Tuesday, August 30, 2011

planes, trains and automobiles

or, touring the east coast with irene.

thursday, woke up at 3:30am (well, technically 2am) to fly to nyc.

30 minute nap on tarmac in dc for "weather", though it wasn't raining or anything.

arrived in nyc. dropped luggage at hotel. ate lunch at schnipper's quality kitchen.

it started pouring. i had my super awesome rainproof columbia peak power shell; josh had to buy a rinky dink umbrella.

took subway to the bronx, yankee stadium. picked up tickets at will call.

he's excited to be a vip

waited out a 2+ hr rain delay to watch the yankees beat the a's 22-9, with three grand slams (josh is the yankee fan; i prefer heartache and root for the mets).

yankees rain delay

yankees three grand slam game

back to manhattan for dinner with college friends at brother jimmy's.

put some south in yo' mouth

walking back to hotel, had a unique conversation with an 8-foot tall guy (ok maybe just 7-feet).

friday, padiddled around manhattan. seriously we probably walked 11 miles, at least (i guess i can claim i did some exercise this month).

hurricane preparedness in nyc

friday night, amtrak called canceling the train from nyc to syracuse "due to the weather". still not sure why a train can't continue west when a storm is coming from the east.

penn station evacuation

saturday, took amtrak to albany. rented a car and drove to syracuse.
hung out with josh's friends all day/night.

united cancelled our sunday flight home, and it was rescheduled for tuesday. walked home from bar (~1mi) just before irene (what was left of her) moved in sometime after 3am.

irene covering new england

sunday, slept in. decided to drive home - the exorbitant one-way car rental fees were the same whether we drove 800 miles or not.

driving through irene's remains

here comes the sun

sometime after 2am monday morning, pulled in driveway, collapsed in bed.

*i am not whining or "woe is me-ing". it was an adventure of a weekend and these were such minor, minor hassles compared to what so many others are still dealing with.


  1. Blah! Sounds like Irene made a real kink in your trip. Sorry about the delays/cancellations. We were prepared to drive home from NC if need be. Thankfully that wasn't necessary.

  2. I just think it's funny that you're from a state that usually gets hurricanes, and we haven't seen one here in awhile but when you leave the state, you have to deal with one. Glad you're home safely now despite the cancelled train and flight!


  3. You should have driven "west" to WI, the weather was perfect this weekend....way better than it was in May!
    Glad to hear all is well...

  4. "You've got a better chance of playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than getting a flight out tonight"

    No hurricanes in MI either. Absolutely gorgeous this past weekend. :)

  5. You are a brave soul my friend.....for going to Yankee stadium that is.

    Bronx, Syracuse, Manhattan....you just described the first 34 years of my life. Simple as that.

  6. What a weekend to travel to the northeast, ouch.

  7. I still can't believe all the craziness y'all had to deal with! But... at least you got to use that title and how often have you wanted to but couldn't quite use it?!?!? :)

  8. memorable, if nothing else. ;-)

  9. Well that was QUITE the adventure!!! Glad you made it home safely!

  10. Adventurous to say the least..
    My part of Canada was quite nice....and finally cool.

  11. As much as I envy you guys for your adventure trip, I am glad, that we have scheduled our NYC trip for this weekend and not for last weekend.

    Glad you made it back safely!

  12. Wow what a trip! stupid Irene messing up everyone's plans this weekend!

  13. WOW, crazy! sounds like a pretty interesting weekend at the least!

  14. Wow, that is quite the adventure. I can see why you collapsed in bed. Take care!

  15. You were in Syracuse???? Not too far from me. ;p

    That drive must have been unpleasant.

  16. boo yankees. i root for anyone over them. anyone.

  17. Thanks for checking in on me. Who knew Vermont would be the one to suffer from a hurricane? Must be this winter you'll get the blizzards.

  18. Small world! I was driving to Syracuse on Saturday. We Prolly went right by each other

  19. Sounds like quite the weekend. Glad you didn't get flooded on your drive home!

  20. well that sounds awesome and exhausting all at the same time. glad Irene didn't make anyone float away and that you made it home safely. also amtrak is hilarious.