Tuesday, August 23, 2011

easy canvas prints

almost 5 months ago (see, procrastination) the lovely megan of build-a-sign contacted me about trying out a custom canvas print from easy canvas prints. immediately i knew i wanted to have a photo from the honeymoon printed (we still haven't gotten around to making our wedding and honeymoon photobooks). i clicked my way through the photo-uploading and ordering on their website and within a week had a package on the porch!

safely packaged

professional canvas print

waiting to be framed and hung

i ordered a 16x20; the plan is to frame it and actually hang it on the wall... i also need to stain the table that it currently sits on, but that's a different story. friends and family have raved over the print in real life and i love it! i only wish there was a little more grass showing at the bottom, but i think once it's framed i won't notice/remember.

canvases are a popular home decor piece these days - i've seen them popping up everywhere in the months since receiving my print! thank you megan and easy canvas prints for forcing us to at least get one honeymoon photo printed out.

disclaimer: in case you couldn't already tell, i was given this canvas print in exchange for posting a link on my blog. i added the link back in april over on the right, as i was initially waiting to post a review until i had the print framed and hung. clearly that process may take me longer than a year

anyway, the product was free, but i do genuinely love how the canvas turned out. easy canvas prints prices aren't bad either. however, you can get 35% off and free shipping through this link. offer expires 8/29/11.

another disclaimer: the coupon link was emailed to me. i receive no benefit from any sales at easy canvas prints.


  1. Hee, hee--I'm laughing 'cause I still haven't done mine. Sad. Yours, however, was well worth the wait--it looks really great!

  2. blah blah disclaimer blah

    Great choice on the photo!

  3. Yeah, never really did my wedding photos. Or honeymoon photos. I mean, they're in Picasa and sometimes I remember to look at them...

  4. Shouldn't Marlene have written disclaimour? I'm confused which language she types in.

    Anyway that looks really cool. I am a fan of stopping at garage sales if I have cash on me and finding painting. I have two huge ones that cost me a whopping $40 total.

    One is of sunflowers (my favorite) and the other is of a farm in the countryside (I pretend it's spain) but they are awesome.

    Stain that table, get a frame and hang it already. I'll send you M&Ms if you do it in a week from this post. GO!