Friday, September 2, 2011

product review + giveaway: new balance coolmax socks

i've never been picky about my socks. thankfully, i've never had to be. for the longest time i wore white, no-show socks that came 6+ to a pack from walmart and they worked just fine/i didn't know better.

it turns out there is a difference between el cheapo socks and nice, moisture managing ones. it's not as obvious as rubbing sandpaper on your skin, but there is a noticeable difference.

lucky for me, i started getting free socks at races, for my birthday/christmas, and occasionally from sock vendors themselves.

new balance coolmax socks

recently, i received a pair of new balance socks with coolmax® fabric technology, available at academy sports and outdoors (and other retail locations). i've only run in them once (i did just take a month off) but i've worn them casually around the house as well. i also wore them to work once, because nothing says "i'm a professional" like white athletic socks!

fit comparison of new balance coolmax socks
fit comparison of new balance coolmax sock to one of my typical socks

most of my socks are tight-fitting and no-show (such as the sock on the left side of photo). the new balance coolmax socks are "looser" (in a good way) and low-cut (sock on the right side of photo). these socks are incredibly soft. it's like slipping a cashmere sweater on your feet, except a breathable one of course. perhaps cushiony is a better word.

new balance coolmax socks available at academy sports

these socks can be worn for other sports and activities other than running, such as hiking and cycling. the coolmax® technology is designed to wick moisture away, keeping your feet cool and dry.

i wore them for my first run back and had no problems. i haven't given them a thorough test (one 2-mile run doesn't seem sufficient) but i like them so far.

so what does all this jibber jabber mean for you? well the fine folks behind coolmax® technology would like to give you a week's worth of new balance coolmax socks for free!

to enter:
leave a comment on this post with the words "sock it to me".

winner will be selected at random. he or she will receive six pairs of new balance coolmax socks. giveaway ends thursday 9/8 at 11:59 est.

many will enter. one will win.

disclaimer: i was provided the socks free of charge in exchange for a review and hosting a giveaway. the enjoyment of the socks thus far is my own.


  1. Well, if I am going to adopt the new professional dress code, I really only need 5 pairs but I'll take 6 just in case I have to go in on a Saturday :)

  2. OMG I can never had enough running socks! I was like you and just ran in the $5 6-pack I could buy at Target and then my mom gifted me with a pair of smartwool socks. Changed my whole outlook on socks. I would gladly take a weeks worth of socks off your hands. Sock it to me!!

  3. Hey, I need socks... I need socks.. did i say I need socks? Sock it to me

  4. only 6? but what if i run more than once a day?! ;)

    sock it to me baby.

  5. you better be ready when you sock it to me.

  6. Congrats on the 2 miler!!!! Thanks for the review :-)

  7. I'm running on a few pair of my last socks... and those were the cheap-o ones you get at WalMart. I'd love to win! Sock it to me!

  8. "Sock it to me"....what the hell, I never win shit, but what the hell!!

    Love the "made in the USA" photo-nic pic-no extra words needed!

  9. Sock it to me! Monday is my birthday, so you can consider this your present to me :)

  10. Sock it to me! Now that I'm apparently running again, I need to replace some hol(e)y socks...

  11. Sock it to me!

    As a Recreational Therapist, it's actually appropriate for me to wear white athletic socks and gymmies to my 'professional job' so I can never have too many pairs!

  12. Sock it to me and Let me win. I need a new brand of socks!

  13. Sock it to me! I would love some new socks and those look really awesome!

  14. Sock it to me - I am a sock junkie. Need more,

  15. I would love to win... sock it to me :).

    Amy Lauren

  16. Sock it to me! Cool socks (no pun intended..) would love a pair!

  17. Just under the wire!
    Sock it to me!