Monday, May 9, 2011

swamp rabbit 5k

back in january, i mentioned i was gearing up to make a grand return to the marathon.

it will be a return but it won't be grand, at least not in the sense i was originally hoping for. i followed my m.o. and slogged my way through another 16-week "training" "plan". provided i survive, this will be marathon #10. it will be marathon #8 that i did not properly train for. common sense might suggest i stick to half-marathons and shorter, but what's the fun in that?

so yes, i have a little 26.2-mile jaunt coming up next weekend. it could have been a throwdown with marlene, but she actually trained. even if you tied her legs together she'd still beat me.

marlene is accepting donations to cure her club arm
so yes, this is technically taper time. however, if you don't train, you don't have to taper*. it is also a good idea to run a hard 5k a week before a marathon**.

friday evening i ran the ghs swamp rabbit 5k. it's a crowded race with 4,000+ participants, but it's only $6 and includes a t-shirt. i bumped into my former (i'm not allowed to say "old") cross-country coach from high school before the race and we stashed our t-shirts under a tree. is it not runner code to not steal from other runners? apparently some still need to learn this rule as our shirts were gone when i went back for them. another rule people should learn is "don't line up at the front with your small children". would you put your child out in front of a wildebeest stampede? i didn't think so. let's apply this same common sense to human stampedes, shall we?

do you see me?
the race organizers delayed the race a few minutes because the traffic was awful, giving me time to run to the porta-potty instead of potentially peeing on myself mid-race. this also served as my "warm up", to which my coach shook her head in dismay.

random people at the race
i haven't done speedwork since my last 5k, so i knew i probably wouldn't pr. i was hoping to at least go sub-21 again, and i did with a 20:54-ish. this course was hillier than the last - the first mile had two short inclines (i wouldn't call them hills), mile two was a roller coaster (the most painful mile in any 5k in my opinion) and mile three was mostly flat. my legs were beat up from mile two, and my right quad is still a little sore today. perhaps that is also due to the 0-mile cooldown i did afterward. yep, no warmup and no cooldown*** - i am a textbook example of how not to train and race.

note: i am not the man in black

friday (3/6) race: 3.1 miles / 20:54 (avg pace 6:38) / 72*
6th overall/1st age group

the award was an authentic railroad spike
(the "swamp rabbit trail" is part of the rails-to-trails project)

*, **, *** please consult your physician before following any ctk training advice

all four race photos from the greenville news
the artwork and railroad spike © ctk 2011


  1. With results like that, how can you not dispute your training techniques?? I say Marlene better keep her legs untied, you might give her a run for her money!! Good luck, Chica!!

  2. holy eff. did i know you were running a marathon?!?! i think not. how did that sneak by me?

    i love the railroad spike. awesome prize. money might have been sweeter though. better tell those race directors that.

    anyway. great race girl. i like your training style. i like it a lot.

  3. LOL! You crack me up. Good luck next weekend!

  4. How fast would you be if you trained? Holy Batman you are already speedy! Good luck next weekend.

  5. Holy Smokes girl - that's fast! 6th place overall and 1st in AG....I think you are doing something right! I can't believe someone stole your t-shirts... so not cool!!

  6. Awesome pace, sounds like great marathon training!

  7. I love how you school everyone around you, even when you haven't trained. Good luck next weekend you goofball!!!

  8. You killed it and earned that pretty spike!

    And that poor girl with the club arm. If only there was an eraser in your art studio.

    3:30 marathon ahead! Your doctor says so!

  9. What a cool spike!! No wonder you ran like the wind, I'd want one of those too! Great job, fun pictures, I loved the little THINGS!!!

  10. Congratulations on your great finish time and age group win!!!

  11. I am very happy for you Lindsay. Congratulations about your race. I read you loud and looking forward on your path to your # 10 Marathon. It is fortunate to read you also transmit optimism and willingness to always go out and train.

    Thank you very much to follow my blog. Thank you so much. I will read to you, which to me is a great pleasure.

    Good luck in your next Marathon and of course I hope to read your report.

    Greetings and kisses from Spain

  12. You are so speedy even without proper training! Good luck in your marathon :)

  13. omg i've always wanted a railroad spike!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.

    DUDE you killed that 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would say your performance knocked it outta the park!!!

    and i would also say ANY return to marathon is grand. just thinking 26.2 gives me shivers and stomach issues. heh.

  14. Good luck with the marathon next week! I understand how you feel, I don't feel like I've trained for my half and like I've kind of thrown it. Ugh.

    Great job on the 5k though! And why DO people line up with their kids at the front of the pack?! I have no idea.

    Also, I owe you an email.

  15. Wow! Speedy! Very cool spike!

  16. A railroad spike? Haven't seen that before.

    Good luck next weekend!

  17. I'd like to sign up for your training program...are you on active(dot)com???

    Congrats on the AG bling!

  18. How much do you charge for coaching and are M&Ms included? Maybe Marlene should tie up your legs. LOL

  19. Goodness me but you re fast! I might have to look into your training methods. They are definitely not all bad. Well done!

  20. Man you are fast! You seriously raced with 4000+ people and came in 6th? AWESOME!

  21. Nice time! And that is an AWESOME race award!

  22. bahahaha you are killing me over here. I like your hat.

    Seriously, if you put me to shame this weekend then we can no longer be friends. ;)

    Congrats on another sub-21 5K! I'm going after that this summer...

  23. Where is the donation page for Marlene?

    And are you drunk? Is that why your eyes have X's in them?

    And seriously a sub 21 for a 5K is fan-freaking-tastic. That is incredible.

    Great finishers 'metal' or 'medal'

    Good luck this week.

  24. Great job on the 5K. I heard it was super crowded which is almost a given at this course and missing race etiquette makes it even worse.

    Good luck for the weekend and since you seem trained in being "untrained" for a marathon, I am sure you'll do GREAT!!!

  25. Marathon #10???? Dang!
    Your training method is sounding an awful lot like mine right now! Hope it works for me as well as it seems to be for you.

  26. This is why I won't let any of the people I'm coaching read your blog:

    "...but Lindsay didn't do any speedwork, didn't warm up and didn't cool down and she won a cool railroad spike!"

    Congrats! Good luck with the marathon.

  27. Oh, I like your award!

    You are going to do fab at the 26.2 :)

    IMO, that is too many things!

  28. You are so funny!!! Good luck on your 26.2!!! You are going to do are so friggin fast!!!

  29. First, you totally disgust me! I hate people with talent. Ha!

    Seriously, so awesome! You ruled it with no speed work. (you can sense the jealousy, right)

    good luck with the marathon. Who needs training when you can race like that?

  30. For grins, I tried to go to the greenville site to read about the race.. but they got a dang paywall... i guess that's why papers are going out of biz... nice job on the 20:54ish, and there is nothing like a good 0-mile cooldown.

  31. You have a marathon next weekend!? Awesome!

    I bet a marathoner wouldn't steal your t-shirt...

  32. At least you're racing already! I'm just cowering in the corner thinking about what's likely to happen in a month....

  33. A MARATHON!!! AHH good luck girl :) awesome job on the race and the 1st AG!

  34. Fun recap! And yes, I found you in the photo right away.
    My friend Karen puts her kids up front at races. But they train for tri's. when people tell her to move her kids, she shows them her 10 year old daughter's split times written on her arm. She's trying to break a 21 5k. That often shuts people up. But usually, yes, they are in harms way.