Wednesday, December 28, 2011

blog superlatives 2011

most popular (/viewed) post: product review: gu chomps

most popular post (written in 2011): product review: sony w-series mp3 player

most entertaining (most popular non-product-review post): ten things i know about suar

most likely to walk down the red carpet: relay with ragnar

bestest blog friends (most referrals): maurlene on the run and angry runner

most studious countries (most readers):
  • united states
  • canada
  • spain
  • united kingdom
  • new zealand

most involved (us readers):
  • california
  • south carolina
  • virginia
  • washington
  • texas

most likely to succeed (common searches):
  • chasing the kenyans
  • gu chomps
  • goofy challenge training plan
  • national m&m day
  • ryan hall

most clueless (randomest search hits):
  • floppy ass running
  • feel wife's boob
  • women who eat red clay
  • a man in a party looking his ipad
  • attitude is everything little dude
  • fat boy cries on rollercoaster
  • hippopotamus vs great white
  • i gave up sugar for lent could this cause my legs to ache
  • i need support for my man boobs
  • my butt claps when i run
  • vanilla orange roctane tastes like smoked ham

looks like we need to firm up those cheeks in 2012!

(concept from running slowly to the finish)


  1. OMG those last ones are freakin' hilarious.

    smoked ham???? wth?


    happy new year Linds!

  2. Floppy ass running! hilarious... Of course, between that and Hippo vs Great White. What the?

  3. Great list.. especially the google searches. :)

  4. haha... hilarious!!! happy new year! :)

  5. Hilarious.....floppy ass running. Too much.

    And Texas is #5.....I've got some work to do to get our ranking higher.

  6. Hey most of those are my searches! Well, not the man boobs one.

  7. LOL, your searches really made me laugh. I get some weird ones also.

  8. OH I must have been the butt cheek one. JUST KIDDING.

  9. "My butt claps when I run"!

    Too damn funny of a visual :D

  10. lol, hilarious!

    My favorite "my butt claps when i run" haha

  11. I always think it is so funny to see how people find my blog. ha ha.

  12. I love your blog Linds!

    Happy 2012 and of course I hope to read more and more about you!

  13. Those must be some of the strangest search terms I've ever seen.

  14. As one of your Texas readers, I swear swear swear it wasn't me who wondered about a butt clap. funny!

  15. Ha ha!! I need to go check mine out! Hope you had a super Merry Christmas!

  16. Those clueless ones are great! Maybe I should steal/borrow this idea!

    Happy New Year Lindsay!

  17. New Jersey is not properly representing. As always, I apologize for the state in which I live.

    And if you didn't notice, I have commented your blog twice in ten minutes. :)