Monday, June 20, 2011

product review: cardionet event monitor

are you tired of adjusting and readjusting your uncomfortable heart rate monitor strap?

irritating heartrate monitor

well look no further! now you can rent a cardionet event monitor. equipped with two simple electrode patches and one handy-dandy belt clip, the cardionet monitor records your heart rate at the push of a button!

cardionet event monitor
sorry, not showing you the electrodes on my own body

simply push the "record" button and cardionet will store the previous 60 seconds and next 30 seconds of hr data.

easy to put on
much less irritating than an hr strap
never needs to be washed - just change the patches
free return shipping

only stores 6 recordings at a time (9 minutes total)
can't review data (have to send data to cardionet - who then sends it to your doctor)
kind of pricey at two easy payments of $299.99 per month

customer service: 
i don't remember the guy's name who helped me set up my monitor, but he was very polite and friendly. i wonder if he's used to getting yelled at by old people. he sounded like he was from minnesot-da but i was disappointed that he never said "you bet-cha"!

so 60 years from now, be sure to request cardionet for all your cardiac monitoring needs. that is, if you don't have alzheimer's and still remember this.

being sassy with my monitor

disclaimer: cardionet sent me an event monitoring device at full price to me. 


  1. Ha, ha, ha...cardionet. Don´t you have something for getting the garmin signal quicker?

  2. Well this appears to be the solution to all of my running needs! Sign me up immediately, and what an excellent price. I see a new trend. Who needs Garmins anyway?

  3. Awesome informercial. Hope that thing helps you!!

  4. About 2 years ago, I had to wear cardio wires for 2 days, to record you know what for possible PAD. Stupid veins in Right leg. That is awfully pricey. Yucky. Ill just keep on stopping every quarter mile and putting my fingers on my neck to take my pulse. lol. As a runner I am very technologically impaired. No Garmin, No HR moniter. Pooooy. Maybe Next year. When Forerunenrs are under $100. 20 years from now I mean. hahaha. Take care and have fun with your wires. Yeahhhaww! You Betcha!

  5. That's why I use Perceived Rate of Exertion.

  6. Ooooh enjoy that. Hope it goes uneventfully!

  7. that's pretty cool. but a little pricey no?

  8. LOL.... I thought that was a picture of Wiener there for a minute!

  9. Have a blast with that one!! Love the infomercial!

  10. Love the fact that you say they sent it to you for full price.

    Hopefully they will be able to detect the issues and get the cure all for you.

  11. Well, but ultimately what the real utility of this system monitor heart ..?
    For what purpose you use the data you get..? Is really necessary ..?

  12. I hate that you have to wear that but this is a pretty darn funny blog post!!

    SEE YOU SOON!!!!

  13. Isn't your insurance covering any of that?

    Hmmm... are the electrodes going to slip off when you start to sweat? I can never get the electrodes to stay when my patients are sweaty. Or hairy.

  14. Hey! You're not telling us the best part - that you also get to pay a doctor to interpret the readings for you!

  15. Haha. You sound a little bitter. ;)

  16. Clearly a solution looking for a problem!

  17. LOL! Sorry you are having to do this, but hopefully you'll get answers soon.

  18. Wow, Lindsay, love that off the shoulder shot. Very unexpected!!

  19. $299? Per month? Ouch. I guess I'll stick with my crappy strap across my chest and live vicariously through you! :)

  20. Oh Lindsay!
    Do you have to carry around the Cardionet box when you run too? Does it come with a harness? Hee hee.

    Hope things are going ok. You crack me up. :P

  21. You are the best spokesmodel for that product... just look at your face, you look thrilled! :-)
    Hope this enlightens you and your docs!

  22. The price tag sucks, but hopefully it's all going to be worth it in the end.

  23. What? No giveaway?

    So let's see. You can do 6 recordings?
    Make it worth your dollar.

    Recording #1: Hold your breath as long as you can. Record.
    #2: Have Josh scare the hell out of you. Record.
    #3: PR and 8K. Record.
    #4: Eat 3 bags of M&M's. Record.
    and so on...

    Put this Cardionet device through the wringer.

  24. At least you still have your sense of humor. I'm worried that I'm going to forget about this when I'm a senior citizen. Maybe the price will be cheaper then.

  25. I have to be honest... I just do NOT understand the hr stuff and don't know if I ever will.

  26. Will insurance cover any of that price? Geez Louise! I hope it's worthwhile and helps you and your doctor(s) figure out what the heck is going on.