Wednesday, July 20, 2011

axe me a question

q & a

playing oversized chess

you've probably seen this meme floating around as i am usually slow at 'answering' these blog chain letters.  i was tagged by jenn (running sane) and ajh (age groups rock) so please ask some q's and help me fulfill my duties!

i'll answer (just about*) anything... running, not-running, my "sense" of fashion, eating, shopping, being lazy, my love for trashy train-wreck tv shows, how many friends i have on facebook, where my awesome wedding ideas came from, what life was like as a nomad in kentucky for a year... you get the picture. just give me something to talk blog about.

*i reserve the right to remain silent on any questions i deem inappropriate or rude. or ridiculously hard science questions. there's a reason why i took geology in college instead of bio/chem.

and i'm gonna skip town on the tagging 5 more people part... the stress! i can't handle it. do you want to participate? consider yourself tagged!


  1. Oh, good stuff!
    1. Do you want to have kids? Why? If yes, how many?
    2. What would be your ideal work situation?
    3. Josh seems like a super guy! How did you meet?
    4. Any running dreams?
    5. Pants or dresses?
    6. Favorite place to live?
    7. Any weird habits (e.g., I love to eat the chips from the chocolate chip icecream)?

  2. What your longest run ever at one time?

  3. what is your favorite food (m&m's don't count!)?

  4. Have you been contacted by Death Row Records?

    Does Pink know that your song is better than hers?

    When is your next marathon?

    Are you going to be getting into triathlon at all?

  5. What trashy tv show do you recommend?

    What is the longest you have gone without eating M+Ms?

  6. Which marathon do you want to meet me at, Tupelo, MS, Mt. Desert, ME, or Baton Rouge, LA?

  7. How many marathons have you done?
    Which ones are left on your bucket list?

  8. Chris beat me to it, but since you give me so much crap about it, I figured I'd ask you too.

    Kids? When? How many?

  9. Please forgive any repeats:

    Do you have pets, if so, what?

    When did you begin running as a habit?

    Do you have a favorite ice cream, if you hate ice cream, how about deserts in general (besides M&Ms)?

    Favorite marathon?
    Worst marathon?

    Most miles run at once?


  10. Has not crossed your mind to do a triathlon??

  11. What is the closet you've been to a Kenyan?????????/

  12. What is your favoUrite m&m coloUr?

    FavoUrite kind?

    Have you been studying your celsius/fahrenheit and mile/KM conversion charts?

    How long does it take you to get ready for work? (wake-up to out the door?)

    What about a run?

    When are you coming to Toronto?

  13. Will you ever pick up a kettlebell again?

  14. What happened to your awesome art?

  15. 1. Is geology the best way to do science in college or what? (I did the same!!)

    2. The question I keep asking everyone - what is your dream race that you have yet to run?

  16. Did you get in trouble a lot as a kid or were you a good girl? How did you get into running? How many siblings?

  17. Why do you run?

    What drives you to perform when it gets tough during a race?

  18. When are you going to have kids?

    Are you going to run Pikes Peak next year?

    How many iPhones have you had this year?

    Do you want to run Boston again?

    Do you want to run a marathon overseas someday?

    Lame, I know...but I'm curious! :)

  19. Just don't answer until I get back from California next Saturday (30th) cuz I can't read them before. Thanks!

  20. Ok-better late than never!

    1.) If you were on Survivor and could only take one item with you what would it be?

    2.) Does Josh have the same off the wall sense of humor as you!

    3.) Will you mail me a loggerhead turtle in return for some hotdish on dry ice? My son would like one. Thankyou

  21. Pardon me,
    Do you have any Grey Poupon?


  22. Ok ok ok, in all seriousness:
    Do you prefer a certain color M&M over another?
    Why do your bangs always look so freaking cute in pics on Facebook and such? Mine suck balls.
    Would you consider coming to Seattle for a race to meet some of us Washingtonians in the near future?

  23. Do you stretch regularly? What is your favorite recovery food? Do you take any supplements - if yes, which ones?

  24. What would you rather do: Ultra or Tri?

    Do you only chase Kenyans or will you chase after South Africans too?

  25. Nice job with the untagging and letting people tag themselves.

    I like Johann's question about chasing Kenyans. I'll piggy back on that. Why did you chose chasing the kenyans for your blog name?

  26. Goodies! Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions!

    1. What are your 1-3 favorite workouts (specifics, with approximate paces)?
    2. What's the coolest place you've ever run in?
    3. What were your favorite parts of doing Boston?
    4. What races are on your bucket list?
    5. What would be your ideal way to refuel and relax after a good workout/race?
    6. To be as wicked fast as you are, and to be able to push yourself during training and racing as you do, you must have some strong motivators... what are they?

  27. Diving right in:

    1) What is on your travel bucket list given the premises that money and time didn't matter?

    2) Any news from the cardiologist?

    3) Since you are such a M&M connoisseur... What type of M&M is missing in their product line-up??