Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a's to the q's

i'm still not running, but i am finally answering some of your burning questions from the q&a call a couple weeks ago.

a.m. of running tri-ing living said...

Do you want to have kids? Why? If yes, how many?
no/not right now. i'm definitely not ready. this may be a selfish reason to some, but i still want to be able to do what i want when i want. also, i'd never wish my various immune deficiencies on anyone else and i'm afraid of passing any of them on to any offspring (they're not contagious).

What would be your ideal work situation?
not working? :) i'd probably get bored, eventually... i think it would be cool to research/experiment with the effects of nutrition to cure diseases or to charter sailboats but that'd be kind of hard to get a run in everyday. i know, two very not-related jobs.

Josh seems like a super guy! How did you meet?
our story is fairly bland -- we met at work in '07. i chatted him up on the work instant messenger (and in person) for a couple months before finally convincing him to hang out with me outside of work. i somehow managed to delete the "recycle bin" off my laptop at home so he came over to fix it and then we went ice skating. i also drew on his marker board which his boss sometimes commented on (and josh agrees with you on his superbness).

dry erase art
josh's marker board, circa 2008
the runner/elevation 'chart' was used to convince him to run his first race
and yes, there is a milkshake bringing all the boys to his marker board

Any running dreams?
of course. i want to run the marathon in the olympics. medaling would be ok too. i only need to shave at least 1hr20min off my time, no biggie. i've also always wanted to run across the us (before all these books came out making it more well-known). my dad biked across the us when he was 18, maybe it's in my genes.

Pants or dresses?
both... work keeps the a/c cranked up so even in the 100 degree summer i typically wear pants and long sleeves (oxford, cardigan, fleece jacket). i do like a cute, flowy dress in this south carolina heat/humidity too.

Favorite place to live?
the beach. a laid back one, not a miami-style one.

Any weird habits (e.g., I love to eat the chips from the chocolate chip ice cream)?
hmm. i actually saved all the chips/cookie dough bits/etc until after i ate the majority of the ice cream. i'm sure i have plenty of other weird habits... i leave my empty cereal box on top of the trashcan.

jeff of detroit runner and lauren from on the run both asked...

What your longest run ever at one time?
a marathon, 26.2. if we go by what garmin has recorded during a marathon - 26.5 or so. my longest training run was 22.7 miles.

lisa of chasin' bunnies said...

what is your favorite food (m&m's don't count!)?
from the ages of 10-22, ramen noodles. in middle school i'd eat it as an afternoon snack!! what a fatty. now i splurge on the $1.30 organic ramen-like noodles (koyo brand) from whole foods/earth fare occasionally. i also like chocolate chip cookies, but i also have a regular hankering for a mountain-sized salad.

jason of cook train eat race said...

Have you been contacted by Death Row Records? 
unfortunately for them, no. but i would still entertain an offer because i'm nice.

Does Pink know that your song is better than hers?
with 174 youtube hits, she ought to be raising her 'ade!

When is your next marathon?
unknown. it's looking like 2012, unless i throw another half-ass attempt in later this fall (we all know how good i am at those!). i'm going to try to be good and resist until i am back in marathon-shape.

Are you going to be getting into triathlon at all?
probably not a "real" one. i'm soo skeeved out by swimming in water with unknown/unseen creatures. at summer camp in 5th grade i begged the counselor to let me be in the "guppie" swim group because i didn't want to have to jump off the dock and take the swim test. they must have pushed me off the dock convinced me to do the test because eventually i did get in and swim (and qualify for the highest level group, whatever it was). a "non-real" tri where you do the swim in a pool is quite possible.

ajh of age groups rock said...

What trashy tv show do you recommend?
i'd like to think i'm not *too* trashy, but i do enjoy lame tv shows -- teen mom, keeping up with the kardashians, giuliana & bill, greek. i watch tv via netflix, so i'm usually behind the times, but i love not having to suffer through commercials.

What is the longest you have gone without eating M+Ms?
documented? one month. i may have gone longer without them in college... i was busy spending 20%+ of my food allowance on not-groceries.

mike of failure to detect sarcasm said...

um. How are you?
i'm alright. i could be better, but i could be a lot worse too. work is slow this week, i haven't been sleeping well and i'm still not running/exercising, but my skin is feeling 2% better. every morsel of improvement is nice.

ginny of happy feet 26.2 said...

Which marathon do you want to meet me at, Tupelo, MS; Mt. Desert, ME; or Baton Rouge, LA?
i haven't run any of those states yet, so all of the above?

teamarcia of the studly runner said...

How many marathons have you done? 10
Which ones are left on your bucket list?
i've never actually made a marathon-bucket-list. while training for my first marathon back in 2005-2006, i got a wild hair and decided i wanted to run one in every state. so, i guess the remaining 40 states (+dc) are on my 'bucket list'. it would be kind of cool to run all the world marathon majors (especially in one "season"). one marathon that i definitely want to run at some point is the texas marathon, simply for the enormous medal.

kevin of ironman by thirty said...

a.m. beat me to it, but since you give me so much crap about it, I figured I'd ask you too. Kids? When? How many?
no/not right now. unknown. 0-unknown. (for a longer answer, scroll back up)

lauren from on the run said...

Do you have pets, if so, what?
i do not. i am allergic to cats and dogs (and rabbits and hamsters... etc etc). i had a dog at one point, a schnoodle, he now lives with my mom and dad. my mom loves him, my dad claims he doesn't. back when i used to go to the gym before work (what a concept) it meant putting him in a crate from ~5:30am until ~6:00pm. i didn't think it was fair for him to spend so much of his life locked up in a crate.

buddy playing with his frog toy
buddy circa 2007, i think?

When did you begin running as a habit?
as a habit - i would have to say around 2004 with a college roommate. started logging basic stats (time and distance) in 2005 and haven't looked back since.

Do you have a favorite ice cream, if you hate ice cream, how about desserts in general (besides M&Ms)?
mint chocolate chip! or chocolate chip cookie dough. now that i'm (mostly) dairy free - rice dream makes a "mint carob chip" that isn't too bad. i'm definitely a sweet-toothed person, but i have gotten a little "snooty" and am no longer tempted by grocery-store baked goods. homemade chocolate chip cookies are so much better! (josh makes me these vegan ones)

Favorite marathon? / Worst marathon?
it depends in what sense...
  • my first marathon, myrtle beach, was painful. i was undertrained for the distance and my muscles ached. but then again, it was my first and that has to hold some water.
  • baltimore i don't remember much about. it was overly crowded at the finish, but someone gave out gummy bears around mile 22 which was awesome.
  • sunburst (south bend, in) was hot, but it was also my first sub-4 and the finish is on the 50-yd line of the notre dame field.
  • chicago was fun because i did it with my best friend and we had shirts made at niketown, but it was hot and technically the race was canceled.
  • atlanta was my first bq and held on thanksgiving day so i could eat whatever i wanted. however, we had to rush off after the race to get home in time to eat both thanksgiving dinners.
  • disney was interesting because i'd just run a half marathon the day before, but it was a lot of fun to stop for pictures with the characters.
  • new york was great because it is my current-pr, but i also threw up during it.
  • boston wasn't fun because i didn't feel good and spent the majority of the race trying to convince myself to not-quit, but it's a race with history and the crowd support was phenomenal.
  • kentucky derby was interesting because it was 5 days after boston, but it was cool because it was 5 days after boston and i ran a better time. it was also cool to run through churchhill downs.
  • green bay sucked because of the insane headwind from miles 16-23, but i did get to run on the packer's field, wear a bedazzled sweatshirt and spend a weekend with a good blog friend.
so i guess i'd have to say atlanta is my favorite, though disney and nyc are also special to me. worst? chicago and boston. chicago organizers should have been more prepared and boston, well i wish i'd felt better in the months leading up to it.

atlanta marathon 2008

alright. enough for now. more to come later! feel free to ask more questions.


  1. I am glad that things are going a little better health wise. Every little bit helps! Hang in there!

  2. Loved the post...hoping you get back on the roads soon!!!

  3. Hmmm, organic ramen noodles.. didnt know such a thing existed. I better find some.

  4. Love learning so much about you!!! I'm glad your health is getting better....I understand being nervous to pass this on to someone else.

  5. wait they make organic ramen noodles. SWEET! i like your style lady, but that's no secret. excellent a-to-the-q's.

  6. I don't know if we can be friends anymore now that you only eat fake cookies and ice cream...

  7. Mint Chocolate Chip is THE BEST.

    You got some great questions.

    Hope things continue to get better with your health.

  8. Do you have a "goto" running shirt/shorts? Just wondering if you have your own "orange shirt" :)

  9. Is Josh a vegan? Or are vegan cookies just better for your allergies. Hope you're doing well!

  10. Very nice!
    I wish I could find the right answers for your issues...I'm gonna most definitely do some digging and picking the brains of all the great docs I work with!

  11. We might actually be from the same pie, pie. Just sayin.

    I ALWAYS save the chips in ice cream for last!!!

    And about the kids thing...I HATE HATE HATE when people make comments about me being 30 without kids. I don't want them yet. Period. I want to do things like travel and take naps. I'll save wiping shit and not sleeping for whenever I am damn well ready! So yeah, I am so with you!!!

  12. No kids eh? Not selfish at ALL. I wasn't exactly planning on having kids either but somehow I must have been texting unprotected and darn it-there came #1. Ha ha! Really though, kids are certainly not required with marriage and I find nothing selfish in your decision here.

    I'm with you on the creepy water and triathlon!! I just realized how enjoyable it is to swim in "clear" lakes and if I lived elsewhere I would give this tri thing a shot I think. Up here, LOTS of creepies in the lake.

    Teen mom, Kardashians-not trashy?? HA!

    No pets here either unless you count the fair goldfish who is currently living on wheat thins and is facing a very short lifespan I think.

    Enjoyed reading all these!! Fun:)

  13. Long time blog lurker here...just a reminder that your Green Bay marathon is likely the longest official race you've run, clocking in at 26.35. As a fellow participant in what I like to call "the day the wind almost permanently broke my very being", I am claiming to now be an ultra runner. :) Love the blog and hope you feel better soon.

  14. I used to eat Ramen as an after school snack too! Didn't know there was a such thing as organic ones.

    Poor puppy, it would be sad to locked in a crate all day. We put Jade in her crate for a half hour after she eats (because she runs around and pukes if we don't) and I'm always counting down the minutes until I can release her because it makes me feel bad! (But I don't feel bad putting her in there to sleep, she actually puts herself in there for bed. I just shut the door!)

  15. I'll meet you with Ginny at Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

  16. Awesome!!!!! i'm so glad I came by to read this.. I really love these Q and A's

  17. Fun post....and now I'm craving ramen and MnMs.

  18. YAY for 2% - progress is progress!

    Loved reading your list of marathons, that's pretty cool. Funny the things you remember...I still remember the Drug Lord from my first marathon in 1997 - he actually asked if I was interested in buying any drugs after the race. Had I known at mile 14 when the offer was asked that I would be dying at mile 24, I would have taken up his offer ;).

    You know how 178 hits on your video....whenever that song comes on the radio, I instantly think of you and that video. Cuz I'm a star in it, duh!! :)

    Keep healing!!