Tuesday, April 12, 2011

psa: matty's video contest

the release of "relay with ragnar" coincided with matty's dance/sing along contest, so of course i was a shoo-in for nomination.

but i'm not here to ask you to vote for me. no, today i am going to exercise what i have learned from 'biggest loser' and give you an emotional speech, a few tears, and tell you to vote for jill of runwithjill fame.

okay maybe i'll skip the speech, just do the right thing and go vote! (for jill) thank youuuuuu.

ps: thank you for all the compliments on my singing "skills" and 5k pr! you guys rock.


  1. ahahahahaha Biggest Loser. If I have to hear one more person plead with the team to send them home to save their friend/mom/daughter, etc. I am going to throw m&m's at the TV!!!


    You're famous 'cause you're also starring in Kovas' blog this morning!

  3. So glad I changed my blog roll and got ride of the clutter because I actually saw one of your posts come up!!! wooo hoo! Off to check out your 5k PR. I bet is is Rad just like you. (and no, I don't typically use the word rad...it has just been fun for me lately. Rad is coming back you know. The new cool or awesome...those are getting lameo!)

  4. Heck ya - vote for me! Send cash along with it, too - I got lots of PT to pay for and it appears that's here to stay a few months/years! :)

    Thanks, Lindsay. You may have been skeptical I made it ... haha.

    You're apparently all over the internet world!!

    Hugs from Colorado! ;)

  5. I feel like this selfless behavior is deserving of a special semi-nude pick of me in running shorts...

    Or maybe just the thought that you could get something like that in your email would cause you to fear selfless acts because of the "reward" and therefore not do them

  6. U R always making me laugh out loud and your VIDEO rocked but I did vote for Jill first because I read her blog first. SOOOO sorry, Lindsay. I still love you and your wit...you rock!!

  7. Yep, I voted for Jill although you were worthy.....very very worthy....

  8. I expect hand signs and bling in your next picture.....