Saturday, November 5, 2011

the jester of tortuga

60.5 hours worked this week (that i billed anyway). i hope that is a reasonable enough excuse for being late on drawing winners!

winners of the 25 shutterfly holiday cards:
meg of meg runs
kovas of midwest multisport life
krystyn of someday i'll get there

since i have all of your emails already i'll be sending you an email with your coupon code. i will also give you my home address so you can include me on your holiday card list :) if for some reason you do not want the cards let me know and i will choose another winner.

shutterfly coupons for everyone:
$10 off an order of $30 or more
valid til 11/7

free shipping on orders $30 or more
valid til 11/21

thanks everyone for entering!

and now an unrelated video for your entertainment

(uncensored version here)


  1. Well if that song doesn't get you in the christmas spirit, I don't know what would! Thanks Lindsay!

  2. oh hooray!! thank you so much!! I'm SO excited!!

  3. That video makes me laugh EVERY. TIME.

    Congrats to the winners!

  4. Last week, I actually had a conversation about this shutterfly business with someone at work, and they have used it in th epast and say it is wonderful. I might have to check this out. COngrats to the winners.

  5. Thanks for visiting today :) Looks like is missed out on a good giveaway!
    Hope you are doing well.