Wednesday, June 13, 2012

welcome back

bootcamp is kicking my butt, but i am loving it. i look forward to going to the sessions after work, being sore for days after, and my competitiveness pushes me to be the best in the class. josh sometimes asks me how a workout went and i reply (singing) "all i do is win".

"death by wall ball" workout

the workouts are tough but fun, and i'm contemplating signing up for more at regular price (i'm currently going on a groupon). however, they sorta keep me from running as much as i would like to be. sorta. in all honesty, it's more like the not-getting-up-at-5am that is keeping me from running as much as i would prefer.

over the weekend i did get up and out for a "long" run. i've been stagnant lately, running 3-5 miles at a time, and not following any sort of plan to build things back up. i forced myself to go long - 7 miles! i saw 9 ladies running and 0 men (slackers). i ran partly on my old long run route and i suppose things have gotten more 'hood since the last time i did a long run (uh like a year+ ago) because i passed an older woman carrying two huge things of mace as she walked. thankfully she realized i was not a threat and did not mace me.

old lady walking mace

title reference.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

reader request: running in a bikin

a couple of weeks ago i received this email from a blog reader:

the email says - "helo u look so sexy have u ever run in a bikin????????????? i want to see u in bikini sent me a atchment"

not one to disappoint, here are some pictures of me running in a bikini:

i find that this attire really comes in handy for races because it distracts the male runners and slows them down.

plus, after a run i don't even have to change before reporting to my new job! (thanks to run with jill)

because i know many of you will want to come work at the coffee shop with jill and i, here are some of the details from the craigslist ad:
Are you a Hot Chick with an aptitude for multi-tasking? 
Do you love to entertain, make people laugh and exercise your wild side? 
Are you the life of the party? 
If you want to work in an environment that encourages you to be yourself and have fun, while sharpening your skills as a Professional Barista, this is the job you've been looking for!
***To schedule an interview, please send Resume and Face Pic to Troy or Ryssa, in response to this ad!***

thanks shamin for your email.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

may 2012

miles run: 63.45 (in jersey, the bahamas, myrtle beach and beaufort!)

other workouts: stationary bike (x1), weights (x2), bootcamp (groupon) (x3)

days off: 11

netflix obsession(s)/fail: no time for tv this month.

artistic/creative outlet: uhh. i slacked here. and drawsomething crashes every time i try to play :(

new food i tried: zucchini pizza

book(s) read: i went to the beach twice and forgot to bring books/mags with me to read. whale fail.

number of blog visitors: 817 (even though my posting is quite infrequent lately, you guys continue to stick by me. i'll get regular again soon with a little more blog-prune juice.)

number of doctor visits: 6 (i should be going for tests to try to get to the bottom of my skin issues but i haven't been motivated/am still recovering from the already-incurred visits $$$).

number of postcards received: 2 (wisconsin and spain) keep 'em coming! :)

keeping this short and sweet because i'm (still) recovering from a long but super fun wedding weekend! someone pass me another water / gatorade / green smoothie. i feel old.