Tuesday, December 20, 2011

(not so) cuckoo for coconuts

way back in july i received samples of phenom coconut water. growing up, i was never a huge fan of coconut unless it was on a samoa cookie, but i've since expanded my diet and even tried fresh coconut. i do like coconut milk, and coconut water is proclaimed to have a ton of health benefits, so i figured it was worth a shot.

samoa cookie
coconut i like

i was excited to try coconut water because it is a more natural beverage than gatorade/powerade/etc and the less artificial food/drink i consume the better. it's also higher in electrolytes, which i had to keep a close eye on back in the summer with my magnesium deficiency and heart issues. i was anxious for some variety! (i can only take so many bananas and spinach salads)

phenom coconut water

i chose to sample the blueberry pomme, pineapple punch, orange guava and acai peach flavors.

per the phenom website:
"Does PHENOM™ coconut water taste like coconut?
No. The #1 reason consumers are reluctant to try coconut water is the belief that it will taste like coconut. In actuality, coconut water doesn’t taste like coconut at all, rather it has a refreshing, mildly sweet flavor."
i first tried drinking the blueberry pomme flavor at work one afternoon (after refrigerating it all morning)... one sip, blech. i did not taste any fruity sweetness as the website stated, just the unpleasant (to me) flavor of coconut water. sports drinks typically taste better/sweeter to me after a workout, so i decided to save the rest and try it again after a run. unfortunately it did not taste any sweeter when my electrolytes were depleted. i was disappointed - i had high hopes for coconut water becoming my new go-to exercise bev.

phenom coconut water ingredient label

months later (/last week), josh asked what these boxes are in the fridge and where did they come from? i gave him the acai peach flavor to sample, and he found it to be "alright". he didn't think it was bad, but he also didn't really notice any strong flavor. to him it's basically water with electrolytes and a little bit of flavor, and says it's a good option for people who don't like overly sweet sports drinks.

so, i guess coconut water is an acquired taste. have you tried it? are you on team coco?

phenom water retails at gnc ($15.99 for 6x1 liters). that's the sale price and it still seems a little steep to me. it appears that only the 'regular' flavor is available right now.

disclaimer: i was sent coconut water for free in exchange for my honest review. i know some people who do enjoy coconut water, it just happens that i do not have the palate for it.


  1. I like coconut water but then again, I also love coconut on all things (including Samoas). Will, maybe not all things, it might taste weird on BBQ chicken. Anyhow... I have tried a few of the coconut water drinks and really like them but they are a little pricey for me to use on a regular basis.

  2. Maybe I should try it - I hate, as in DETEST sweet drinks of all kinds, and choking down Gatorade is the toughest part of a marathon for me! I wonder if they make savory versions, like Taco or Beef Jerky? I'd be all over that.

  3. I love coconut but haven't warmed up to coconut water either. I agree it just didn't have a strong taste of anything.

  4. I don't know if I am on team coco or not (lol) but I and esp my wife love Regular Coconut water minus any other flavors. Plus we will buy the coconuts from the asian market and drain the water out of those too. I tired the Phenom drinks from GNC a while back and thought they tasted like doo doo. Not that I know what doo doo taste like, im just sayn is all.

  5. ............but I do know what choco turds taste like which will go into retail shops across America soon. lol

  6. Samoas disappear quickly any time they draw near me. I'll have to try the coconut water. I don't believe I've ever seen it anywhere, but, then again, I wasn't looking for it.

  7. I've tried coconut water (can't remember the brand) and found it, meh. Coconut milk, on the other hand, I love! I use it in smoothies all the time.

  8. I bought some and could never bring myself to drink it. I like coconut on samoa cookies and bakery doughnuts. Heathy right?

  9. I HATE coconut water. Just like you, I like coconut. Just like you, I was excited to try it. I first tried it after a run and it was warm, and I thought I'd like it better cold, so I put it in the fridge. NO.

    I mean, I couldn't even drink the whole bottle, and I'd bought two of them. I tried the second one a month later and still hated it. BLEH!

  10. I love coconut....except for those fake M&M's!!! ;)

    I've wanted to try coconut water as well, but now I see that it's a mute point-so thanks for the review, I'll just keep walking past it!

    The BEST beverage to replace electrolytes is pickle juice. I shit you not, I wouldn't steer you wrong! Granted it's not on the top of everyone's favorite list, but it IS the best..I, fortunately LOVE pickle juice....

  11. that brand in particular is not very tasty. try a different brand that has a wee bit more sugar. i have tried that kind and thought it was ok b/c i don't mind the taste of coconut water but i promise you can find one you like better out there.

  12. p.s. i am also on the coconut m&m's suck band wagon. however pretzel m&m's may have crack in them.

  13. You're part Filipino!!! You have some coconut water running in your veins.

    Love coconut water. I'll drink that over Gatorade any day.

  14. Great review. Thank you for being honest and claiming that is the next best thing since M&Ms.

    I could live with or without coconut water. It is not the first thing I run to or think of but if it works for some people then I am glad it is an option.

  15. Interesting, I've never tried coconut water before, I might give it a shot sometime.

    That is awesome that you had 16x20 frames made for your running stuff, those are huge! The one I bought was only 11x13 I think, so a lot smaller than that. You really went all out if you paid $150 for the frame! $15 seemed about the max I was willing to spend, haha

  16. Coconut water..not for me...coconut milk a little better..
    I am ok with those cookies though!! :)

  17. i've never tried it. but i am definitely team coco (love me some conan)... does that count?

    p.s. your comment yesterday made me happy. :)

  18. I am one of the few I know that cannot stand coconut! However, I'd give the water a try esp if it's free!:) Merry Christmas!!

  19. i'm not a big fan of coconut water, but i rarely drink anything but water (or wine)

  20. Samoas are still the only way I prefer to eat coconut... though where I lived they were called Caramel Delights (I get grief for this every year during GS cookie season because I can't remember the different names for all the cookies).
    I have tried coconut water from Trader Joe's and I didn't really care for it either. The one I tried wasn't flavored though.

  21. I love coconut but not really a fan of coconut water. That price does seem a little steep compared to some, but overall Ive found coconut water a little most costly in general. I guess its the price you pay for "health"

  22. Coconut huh? Have a tongue scraper so I can get that flavor out of my mouth?

    Also - have you ever tried to open a coconut? It's like a bad joke....



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