Wednesday, March 9, 2011

super doms

don't worry, i haven't been out on a long run this whole time. i just wasn't in the mood to hang out on the computer after work. i did get in 14+ miles on sunday though.

anddd then i was super lazy on monday and didn't workout. very productive.

please note the enlarged view of my stomach.
it is not a preggo-belly.

on tuesday however, i hopped right out of bed at the sound of my alarm and ran 40 minutes/lifted 20 minutes (legs and abs) before work.

knowing there was more rain in the forecast, i needed to rise early again wednesday or else i'd make excuses. i pulled it off and shuffled slowly for 5 miles, but i did beat the rain. my legs were (/are) so freakin' sore from tuesday. all day at work i walked around like i had a stick up my rear and had to use the handicap stall so i could raise/lower myself with the handrail when i drank too much water.

(i was going to draw a person with a stick up it's rear, but it was looking too much like a dangling turd.)

back to the leg workout...

i did the "leg sculptor" program from the nike training club (ntc) app. umm, they sure better be taut and toned because it hurts to sit.

the workout was 3 sets of this circuit for 15-minutes total:
side lunge - 1min (i did 30secs each leg)
squats - 1min
squat jumps - 30secs
ski jumps - 30secs
around the world lunge - 1min (again, 30secs each leg)
split jumps - 30secs
rest - 30secs

no weights required, but i'm sure you could add them if you were feeling adventurous.

nike training club is a pretty decent app - there's little-to-no equipment required and the workouts range from 15-45 minutes. plus, it's free! [i'm just sharing the info, i'm not being compensated for talking about ntc]

ps: take this running survey and be entered to win a $50 gift card to!


  1. Holy cow! You woke up without a wake up txt??? Impressive. I'd like to believe that I had some hand in helping get you started on waking up early.

    Nice "food baby" :)

    That NTC app is pretty cool. I've only done a couple workouts but it is a nice way to get a quick/easy workout in.

  2. I give you an A++! Nice job! Love the pic, it reminds me of what my son said today after dinner..."I am full, there is room for only a round thing (cookie!)"

  3. haha! I like your picture!
    Good job with the 14 miles! That's more than I've done in two weeks! :) But I haven't had any sugar,so I figure that counts for something, right?

    If you think any of your running followers are interested in the sugarfree challenge send them the link! Matt and Jeff are super serious runners so it should get interesting when Matt runs a half marathon in a few weeks with no processed sugar!

  4. Love your drawing!

    I was walking the same way today after my leg workout yesterday. I'm hopeful I can manage 12 miles tomorrow despite the soreness (and projected rain...)

  5. Love your pics as always. I have eaten waaaaaaaaay too many of the jelly beans I bought. They are my M+Ms.

  6. Awesome illustration. Thanks for the app recommendation!

  7. i think you should have still done a picture for a person with stick up rear. it would have made me laugh.

    hoping right out of bed? i think you stole that from me. lately i've actually had to roll out of bed and hit the floor in order to get my day started.

  8. another AWESOME pic!

    (kind-of thinking about Kiawah....i've heard great things about it)

  9. Thanks for the survey plug! I've been utterly lazy/injured since my 15K. I ran 3 miles with Meredith and Scott tonight and felt like a sloth. At least I can live vicariously through the kids I'm coaching!

  10. Early run domination.

    Pizza + cookies is my pre-race dinner of champions. Clearly that MS Paint stick figure is about to have an awesome run the day after that meal...

  11. Pregnant or not. Your stomach wins!

  12. God-your drawrings crack me up! Oh-and I totally feel your stick up the A$$ pain. Yes, the handrails-just necessary sometimes!

    Great week! I will have to check out this "leg sculpter" That might be too much for little OLD me. I do need to work on sculpting my 88 pound legs though......ha!

  13. I am pleading for you to create a youtube video with all your drawings. PLEASE!

  14. "dangling turd".......please don't delete next time, I want to see it!

    It's great not being able to pee the day after a workout!

  15. I love the leg sculpture program and it leaves me sore each and every time! Great job on getting up early this week... At least it looks like we'll have stellar weekend ahead of us... weather-wise.

  16. 14 miles is nothing to shake a stick at...good work!

  17. LOVE the drawing of your stomach.... fantastic! I was going to post yesterday, but I clicked on the link for the survey and it took me away from your wonderful blog! Nice mileage!!

  18. No sh*t you have super doms, that is a serious leg workout!

    Love your little picture. Your baby kind of looks like junk food...

  19. We both talked about the NTC app today! LOL! I feel your pain, my arm's are shredded up from the arm definer workout!

  20. I just saw your tweet about the leg pain. I feel you. Leg workouts destroy my ability to sit on a toilet the next day.

  21. I think you should enter some of those drawings in some art contest! :)

    Great job getting up - and getting sore!!!!

  22. Pregnant ladies totally scarf on M&Ms and stuff, I think you're subconsciously trying to tell us something.

  23. OK, this was my favorite art "piece" so trying to seem lazy when you're doing all this exercise, running, etc. TOO funny! Thanks for the note on the preggo belly, that was THE FIRST thing I thought of...even though you've shared your feelings on this issue before.

    A belly full of goodies sounds like MORE fun!!

  24. Food baby! Mmmm... that makes me hungry.

  25. What a great workout! That's similar to the workout that is currently making me hate life.

  26. OMG, your picture! AMAZING. Oh, how I missed this stuff!

    And seriously, my legs hurt just reading this. Yet another reason I need to get an i-Phone so I can torture myself with apps like this!

  27. What I hate more than squats?


    Even more than lunges?


  28. I love your description of how you were walking! I will have to check that out to see what it has you doing for abs, etc. I'm always watching other people at the gym to pick up new stuff.

  29. I'll have to see if Nike makes training apps for android, although I have to say your DOMS description kind of terrifies me!