Wednesday, August 31, 2011

august 2011: a new kind of pr

august 2011
total mileage: 0.0000000
time spent running: 0hrs 0min
days off: 31
avg temp: doesn't matter
pounds gained: don't even want to know
trip of the month: new york/tour of the eastern seaboard

this was the first full month (technically 5+ weeks when you add the end of july) where i did not run/workout since 2004. well, technically i did go for a 1.5mi leisure walk one evening and i also did a ton of walking around nyc but i wouldn't consider either of those a workout. oh, and i took the stairs (3 flights) at work at least twice a day which should be considered a workout because it left me winded every time. pathetic.

taking the stairs at work

i was initially taking some time off because my skin hurt to move, period. it still isn't much better, but i'm not in constant pain anymore.

i also started having trouble sleeping through the night, and then i started not falling asleep at all. there were too many "nights" this month where i would fall asleep at 4 or 5am, only to wake up at 6:30am for work. i never feel tired later in the day either. there was also one night where i never fell asleep, and stayed awake the next day until 10-11pm. freakish.

so, i decided to extend my running break to the whole month of august (initially i figured i'd take two weeks off). it's always hard to take time away from running, but this was a fairly easy break for me with the random health concerns. i think i also needed a break mentally after many weeks/months/years of stressing over weekly mileage and running workouts.

in lieu of running, i went to a few local minor league baseball games.

box seats at the greenville drive
view from the box
seats behind home plate at the greenville drive
a stranger handed us these tickets at the gate

i checked out the local flea market (not worthwhile).

new fashion trend
you know you want one. giveaway coming soon.

i sampled my first kombucha but only drank half the bottle because i was too afraid of the floaty things.

synergy kombucha
synergy: cosmic cranberry flavor

and bought a pair of jorts meant for a 13-yr old because they told me i was a size 4 (after a month of sitting on the couch). they were $11 on clearance and josh said i should have been paid to take them from the store.

reliving my youth with jorts


  1. I second Josh on the jorts. I actually think the knee length shorts are cute, but I hate anything ripped up!

    Sorry about your health problems and not running all month, but you're right, after years and years you probably just need a break, and maybe it's your body telling you that? Has the doctor told you anything about why you can't sleep or get winded with the stairs? I mean, even if you didn't run all month, you should be okay taking stairs or going for a walk?

    Going to New York is pretty awesome though, along with baseball games :). It's kinda neat that you've been so busy and it didn't involve running :).


  2. Hey girl. Hope this break from running helps you return with a new health/running mojo. Your trip sounds just wonderful. Life without running can be a good thing sometimes.

  3. Sorry about the not running thing. I feel your pain. But you have some pretty funny parts to this post. Skip the give away, Just give me the shirt to wear to school.

  4. Jorts?? Seriously? I guess you do live in the south... :-P haha

    Sucks about the lack of running though. Hope you feel better and can get back to chasing the kenyans!

  5. OK-thanks again for the laugh! I am pretty much guaranteed to click on one of your posts and laugh!

    OK-I can relate 100% to this sleep thing. This has been the story of the last 8 years of my life. Hope this is just a passing thing for you!

    Any shorts that say size 4 are good. I am wearing less and less size 4's these days-ha! I think 6 is the new 4 anyway right???

    Everyone needs a break sometimes. I hope you are feeling better soon:)

  6. My guess (without trying to scare you or make you think about it too much)is that all the PVC's you have cause your heart to not work as efficiently as it could-you know the PVC's are not life-threatening, you've had them checked and got that confirmed. I'm just trying to explain the shortness of breath is more than likely from your heart taking a pounding these last few months. It's good for your heart, your entire body and your soul to take this brake. Nothing wrong with's great that you recognize signs and listen to your body..unlike myself!! LOL
    Hang tough-better times are yet to come! :)

  7. You know you can make your own jorts by wearing jeans until they fall apart. Like those.

  8. Jorts like that was quite common here in SA at some stage...many, many moons ago!:) Hope you get the running going and feel better soon. Take care!

  9. Sorry about your health problems and not running all month, but you're right, after years and years you probably just need a break. Hope you feel better and can get back to chasing the Kenyans!

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  10. Don't feel bad about feeling winded going up the stairs, maybe they are just super steep! ;-) That's my excuse for getting winded using the stairs at my office!

    Hopefully, the cooler temps that are just around the corner is going to give you some relief.

    Hang in there!

  11. Hope you start sleeping better/more! I had that issue for a while but it was b/c I started taking my BC at night and it jacked up my hormones apparently....

  12. Look at you sporting the jorts! Love the homemade look to the "don't ask me 4 s..." shirt, BTW. LOL. Had I known I could create fashion with a tshirt and a sharpie, well... Hope you are starting to feel somewhat better, had not realized you had not run for a full month. Dang.

  13. I think you look pretty damn skinny in those jorts! So sorry you are still to get you back out there soon. I'm impressed by how you don't seem to let it get you down. I need some of that!

  14. Those jorts are awesome! Josh is just jealous! LOL!

    Big hugs to you girl, I'm keeping my fingers crossed you catch a break with all that soon enough!

  15. Hopefully the month off was just what you needed to regroup and heal. The not sleeping thing is crazy! I am tired just thinking about you not sleeping.

  16. LOL @ the shorts.

    Great month, despite the lack of running. Sometimes it's nice to take some time off ::)

  17. That view from the box is awesome. I love minor league much fun.

    Hope all this stuff helps you find your running legs again and that this is only a blip on the radar.

    Stay strong and positive.

  18. you forgot to mention that you spent the time you should have been running texting me about boys. i can't wait until this weekend. there's potential (no promises) for me to re-start up the texting ;)

    and get yo ass in gear and come race with me!i just signed up for a half in novemeber. and don't give me the crap about not having enough time to train. i'm sure you're trained for longer distances with less ;)

  19. I'd buy an entire store if it said a size 4 and it fit me!! The size 4's I have which once fit are a long way from fitting again *sigh*. One day, hopefully. Nothing worse than sitting on the butt to add a few poundage!

    I know how frustrating it is to have to sit out the running gig but you need to focus on your health and get back to 100%, or at least close. I'm hoping September brings more sleep to your nights, perfect heartbeats, and a few miles to your running log!!

  20. Well, I just finished my four months of (near) zero mileage, so I know how that goes. Don't make the same mistake as me though. I still ate like I was running 200 a month...