Tuesday, July 19, 2011

moonin' my honey: i'm on a boat

i managed to go 366 days without ever 'finishing' our honeymoon adventures and wedding details. whoops. (not to mention my memory has already begun to fade, sad)

to summarize:
we arrived in paradise and kayaked
we went hiking and running
we ate firi firi, crepes and polynesian surf/turf
we swam, snorkeled and became bff's with the crepe man

on our last full day on the island of moorea, we scootered around the island again (the landscape was breathtaking) and went sailing.

sideways growing palm tree

scooter and i
i nailed the dork-look
sailboat cruise

i'm on a boat

view from the cruise

exhibit a as to why you don't want me to video my runs

eventually it was time to leave paradise - i failed to convince josh to stay and become a crepe maker. we took the ferry back to tahiti and boarded a plane for california. no offense los angeles, but you were a crappy destination after spending almost two-weeks in moorea.

moorea street signs

hollywood sign from griffith park
los angeles smog the hollywood sign

a year ago, i was struggling with daily bouts of unexplained nausea and the honeymoon was no exception. i did not feel good during the few days we spent in la. in fact i spent one full day sleeping in the hotel... i am a party animal! josh is so lucky to be married to me. we did get out to see a few things other than the smog and interstate traffic -- such as grauman's chinese theatre, the getty and griffith observatory to name a few.

josh admiring a tapestry at the getty
right before i got yelled at for taking photos

the griffith observatory

and that, my friends, is my anticlimactic end to the honeymoon adventures. i know you were waiting with anticipation this whole time.


  1. It's about time you finally wrapped this up~! Gees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, I guess a Happy Anniversary is in order then?? :)

    Congrats and it's about damn time! haha

  3. Pretty pics...and yeah...happy anniversary!

  4. You look beautiful in that pic of you sitting on the boat! I'm so wanting a trip like this with my honey!

  5. It's been so long - isn't it time to go back??

  6. Happy anniversary!! The pic of that palm tree is amazing!!!

  7. I just looked up Moorea on google maps, it is in the middle of the South Pacific by French Polynesia! Your pictures look amazing!

  8. Awesome! I love this, I love your photos and I'm jealous!

    --> also happy to see someone else slacking on the posting ;)

  9. Finally! ; )

    I think you need an anniversary trip, don't you?

  10. Oh, thank God you posted! I was afraid you really had left the blogosphere!

    Interesting choice to go from paradise to LA. :) And congrats on your anniversary! Hope you guys celebrated fantastically and had great food and got a little boozy and got lucky and all that stuff.

  11. Wow you were kidding about that being paradise. Beautiful. Off to read the rest of your honeymoon recap posts as I'm currently in the market for a honeymoon location :)

  12. No doubt you were straight floatin' on a boat in the deep blue sea.

  13. Ha! Too funny!! Congratulations too!!

  14. And I was just about to say, "good for you for taking a vacation'!
    Love the pics!

  15. well congrats on your anniversary then.

    Great photos and whether or not they are it is a moped or a bicycle the helmet never looks good.

  16. Finally........I can now sleep! :)

    Just kidding! Great ending to a great honeymoon-Happy Anniversary!

  17. Well, happy anniversary and thanks for the pictures!

    Keep on running!

  18. I'm so drooling! That looks soo beautiful! You look beautiful!

  19. Happy Anniversary! You saved it so we would all wish you HA!

  20. Christmas in July!

    You may look beautiful in that pic on the boat, but I bet josh thinks you look just as beautiful with the scooter, you big dork.

    Why couldn't you take pictures in that museum? Do you have to sketch your memories?

    You really should consider a 2nd honeymoon. You need a do-over for the smog conclusion.

  21. Scooter = yes!

    And those pants/tights/stockings look awesome.

    BTW, victory for me today, thanks for the good wishes.

  22. Crap! You had a tour guide here! You should've let me know. I would have changed your mind about L.A.