Friday, September 28, 2012

fight gone bad

i competed in my first crossfit "competition"* last weekend and it's taken me this long to recover enough to type out an update. kidding, of course, but it was quite the beating. let's just say you won't be seeing me in the crossfit games anytime soon. these people are crazy!

the competition was really a fundraiser for a sick baby and sooo much fun. my soon-to-be-official crossfit coach had shirts made for us and it was cool to be part of a team again (even though crossfit isn't a team sport).

fight gone bad is one of crossfit's benchmark workouts. it's 17 minutes of work, and it's hard.

3 rounds of 1-min each:
  • wall balls
  • box jumps
  • push press (45lbs women/75lbs men)
  • sumo deadlift high pulls (55lbs women/75lbs men)
  • row
rest 1-min between rounds; every rep is a point except the row is for calories. bad form will get you no-repped, which is the worst. the clock doesn't stop as you move from one apparatus to the next so you must keep moving.

still don't follow? luckily i have prepared some visual aides:

wall ball: squat, stand up, hurl medball 10 feet in the air

box jumps: self explanatory. try to be graceful.

push press: push bar overhead and try not to drop on yourself.

sumo deadlift high pull: don't throw your back out. 

rower: it's completely degrading how slow the calories tick.

how you might feel after round 1

after round 2

round 3

we did a trial run of the workout earlier in the week, i scored 241. on game day i tallied up 222. the women who won scored over 300... out of my league!

fellow upstate bloggers - my gym officially becomes crossfit-affiliated in october and i would love to have you come as a guest to a workout!

*while i am totally loving my crossfit workouts, running is still my true love. i definitely think the cf'ing has helped with my running (yes, i am running i just never have time to blog about it). the day after fight gone bad (sunday) i went out for a run and didn't come back for 8 miles! i can't complain about the beastly chin ups i can do now either.

Friday, September 21, 2012

keep your chin up

do not fear my friends, i have not died of m&m overdosing.

the ceremonial ribbon cutting

a dorky video of me eating my 1st m&m
i was so nervous to break the streak

it's been one week of being back on crack (m&m's) and man, it's a little hard to stop!

i "only" ate the 19oz bag of plain m&m's (and shared some too) over the weekend. at work earlier this week i ate the rest of the 56oz bag that has been sitting in my desk drawer since last september when i stopped eating them (there weren't that many left). one year old m&m's still taste alright, for the record.

i've made a deal with myself that i can only eat m&m's when i'm traveling on a trip (further than an hour away), when someone else buys them as a legit gift (not a shady under the table deal just to get a fix) or if it's truly a life or death situation (like if i'm lost in the woods and all i can find are m&m's to hold me over until i'm rescued). i hope this will keep me from falling back into my bad habits of eating a 12oz bag daily...

in other news -- (because there is more to life than m&m's lindsay)

i did my first real chin-up! no weight assistance, no stretchy band - just me and the bar. i actually did about 2.5. i feel so accomplished.

Friday, September 14, 2012

international m&m day

while march 1st is national m&m day, today is international m&m day. that's right, you canadians can join in on this one.

m&m face says mm(m) for m&m's
as most holidays are created to celebrate the joyous victory over trials and hardships, international m&m day is no different. i have made it 365.242 days without eating a single m&m which basically equates to the suffering of the great depression.

today we must make our forefathers & foremothers proud and indulge in that 56oz bag of m&m's.

m&m care package
care package from my old running partner to ensure the day is properly celebrated
if mars, inc. was publicly traded, yesterday would have been a good time to buy shares.

Monday, September 10, 2012

no more suffering

i went for my first 'real' run in awhile (since june) and jesus came with me. typically, top 40 hits will pop in my head during a run, such as b.o.b's favorite call me maybe, but during this run it was the chorus of arise my love by newsong.
arise, my love.
arise, my love.
the grave no longer has a hold on you
no more death sting
no more suffering love.
if you've been reading my blog for any period of time you would know that i don't push the bible on anyone (i'm far from perfect myself), but i had to post about this run. if i lose a follower so be it. i felt great throughout the run (no, i am not saying a song made me feel great) and had goosebumps as the chorus played in my head and i charged up the last hill of my route. it was a cool moment.

i choose to believe that i will have no more suffering (and running setbacks) from my skin problems. a little hokey? sure, maybe. but it's a positive way to think about it and this song popped into my head from nowhere (i haven't heard it in years vs. hearing 'call me maybe' every other hour).

anyway, i had a great time and enjoyed being able to run more than 2 miles. the first week of september was a success all-around (...and then i tried to run sunday with a 100.7° fever, i still haven't found the key to being un-hard-headed).

miles run: 15.25
bootcamp workouts: 6
burpees burped: 307

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

keeping it weird

i am happy to report that september is off to a good start - i've wheezed my way through (modified) bootcamp classes and gone on a few (short) runs. i'm already ahead of august's mileage! (not that the bar was set high, ha). there is plenty of room for getting up early to run instead of snoozing until the last possible minute for work, but at least i can pretend it's getting cooler and less humid outside for evening runs.

over labor day weekend i drove up to asheville, nc to visit with the lovely amanda of runninghood (aka marathon mommy) and mr. runninghood who were visiting on a mini-vacation. the lexington ave arts and fun festival was going on, bringing out a unique mix of... characters. asheville hadn't gotten to them too much yet as amanda was still wearing a bra and shirt.

i would love to hear your thoughts as to what's going on here;
amanda spun a tale of suffering and oppression.

after browsing the festival tents we headed over to the laughing seed on wall street for a late lunch (yum) before eventually parting ways so that the 'hoods could get in their romantic sightseeing plans. (and house browsing, that's kind of romantic right?).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

august 2012

miles run: 4.5. oh yeah, you're impressed.

re-strained back and spent too many days benched or on the stationary bike. it is amazing how much you can't do when trying to heal back muscles. also i am still having an odd glute pain (not constant). time to self-diagnose (i can't believe i haven't gone to see dr. google yet for it).

other workouts: airdyne (stationary bike) too many times; bootcamp (baby workouts); walking

days off: 8

netflix obsession(s): white collar (season 3) and pretty little liars

artistic/creative outlet/new thing i tried: still haven't even hung the water colors

new food i tried: sweet potato brownies and coconut flour pizza dough (with sauce and cheese, not plain dough, i'm not that weird). i thought i was missing cheese during the past month of clean eating but having full fat mozzarella on my pizza just wasn't satisfying. it is good to know i'm not addicted to cheese anymore.

my dough-making skills leave something to be desired.

book(s) read: does a book for work count? "global oem principles to save time and make money" - a training requirement for work. zzz.

number of blog visitors: 719 (you guys are always rockin')

number of doctor visits: 2, i think (+numerous chiro visits); the count is going down! and hopefully staying down.

number of postcards received: 1 from jess of cuban running crisis; thanks jess!

though august was consumed by rehabbing my geriatric back, i've been able to do more intense workouts (...than stationary biking or walking) the past few days. i'm trying hard to stay smart, lose some stubbornness, and get back into a regular workout routine without setting myself back, again.

i did a good wod friday morning that i really liked -- 10 martian makers (light weight due to back), 75 wall balls, 75 (modified) burpees, and 10 martian makers. the fact that i'm still sore from it today makes me like it all the more. it appears that "martian makers" may be a made-up term because i can't find a video to demonstrate them, but they're basically a hang clean-squat-thruster. i don't do as deep of squats because of the back/glute and i step out/in for burpees instead of jumping legs out/in. i was going to try to run a couple miles today but i may just spend the day rolling my sore muscles instead.