Monday, January 2, 2012

goodbye 2011

2010 was the year of nausea and 2011 was the year of irritated skin (or as big clyde said, my redshirt season). here's hoping 2012 brings a full return of "normal" health.

the obligatory mileage tally:
2005 - 735.94 (started march 14th)
2006 - 623.43 (did not log may-september)
2007 - 1335.95
2008 - 1618.95
2009 - 2025.10
2010 - 1545.00
2011 - 873.76 (no running august-december)
january - 130.10 miles. ragnar relay. 12-days of no-running; longest run, 11.5 miles.

february - 106.11 miles. had the plague. my first dnf. 14-days of no-running; longest run, 14.1 miles with the redhead!

march - 166.53 miles. nothing too exciting. 6-days of no-running; longest run, 17.35 miles.

april - 138.93 miles. new 5k pr. 11-days of no-running; longest run, 14 miles.

may - 107.24 miles. got a ride home from a stranger during a hail-storm run. ran a windy green bay marathon. 13-days of no-running; longest run, 26.2 miles.

june - 100.66 miles. went to the emergency room. new 8k pr. 12-days of no-running; longest run, 9.15 miles.

july - 59.20 miles. 20-days of no-running; longest run, 9.05 miles.

august - 0.00 miles.

september - 31.25 miles. went sugar-free mid-month. 15-days of no-running; longest run, 3.5 miles.

october - 17.95 miles, mostly walking. 24-days of no-running; longest run, 4 miles.

november - 13.44 miles, all walking. 25-days of no-exercise; longest walk, 2.55 miles.

december - 2.35 miles (one walk). extremely lazy. 30-days of no-exercise, but still sugar-free! longest walk, 2.35 miles.

"trip" of the month - tour of my own town. hey, christmas was expensive.

went to a "painting class"
(those new trendy ones where you paint drink wine)

dined at trio
(photo from flickr)

went to a minor-league hockey game

and learned that babies will find every morsel on the ground
and try to put it in their mouth


  1. Here's to a great 2012 for you. Puppies put everything in their mouths too. Much more than cats!

  2. Painting and wine definitely sounds fun - here's to a great 2012!

  3. Hello ..! No doubt you've done a good number of miles ...! I hope this 2012 is also a good sports year for you..!!
    Let's run...!!

  4. Did you paint that? It's gorgeous. I'm jealous of your skills. You should open an etsy shop and give me half the profits because it was my idea to open the shop in the first place.

  5. I like your painting :). I'm hoping to do more of that this year too! You still got a lot of miles in for the year even being injured for so much of it, and I like how your friend called it a redshirt season, haha :).

    Best wishes in 2012!


  6. Did you do that painting? So amazing!

    Here's to a 2012 full of good health for you--you deserve it!

  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa! When did you have a baby??? Haha

  8. My 2011 mileage???

    Drum roll...........

    Most of 'em with broken foot/feet.

    2012 will be a better year!

  9. Your mileage is still higher than mine and I ran every month. I don't count my walking miles though so I have no idea what it would be if I did.

  10. At least the whole year wasn't a big zero, right? I know it sucks, but thankfully you have (for the most part) had a good attitude. You're young and once the health conditions get all strengthened out, you will come back kicking some serious butt (at least mine :)).

  11. Tell 2011's run totals to suck it and let's all look forward to 2012. I know I am.

  12. Happy New Year. 2012 watch out!

  13. Sounds like Goodbye and good riddens..... Let's make 2012 the year!

  14. In lieu of our rather craptastic 2011 I propose we do a race together at some point this year. I have no idea when or how far but surely we can come up with something right?!?!?

  15. Here's to 2012 kicking all kinds of ass.

  16. yes, good bye 2011. Good things ahead for you in 2012.

  17. How do you log all this? I'm amazed at your recall, & keep track very poorly. My log is crap - I can barely tell what I did last week.

  18. So you made it through Christmas sugar-free? You mean business!!

    Here's hoping for a HEALTHY 2012!

  19. Awesome painting! You should post more pics of your stuff!

    Happy New Year!

  20. For not being able to run much at the end of hte year your mileage was still pretty impressive. Here's hoping you can run a ton more in 2012!