon pace over the past year.
  • monday - off, lazy
  • tuesday - morning run (4.5mi), ntc leg sculptor workout
  • wednesday - morning run (5.16mi), super sore legs
  • thursday - sloooow evening walk (1.4mi). still sore
  • friday - late morning run (9mi), legs achy but improving
  • saturday - warm lunch run (7mi), lingering soreness
  • sunday - mid-morning long run (17.35mi), different kind of soreness
finally a 40+ mile week! (44.41 to be exact).

marlene, let me point out that it was 78 degrees today.


  1. If I knew what the ntc app and doms were, I could tell you if I have tired them out or not :). My guess would be no.

    YAY to spring. Boo to spring allergies. Weren't you suffering badly with me last year?

  2. I can't stand DST! I like the dark ;)

  3. Love the mileage translated into levels of soreness! Enjoy the extra sunshine!

  4. Great week!

    78 degrees???!!!?? Lucky!!

    Is that the ex-coworkers "investment"?

  5. Yay, I saw crocuses today! They're my favorite sign of Spring.

    And anyone who runs 9 miles, then 7 miles, and then 17 miles has to ban the word lazy from their vocabulary. It's an actual law. You can get arrested if you don't do it.

  6. i'll admit i liked the sunlight at 7pm tonight buttttttttttt i don't think i'm going to like getting up in the pitch black in the morning...

    and do not jinx the weather with this talk of spring. the next thing you know i'll be piled under another foot of snow!

  7. Dude. I agree with Emilie. You better watch it with the "lazy" talk! You're making the rest of us look bad! ;)

    And I am realizing now that Texas has very different "signs of spring" from NYC. Ours involve dogs getting what would typically be called "summer" haircuts, tiny college kids strutting around in just booty shorts and sports bras, and sweat pouring off of my body by the gallon. It's awesome.

  8. i usually find that im less grumpy when its still light out around 6 pm. and im jealous that its 78* there.

  9. Yay for Spring...well around that means not a lot but you know what I mean!

    Congrats on the 44 mpw! Awesome

  10. Spring forward - Love it.
    Spring weather - Yes.
    Adjusting to the heat - Love/hate.
    Bugs - Extra protein on runs. :-(

    Great job on the miles.

  11. LOVING the extra sunlight!!! Jealous of your 78 degrees but was so happy with our 50! We stayed outside until after 7....yahoooo!

  12. The spring temps are going to take a little getting used too, but I prefer that over snow and ice and cold any time.

    Nice job this week!!!

  13. That's a long time to be sore! I hope you are feeling better today. Bring on spring!

  14. There are no damn signs of spring anywhere around here! Flowers in bloom-baah humbug.....We did get a major winter storm and 2 inches of ice though. Today I am just thankful....thankful that I am old, I live where there is two inches of ice on the road and we have no flowers.....ha!

    Nice running week!! Yeah-lunges are a good substitute for tempo. I've found all sorts of substitutes for tempo runs!! Laughing at Jill!

  15. YAY great week!! Double YAY for Spring!!!!!!!!

  16. My excitement level is over 2398723 billion over the moon about Spring! Just imagine how I will be when summer gets here!

  17. Just did the back definer workout this morning... been loving me some NTC!

    That whip is so outta control... seriously... and it's so much funnier now that I know the back story! LOL!

  18. your sore tracking is hilarious.

    78 degrees? i hate you.

  19. I downloaded the app... but I haven't taken the plunge to actually doing one of the workouts yet! I had a really lazy week last week!

  20. its much warmer there than here! we are getting a ton of rain still (but I am NOT complaining!).

    Nice job on the week!

  21. I've tried downloading the app, but I have to update my software first and I keep forgetting to do that while at home! booooo!

  22. Nice week of training! SO JEALOUS! My mom is letting me borrow her bike starting tomorrow, so maybe I can do that in the meantime.

    Taking baked goods out of the equation is a good start! Something is better than nothing! Last night I made sugar free chocolate bars... They were to die for! 100% chocolate powder, blended with coconut oil with a honey filled center! NO SUGAR ADDED! Now that I can have chocolate, I may never have sugar again!


  23. I'm so excited about the time changing that I just can't stand it!!! HOORAY!

  24. I never knew what green was until I spent spring outside of Southern California.

  25. So jealous that your trees are starting to bud already. Will probably be a few more weeks for us, maybe by the time you get here??!!