Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ten things i know about suar

amanda of runninghood is holding an art contest of sorts. no talent required, just the willingness to pretend you are in ms. frizzles class and "take chances, make mistakes, get messy".

there are three "topics" to choose from to create your masterpiece:
  1. beth of shut up and run (suar)
  2. running / sports in general
  3. motherhood
naturally, i chose suar.

art supplies

materials used:
--8.5x11", 92 bright, 20lb paper (scrap piece from the defunct printer at work)
--corporate express .5mm #2 mechanical pencil
--sanford pink pearl pencil eraser

who is suar?

ten things you will learn about suar from studying this piece:
  1. she wants to have dean karzanseznesy's babies (who can really spell that without googling. it's like matthew mconohognayhey)
  2. she spent a good chunk of 2010 in a boot
  3. which forced her to get her cardio workouts at the pool
  4. sometimes in a bathing suit that was see-through
  5. often with the geriatric's water aerobic class (she has a different name for this group)
  6. she has a one-eyed, three-legged dog named lucky
  7. her mouth is dirtier than a sailor's
  8. as a social worker, she knows her way around the system. she puts the kids to work with their toothbrushes when she isn't grooming sam for his role as the next hugh hefner
  9. scientists try to blame greenhouse gases on cows, but the real #1 contributor of nitrous oxide is suar
  10. she may not have an ass that will swallow up a g-string, but up top, uh, two bee stings*,**
amanda's friendly competition runs until 9/27. you can literally define "art" however you want - no experience necessary.

*reference: run this town, about 3:23
**i felt this was a safe joke to make because she even has a t-shirt to prove her presidency of the ibtc, and she has the most sarcastic sense of humor of anyone i know. though i guess technically i don't 'know' her. suar, please don't send the posse after me.


  1. I don't think I'll ever tire of your art skillz. Well done!

    (P.S. Thank you so much for your comment this morning, it meant a lot to me. Keep in touch! xoxo)

  2. I believe it is McConogohogohoayhogyah

    This is awesome. You should win if there's a prize!

  3. Great expose on the real SUARARAR

  4. Those are some of the great qualities that I've read about SUAR!

  5. This is just awesome. I have to say you have the artistic talent of Van Gogh (I googled that spelling too!)

  6. Oh my word this is perfect!!! Hilarious!

  7. I've never seen so much expression brought out with a mechanical pencil. Imagine the possibilities with an ebony pencil or...gasp...a conte crayon!

  8. OMG, You are So RAD!! I love you!!! This is SOOOO Awesome and totally what I was looking for! Dude, I'm sending all my readers HERE in my next post! Gosh, you are GOOOOOOD! Laughing and huge smiles here!

  9. This is amazing!!!!! You have hit on all of the highlights of my jaded and crude life. I just love it. Especially the bee stings showing through the bathing suit!! Love, love, love it!!

  10. this was awesome!!! I actually am a horrible artist! hhaah -ayedubbs

  11. you should have chosen motherhood due to all the motherly boy advice you give me.

    suar is pretty cool too. mad skillzzzzzzzzzzz you got there.

  12. Way funny! I'm so glad you didn't pick me...the fun you could have had with my "snatch".....

  13. your artwork is so informative! now i know a bunch about SUAR!

  14. This is shocking as naturally I would have assumed you would choose motherhood.

    Matthew Mcconohognayahey-bahahaha!!

    You're a good sport, this is so great!

  15. Hi again Lindsay... I don't know all the things about this post... the meaning.. but I see you are right and run!

    Greeting from Spain my friend!

    I'm in a hurry (like usual!)

  16. So funny! Any change of career plans for you? The little details in the pic are key, I think!

  17. Hahahaha! LOVE IT!

  18. lol! amazing drawrings. yeah, drawrings. spelled just how it's pronounced.

    ibtc - i am also life time member.

  19. We don't want no stinkin' MS paint drawings anymore, now that we have seen the real thing! :-)

  20. Are you sure you enjoy your daytime job? I'm thinking there's a 2nd calling for you in another field!

  21. Did you do this while you are at work? I wonder? lol. Hope all is well. Great drawing too.

  22. Hilarious!! Love how you incorporated everything into your drawing.