Thursday, December 22, 2011

little full, lotta sap

to carry on my tradition (founded in 2010, it's long-running), i thought i'd share this year's tree and some of the new ornaments added this year. feel free to play along with my made-up meme - all you have to do is share some of your favorite christmas ornaments or decor.

2011 christmas tree
no reject tree for us this year

recipe for a marathoner
received from meagan via run dmt's ornament exchange

nutcracker ornament
we went to see the nutcracker ballet earlier this month

hand-painted charleston ornament
a hand-painted (from the inside!) ornament
from our anniversary trip to charleston

grandfather mountain ornament
keychain-turned-ornament from grandfather mountain

clemson snowman ornament
and a clemson snowman that coordinates with
the mets and yankees snowmen

what are some of your favorite christmas (hanukkah, kwanzaa) decorations? (does anyone even know someone who celebrates kwanzaa?)


  1. suddenly obsessed with finding out how you paint an ornament from the inside... googling now. :)

  2. I love your tree and your ornaments. My eyes are still itchy and burny (allergy) from being at a friends house with a real tree yesterday.
    I am totally stealing your key chain into ornament idea. Brilliant!

  3. I love the hand painted from the inside ornaments! I bought one for someone this year and I can't wait to see what they think!

  4. Your ornaments are super cute and so is your tree :). I love the recipe for a marathoner one!


  5. Karen when you figure that out send me the link b/c I was thinking the same thing. You must have the smallest hands ever to fit into the top of the ornament right?

    Love the Clemson snowman.....LOVE IT!

    Toss that Yankee snowman in some yellow paint and then tell Josh to not eat the yellow snow.....GO METS!

    BTW - do you have $20M I can borrow so I can buy a 4% share of the Mets? With that I also get to meet Mr. Met.

  6. i cannot tell you how many times that phrase is used in our house every winter. love it. you are so totally my favorite blogger, fyi. :)

  7. I did a post a couple of years ago on our fav ornaments. We have a Winnie the Poo ornament that the hubs he has had for years that our cats attacked one year. Winnie is def worse for wear...
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Mine are those from vacations--one from Sydney opera house, one from the Yellowstone Lake Inn, etc. They all bring back great memories!

    Got your package today--THANK YOU!! Such great stuff! I can feed both my chocolate and coffee addictions now! Will post about it tomorrow.

  9. You'd think I'd get one of those homemade ornaments in the mail, just cuz I'm such a nice persona and all. *sigh*

    You have a very pretty tree this year! I literally spent about 10 minutes decorating mine, and it shows ...but that's what makes it fun sometimes.

  10. Ooooh I love ornaments. If I remember to take some pics tonight, I'll play along.

    Keychain as ornament = AWESOME. I have all these keychains that I love but it's just too much to haul around all the time. You are just full of ideas.

  11. I love these ornaments!! Our tree is up but still unadorned. Maybe tonight? So sad.

  12. Hey, I've celebrated Kwanzaa in the past..... I have a few Green Bay Packers ornaments that I love during the football season.

  13. My wife does all the decorating!!!!

  14. Great ornaments! Especially the one painted from the inside! And I love the Clemson snowman!

    On my tree I have some SF 49ers ornaments, as well as a couple running ornaments for my recent SF marathon races.

  15. Me and some office mates were actually talking about kwanzza this morning. lol. Nice Tree. I am jealous of your decorations there. Esp the Grandfather Mountain one. Speaking of which, will be in NC this weekend for Christmas!!!

  16. My fave ornaments are handmade by my kids w/ their cheesy grins stuck on them. I save them from preschool :)

    Love the title of your last post - "Pumpkin Two Ways". Very top chef ;)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. I am so glad to hear that you're not a fan of coconut water either. I've heard so many people say how much they love it. To me it just tastes a little bit like dirty or sweaty water. I haven't tried any flavored kinds, but I kind of figure that they aren't going to be significantly different from the plain stuff.

  18. I'll have to post pictures eventually but Jennie made me some new homemade ornaments this year (Ironman related of course). She also made a paw print one for Bailey.

  19. We have Kwanzaa celebrations out here. Might have something to do with the fact that the guy who originally organized Kwanzaa is a professor at a local college....