Monday, March 26, 2012

shake it like a salt shaker

week in review (3/19-3/25):
total miles: 5.7 (i missed a run. i worked over 90 hours. that's my excuse)
time spent running: ~ 1 hrs 6 min
avg pace: 11:33
off days: 4
  • mon: nike training club (iphone app) work out; 30 minutes
  • tue: off
  • wed:  0.25mi walk/0.75mi run, repeat; 3.2mi total
  • thu: off
  • fri: off
  • sat: 0.25mi walk/0.50mi run, repeat; 3.2mi total
  • sun: off
i didn't summarize it, but last week i ran 3 times for a total of 8.2 miles (12:05 avg pace). my average pace appears to be improving, but i'm also increasing the run interval and decreasing the walk portion so obviously that has an effect too.

this week was just nuts with a crazy amount of work. i could have gotten a third run in on sunday afternoon but i decided to stick to my no-two-days-in-a-row rule for now.

on monday i did a workout from the nike training club app - "slim chance". it's a "beginner" level workout (for those who workout 4-5 times per month). ummm, 9 minutes into this thing (5 of which was the warmup) i was thinking i should have done a 15 minute workout instead of 30. luckily, the last 10 minutes were abs and stretching so i survived. barely. and then walked around funny for the next three days.

lately i've been trying the new "all-in-one" nutritional shakes from vega one*. they come in four flavors - berry, chocolate, natural and vanilla chai. i haven't tried vanilla chai yet, but the other three were fine. i was leary of the "natural" flavor, i mean, what kind of flavor is that? (for this same reason i've never tried the "plain" gu flavor either) it didn't have a flavor i could describe, but it didn't taste bad either. none of them are strong-flavored, chocolate is not quite the same as a chocolate milkshake, but they're definitely drinkable.

these shakes are touted to provide protein, fiber, omega-3, antioxidants, probiotics and daily vitamins/minerals/greens. as with vega's other products, the ingredients are organic and wholesome. they didn't have any weird or chalky aftertaste and the powder mixed into water easily unlike some protein powders i've tried in the past.

unfortunately it appears to be extremely pricey. sequel lists a large (30oz) container at $69.99 and the product description says "20 servings per container". if the servings number is correct, that's $3.50 per use and frankly too pricey for me. i have a 16oz container of hemp protein powder from trader joe's that has 15-servings, and probably only cost $8-15.

*i received four single-serve packs of vega one nutritional shakes in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. No two days in a row sounds good for now. You worked a crazy amount of hours.

  2. Africa still keeping you at work hmmmmm?

    With all that work, you did a great job of still getting the runs it!!

  3. That is freaking expensive. That's why I just throw grilled chicken in the blender for my protein needs. Way to go on the improvement. Improvement is awesome no matter. Yeah, the 2 days rest thing? I'm sure you are just happy with the consistency for now. Nice getting out there. Take care.

  4. i thought it was, 'shake it like a Polaroid picture'. i could be wrong though. Can't tell what they are saying now days. hahaha. Just kidding. Take care.

  5. Hey, you are making progress, that is the focus:) 90h work/week. OMG, I hope this is the exception, not the rule...
    Not a protein powder, shake in a powder kinda gal my banana yogurt/milk blueberries shakes...

  6. 90 hours! That's insane. Frankly, 40 feels like too much most weeks.

    Plain Gu doesn't taste plain at all! It's sweet and... fruity? Kind of. Try it!

    1. 40 hours is way too much. i'm good with 3. or less.

  7. 90 hours working? Now that is ridiculous! I hope it gets better.

  8. I hope you're getting some good overtime for all those hours - or at least some comp time....maybe you can use it for a fall race entry fee! :)

  9. Way to get those runs in. That is awesome. I know you must be smiling from getting the working out in because I know I am.

    Plain GU? What would plain GU even be? Would it taste like Plain Yougurt?

  10. You sound like Jeff, he's been working crazy hours! He hasn't had a day off in 24 days! Talk about crabby!
    Congrats on the run......
    Got some info for you, will be emailing soon!

  11. Natural flavor does sound weird! And I didn't even know that gu had a 'plain' flavor... Sounds gross.
    I guess working 90 hours explains your absence from WWF and SWF. Way to still get in some workouts with working so much!

  12. Keep going!!!
    BTW, the plain GU flavor tastes like Vanilla, which begs the question why they have two vanilla flavors.

  13. I hope you get paid overtime!


  14. That is pricey.. and on a totally unrelated note.. I bought my son some protein/muscle/stuff to help gain weight. It was pricey at around $50 for a container. Each scoop has around 1,000 calories though and I use 1/2 scoop for him or mix a small amount in with stuff so it lasts longer. For myself drinking one serving, theres no way Id spend that kind of money.

  15. Sounds like the running coming along great!