Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february 2012

miles run: 0.0

miles walked: 0.0

other workouts: do potato chip arm curls count?

days off: 29

netflix obsessions: toddlers and tiaras, the secret life of the american teenager

netflix fail: the winning season (it was just super cheesy and predictable, but then again aren't all movies predictable?)

artistic/creative outlet: finishing up nicki minaj on ms paint. didn't do well in this realm.

new food i tried: kiwi. alright, i've had it before so it wasn't totally new. but this was the first time i had to pick it out and peel/cut it. produce selection and preparation scares me.

i just wish they yielded more slices!
and yes i had my kiwi with a side of rice

book(s) read:
the brief wondrous life of oscar wao (junot diaz) - i read about 80 pages of this one. i tried, but i just couldn't get into it.

the passage (justin cronin) - checked this one out after a preview by andrea @agegroupsrock. it was interesting, then started getting weird, but i stuck with it. read all 700-800 pages in 3 days.

number of blog visitors: 771 (not sure what attracted you since i posted a whopping 3 times, but i will continue to say thanks for sticking by me!) i will be back in action one day... hopefully sooner rather than later.

number of doctor visits: 11 (includes 2 trips to chiropractor)

i had a thermal scan done of my spine.
the left is normal, the right is my severely not-normal.

i went to the worst-ever rheumatologist who basically told me i don't have arthritis. pretty sure i already knew that, thanks. i was referred to a rheumatologist because they cover auto-immune conditions in addition to arthritis. i would like to see a endocrinologist (still working on that) but it was suggested that a rheumatologist would be more thorough. perhaps some endocrinologists are thorough / actually consider the auto-immune side of their practice, but the particular one i saw was moronic and narrow-mindedly focused on arthritis. i was upset and irritated after that appointment and really wanted to treat myself to something delicious like a milkshake, but i resisted. instead i went shopping at old time pottery and got two wire baskets for the pantry, an hour glass with hot pink sand for my desk, and a ceramic horse head for the living room.

if you are ever needing a rheumatologist in the south carolina area please contact me and i will tell you which one to not go to.

in good-doctor news, i think i've found a worthwhile dermatologist. he claimed he was going to do some outside research / thinking / checking for atypical explanations. i had to fight to keep my jaw up off the floor. a doctor who isn't narrow-minded to their specialty? who realizes that the body has many functions that all interact and one thing could be causing another? i've been keeping a timeline/list of everything that has happened to me health-wise since 2004-ish and giving a copy to every doctor i see. he was the first one who actually read it (well, that i know of, but based on interactions with all the others i'm positive they didn't bother to read over it). he has renewed my hope that i might, in fact, get better one day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

five for friday

hello world! just checking in with a few random things on this fine friday.

i am still alive. i'm still reading all your blogs in my google reader, but lately i've been feeling a little down, athletically-speaking. it's disheartening to read about all the great workouts / races / pr's you are all achieving and in my funk i've slacked on commenting. i'm sulking in the corner.

i've really been missing running lately. i look longingly at the sidewalk while driving on the roads i used to run. i do still make fun of people for being way overdressed though. it'll be 50+ degrees out and runners are dressed like it's 20.

a couple weekends ago we went to look at old stuff. we're cultured like that. specifically, it was an exhibit of old biblical artifacts that belong to the green family (who founded hobby lobby). it was interesting to see the really old stuff, paper made from calf skin, and to read about some of the history and travels behind some of the pieces (surviving the nazi's and what not).

photos weren't allowed, so here's a rendition.

i had a skin biopsy done yesterday and received my first stitch. they're expediting the testing/results instead of making me wait the standard "2 weeks". should have some answers on monday.

when it rains, it pours. this past monday i had an allergic reaction to something in my lunch. i think it was the mustard. everything on my sandwich was exactly the same as one i ate last week except it had mustard this time. i used to tolerate mustard just fine, but i guess something changed. my lips swelled up and i rushed over to walgreen's for some benadryl (took two). about two hours later the swelling finally started to go down just as the drowsiness hit full force. i groggily drove myself home from work early and passed out on the couch around 4pm.

i was sporting a pretty attractive look for a few hours at work. duck lips are cool these days right? everyone is making them in their facebook photos...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i (still) haven't been running or selling coke in the yard, but i have been ms painting. and dj-ing.

hope you all enjoy dj ctk's latest: (jon feel free to add this to my resume portfolio)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

january 2012

miles run: 1.0

miles walked: 9.5

other workouts: none

days off: 28

netflix obsessions: gossip girl, cake boss

netflix fail: the way back (siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in india). i just couldn't get into it - too slow, kinda boring.

artistic/creative outlet: a project that is taking me a lot longer to do than i thought, but i think it will be awesome.
i never said it was a high-dollar art project

new food i tried: collard greens

number of blog visitors: 992 (thank you for not abandoning me!)

number of doctor visits: 3

i'm going with a modified version of caution redhead running's month-in-reviews since i don't exactly have a lot of running/workouts to recap.