Sunday, August 7, 2011

great greenville race

back in july, kathrin saw a living social deal for a team entry into the "great greenville race". inspired by cbs' "amazing race", ggr is a scavenger hunt around downtown greenville (sc). you must successfully solve trivia questions, riddles, puzzles and special tasks to find your way to the finish line. we put together an all-girl team, the "awesome blossoms". i attempted to study before hand like marlene did for her toronto city chase, but ultimately was too lazy.

(sidenote: i was googling "awesome blossom" for t-shirt ideas and found the urban dictionary definition. these are not quite the definitions we had in mind)

team awesome blossoms
this was before running around in the 99 degree humidity
jess and i made team t-shirts. the puff paint was more subtle than we wanted it to be though.

our team t-shirts

a few days before the race, the organizers sent out a riddle that you had to solve in order to find the race's starting location.
"it's not a hospital, but you'll find doctor's there.
it's not a store or hotel, but people check out daily.
it has more stories than any other building in downtown greenville.
where is it?"
josh solved it in 0.2 seconds so he was recruited as our phone-a-friend.

after debriefing, we received our first clue/set of trivia questions and figured out we needed to go to the art museum to solve them. a volunteer checked our answers and gave us our next clue (if you were wrong you could try to fix your answers a couple times before getting a penalty).

our next clue/task was "look for your book" - with 5-6 authors listed. we split up and flipped through books by the listed authors until one teammate found an envelope in one of the books. this was our next clue and our bonus questions! each bonus question was worth a set number of points, and each point on a correct answer took one minute off your finish time. if you answered all bonus questions correctly you could shave 30 minutes off your time.

jess the frog
a task at the beaded frog

we set off to find the trivia answers on our next clue and i multitasked on the bonus questions while we walked (though this was a race, we only ran 2-3 times for a short stretch). i texted some questions to josh and we found some answers along the way (technically all the answers were findable downtown). one bonus opportunity was to be one of the first 5 teams to stop by the barkery bistro (a dog-supply store) for a treat and 3 bonus point/3 minutes off your finish time, but when we checked in for that the store owner said that nothing had ever been dropped off. i had her sign our sheet in hopes that it would still count.

we continued solving the clues and working our way around the streets of downtown. thankfully there were no gross tasks like eating bugs, holding spiders, etc. eventually we had a long trek to the west end to shoeless joe jackson's house, where we deciphered clues which resulted in a phone number. calling the number gave us a recording with the location of the finish line. hot, thirsty and ready to be done, we walked (ran a little) over to the finish. there were a few teams there already, but the elusive bonus questions hadn't been tallied yet.

finished. waiting for the results.
post-race: hot, thirsty, tired

once the scores were tallied and bonus points credited, we came in 2nd place! (the bonus questions knocked off about 16 minutes, i'm not sure how many we attempted to answer) not too shabby for four girls who don't live in town. we received our medals and were told to head over to the chocolate moose for our prize - a box of cupcakes!

demolished cupcakes
...which we inhaled.


  1. That was a fun day and a fun race... despite the heat!

    Once again, thanks for making the team t-shirts, they were awesome, just like the blossoms...

    Oh and I have to tell Giggles about the Urban Dictionary definition... Very funny!

  2. If that isn't the coolest race I've heard of. That took a lot of work for the organizers to put together too.

    I love the shirts...cute!

  3. I just read the definitions for Awesome Blossom in the urban dictionary. Oh my!

  4. Whoa best prize ever! Congrats on 2nd place--that sounds like so much fun!

  5. That race is so cool :). It's a really great idea and I've never heard of doing something like that :). Love the shirts too, and a box of cupcakes for a prize is pretty awesome :).


  6. Cupcakes, yes! Congrats on 2nd place. Love how you don't even live there.

  7. That is a lot of fun! Well done with 2nd place! Agree, awesome prize!

  8. fuuuuuuuuun. what a cool race! i think my brain would hurt more than any marathon ever though.

  9. fun race! I am terrible at riddles. I wouldn't even get to the start line.....sigh....

  10. Wow! Sounded like fun! I wish I could do an amazing race type of race...

  11. That sounds like so much fun! Love the shirts! We have one of those in Boston but I've never done it!

  12. Sounds like a fun race. We had one of those in GR a while ago but we didn't hear about it until registration was closed. Maybe next year.

    Cupcakes for 2nd place? Not a bad prize.

  13. How fun! Congrats on 2nd place-I'm sure the cupcakes were great, there's isn't a crumb to be found in that box!

  14. I read another blog about one of these recently. LOVE the idea! Wish we had one here.

  15. Looks like fun! And MAN, didn't know about the awesome blossom definition until now. May have to use it in a sentence tomorrow. ;)

  16. I've heard of events like this in DC but I've never done one. Looks like a lot of fun! Congrats on your 2nd place finish! Woot!

  17. Running,,,,,,,trivia,,,,,,,,,,cupcakes...........friends!


  18. Second place! That is fantastic. Love the prize, love the race.

  19. Very cool!! We have one of those in Baltimore, but I always end up missing it because of whatever weird reasons I have. I need to make it a priority!


  21. What a fun event - it's great you don't have to live there to do well.

  22. Awesome Blossom-bahahaha!

    This really sounds fun!! You would have have gotten first if I was on your team. I am very competitive when it comes to scavenger hunts. I have no problem beating little children, old ladies, cheating.... It's all about winning in these things....special tasks (check urban dictionary on that one)...hmmm???

    Glad you had fun! Congrats! Hope you enjoyed those cupcakes!

  23. Urban Dictionary definitions can be SCAAAAAARY sometimes!

    But this sounds like a fun race, nice work on the 2nd place finish! And devouring the cupcakes!

  24. oh my - lmao at the urban dictionary definitions!!!

  25. sounds like a great time despite the heat. congrats!!

  26. Very cool!! They have one of those in Denver...but I've never done it.

    Um, how many times did you use your phone-a-friend card? Cuz I think the rules are "once". ;)

  27. Oooohhhh so fun! I kind of like the 'bonus' idea where you can shave minutes off your time that way.

    CONGRATS on 2nd place! Who needs to study?? Score on the cupcakes.

  28. That sounds like so much fun! I would love to do something like that, although maybe in an area smaller than NYC.

    I love the shirts, very cute design!

  29. I think a box of cupcakes is a great prize! I'd love to do some clue-oriented road race someday. Or even create one!