Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a's to the q's (part 2)

the second installment of the q&a meme from way back when. funny how i'm not running, yet can't convert my extra free time into blogging...

Tania of corre tania corre said...

Has not crossed your mind to do a triathlon??
it has... actually back in 2009 when my employment status was up in the air, i decided that if i got laid off i'd spend my free time training for a half ironman. have i done a triathlon before? no. do i like swimming in lakes/oceans? no.

needless to say, i didn't get laid off so i haven't had to own up to that yet. as i mentioned in the previous set of a's to the q's, i would probably do a triathlon with a pool-swim, but who knows if i'll ever conquer the open water.

TNTcoach Ken of eastside stoney creek said...

What is the closet you've been to a Kenyan?????????
run with kenyans
this close
me and wilson kiriungi, founder/ceo of "run with kenyans"

i met the guys of "run with kenyans" at the boston marathon expo earlier this year (they contacted me because of my awesome blog name). they're a unique organization in that they host "running camps/safaris" in kenya. it's an opportunity to run with kenyan champions like cheruiyot, and the 9-day 'vacation' culminates with a kenyan marathon! stop by their booth at the chicago and nyc marathons this fall for more info.

(sorry for totally sidetracking on your question ken)

MaUrlene of mission to a(notheUr) maUrathon said...

What is your favoUrite m&m coloUr?
brown. because as matthew mcconaughey once said, "less artificial coloring, 'cause chocolate's already brown".

FavoUrite kind?
plain. pretzel is pretty good too. coconut is a huge disappointment because there's no actual coconut in them... (check the ingredient label next time you're shopping)

Have you been studying your celsius/fahrenheit and mile/KM conversion charts?
no. i'm american - we're not supposed to be bilingual, duh.

How long does it take you to get ready for work? (wake-up to out the door?)
about 40 minutes. pee, brush teeth, insert contacts, play pending moves on "words with friends", shower (sometimes), moisturize, get dressed, make lunch, run out the door.

What about a run?
a morning run? 10 minutes or so. wake up, pee, insert contacts, get dressed, find garmin, run out the door. i don't brush my teeth in case i should run into a bad guy - my morning breath might scare him off. i do brush them after the run of course.

When are you coming to Toronto?
do i get to stay at the maison de maurlene? either way, the exact date is unknown.

Diana of my life with kettlebells said...

Will you ever pick up a kettlebell again?
i plan on it! i've been hemorrhaging money on doctor bills/dentist visits so i feel guilty spending money elsewhere.

macnic of i've always been a joiner said...

What happened to your awesome art?
good question. just haven't felt as artsy lately i guess. i will try to get back in the habit of ms painting!

staying busy
what i've been doing instead of ms painting and running

Kim of somewhere in the sun said...

Is geology the best way to do science in college or what? (I did the same!!)
i was too cheap to actually buy the required box of rocks, that made all those lab assignments and quizzes kind of hard. my class was the definition of "rocks for jocks" - too many football/basketball players. i was never big on science in high school (got a 1 on ap physics exam) so i figured i should avoid bio and chem. looking back, bio probably wouldn't have been that bad.

The question I keep asking everyone - what is your dream race that you have yet to run?
these aren't really races, but i'd love to do one of the andes adventures run-tours. i've had my eye on them for 5-6 years but can't quite bring myself to swipe the credit card ($2,500-$5,000).

Amanda of runninghood said...

Did you get in trouble a lot as a kid or were you a good girl?
as a kid i was pretty good. i was definitely rebellious though when high school came around... bad influences. i try to make it up to my parents now, they put up with a lot! :)

How did you get into running?
high school cross country. i believe my friend just told me i should come out and run on the team, so i did. i also played soccer and basketball in high school, but dropped basketball when i took up xc.

high school cross country team
can you find me?

How many siblings?
3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law

Gracie of how i complicated my life today said...

What's your favorite distance to race?
i usually think of the half-marathon first. long enough to burn a good amount of calories and earn the right to pig out a little, but not so long that you're sore and hobbling for a week. i'm also very comfortable with/enjoy the training load required for half's. i used to hate 5k's, but now that i've learned how to properly run them (ie: don't sprint the first 800 meters) they're not that bad. i think 10k's are probably my least favorite, not that you asked.

Thomas Bussiere of don't become a routine - change your course said...

Why do you run?
i run because it's who i am. i've just always ran since college. when i catch up with old friends some of the first questions i'm asked are "what marathons have you done recently" or "when's your next marathon?". my parents introduce me to their friends as "lindsay, the runner". my co-workers all know me as "that insane person who runs 26 miles for fun" (although some have supported me in the past!). it seems almost everyone defines me as "the runner". this is all fine by me because i enjoy running, most days. sure sometimes it feels like a chore but ultimately i cherish having the ability to run. i can't imagine life without running.

What drives you to perform when it gets tough during a race?
as long as it's just tired-tough (and not injury/sickness-tough), i'm motivated by the challenge against myself. i dig into a "leave it all on the course" mindset. you learn a lot about yourself when you push through those rough, painful patches like hitting the wall or mentally checking out of the race and forcing your mind back into it.

i wish i could say i think about people who motivate me, or recall stories of others overcoming huge roadblocks, but my mind doesn't function well enough mid-race to dig up those facts.

Jill of run with jill said...

When are you going to have kids?
8-ball says: ask again later. who knows. you already read this answer in the previous a-to-q post anyway.

Are you going to run Pikes Peak next year?
i don't know... i feel like i won't be in good enough shape for such a feat by next august. eventually... hopefully.

How many iPhones have you had this year?
3 i think - mine (broken), then josh's old one (broken), and then a completely new one (so far, not broken).

Do you want to run Boston again?
it depends. sometimes i think i should run it again, other days i think i'm done with it.

Do you want to run a marathon overseas someday?
heck yes. when are we going?

Just don't answer until I get back from California next Saturday (30th) cuz I can't read them before.
i hope this 4 week delay was sufficient.

Jenn of running sane said...

If you were on Survivor and could only take one item with you what would it be?
bug spray. hah. i love an adventure, but am such a girl about bugs (and reptiles...)

Does Josh have the same off the wall sense of humor as you?
he is funny but he is not as funny as me (if i do say so myself). he's witty, but less facetious than i. sometimes i think my boss doesn't realize that my humor is sarcasm and is offended - i'm trying to cut back on sarcasm in the workplace.

Will you mail me a loggerhead turtle in return for some hotdish on dry ice? My son would like one. Thank you.
i am pretty sure that tampering with the loggerheads is illegal, but in exchange for hotdish... well that is worth breaking the law!

one more batch of questions to go...


  1. Love these. And I have been catching up on my Jersey Shore, too, you know, to brush up on my Italian. OK, so I say bottom L in that pic. Am I correct?

  2. hmmm...I like the no teeth brushing to ward off bad guys.
    and zombies.

  3. this was fun! and i just adore jill.

  4. Wait, what is hotdish? Did you cover that already and I missed it?

  5. I love this! And I love the artwork. There should definitely be more artwork!

  6. "no. i'm american - we're not supposed to be bilingual, duh."

    Glad to hear the wonderful kb's are still on your mind!
    As far as the picture goes....bottom row, first one from left! Did I win anything for that??? Another Chocolate bunny would be nice!!

  7. Lindsay, glad to have the dubious distinction! Thanks for the plug.

    Run with Kenyans

  8. When I asked the m&m question, I immediately thought of that movie. Admit it, did you have to google the spelling of mccononohohogyahgohay?

    We have a spare room for you any time, but the bed is not that comfortable. ha!

  9. Hi again Lindsay!

    If I was you... I'll go for your goal: 50 marathones!

    I'm always glad to read you!

    Greetings from Spain.

  10. Cool pic with the Kenyan dude!!!

    In your track pic, are you back row, far right?

    Let's play WORDS!!!!

  11. Great post! Thanks for the art! :-)

  12. Great post!

    First of all, I could care less if there is real coconut in the MandMs or not... I LOVE THEM. So stinking good.

    And I love love love that movie quote you threw in there. My girls and I love that movie. :)

  13. Hey girl! Gosh I love it when I've been gone from blog land forever and then I check it and see that a recent post was meant to for me to see! :) Thanks for answering my your cross country picture...are you on the bottom left?? hmmm.

  14. I want to do a half ironman too, but I can't get psyched about the swimming training. Maybe someday...

  15. No coconut in coconut m&ms? I knew it! Next you're gonna tell me there's no PB in the PB ones? I'm shattered.

  16. I love that Paint drawing! Such talent!

  17. Jersey Shore? Seriously? Maybe that is causing your health issues. It surely can't be helping. haha

  18. Love these. Your hotdish is ready to go and my son's beautiful blue eyes are worth breaking the law for! I'm incredibly sarcastic. I'm sure I've offended many but WTH! Fun to read these! Oh-coconut M&M's WERE a huge disappointment. Peanut butter and almond:)

  19. Loved reading these!
    3 sisters for me too.
    I loved high school cross-country.

  20. So good to see your artwork again. ;o)

  21. Very fun!!!
    The best: " i don't brush my teeth in case i should run into a bad guy - my morning breath might scare him off. i do brush them after the run of course" jajajja I do the same :-)

  22. Ok yes, I have been MIA, but I must have missed're currently on a running hiatus?!

  23. Thanks for holding off all your answers to the questions until I got back from Whitney for me, much appreciated!! :)

    I'm probably going to have to go to therapy now that I know there's no coconut in Coconut M&Ms, major depression here. Oh, but HT adores me so maybe all is saved! :)

    Ok, you pay for the tix and we're headed overseas - yay!

  24. the bilingual thing cracked me up.
    I've never heard of coconut M&Ms. I loved the peanut butter ones, back before artificial colors gave me headaches. Now I just eat straight peanut butter.