Friday, May 20, 2011

summary of training - green bay marathon

just for kicks, a review of my "training" (vs nyc stats):

# of weeks in training plan - 17 (nyc: 24, i think)

# of runs - 82 (nyc: 145)

miles - 528.19 (nyc: 1,114.29)

average mpw - 32.62 (nyc: 48.21)

highest weekly mileage - 44.41 (nyc: 68.16)

runs missed due to injury sickness - 5 (the flu-plague)

runs skipped due to laziness - 26

# runs of 15 miles or more - a whopping 3: 19 early feb, 17 mid-march, 19 early april (nyc: 11)

hours of running - roughly 78 (nyc: 164)

average pace - 9:03 (nyc: 9:00)

races - 3 (an 8k dnf, 5k pr, and another 5k)

pr's - 1

quality workouts - um. like 3... maybe.

and since i've been enlightening you lately with my best "how-(not)-to's"...

number of miles on the shoes i wore on race day - 1,152.18
(green mizuno's first run: 11/14/09)

green bay was not their first rodeo


  1. Dang, those shoes look good for 1000 miles. I kill mine. I think you still got some good mileage in there. I never ever run close to 500 miles training for a marathon. I made up a training plan once that had me doing about 500, but I totally fell off the bandwagon! So to me your stats look really really dedicated and intense!

  2. 1100 miles on your shoes? You be crazy!

  3. Such stark differences in your plans yet such similar results. crazy.

  4. That's very cost effective to get that many miles out of shoes. I've been doing a lot of 'nots' lately too but it seems to be working so I'm going with it.

  5. lol! quite the comparison!!!!! i like to err on the side of less miles.... :)

  6. Looks like you handle the useful economic life of your shoes similar to sports bras! ;-) Don't fix it, if it ain't broken! ;-)

  7. Um, gah on the shoes. blek!

  8. Those stats are incredible. But then again my swing/snatch stats are incredible! We all have our "nitch" as they say!!

    It's weird that those numbers are so different, yet you're time is roughly the same in the end. Must have been those 40mph head winds!

  9. Still puts to shame my 4miles per week...bwahahaha.

    And those shoes...holy moly - I guess you got your money's worth out of them...they don't even look worn much.

  10. Never underestimate the experience of your shoes in carrying you to a successful marathon!

  11. 1,152 miles in your shoes!!??!?! If I hit 500 I start to feel it my hips and knees like crazy.

  12. I think you got your money's worth out of those shoes!!

    Love how you broke down all the training.

  13. That's what I'm talkin' about!! Get the most outta those shoes!!

  14. Impressive that you can get 1100 miles on a pair of shoes without them falling apart!

  15. Just went back and read your race report from Tuesday--not too shabby! Congrats on another finish, and change those shoes.

  16. Oh man, gonna be a tough government report on unemployment this month.
    How many fine, hard workers were canned when you revealed that shoes last forever. Let's just see them make it to Oct 22nd.
    And awesome numbers. Now to read about sweat.