Friday, September 28, 2012

fight gone bad

i competed in my first crossfit "competition"* last weekend and it's taken me this long to recover enough to type out an update. kidding, of course, but it was quite the beating. let's just say you won't be seeing me in the crossfit games anytime soon. these people are crazy!

the competition was really a fundraiser for a sick baby and sooo much fun. my soon-to-be-official crossfit coach had shirts made for us and it was cool to be part of a team again (even though crossfit isn't a team sport).

fight gone bad is one of crossfit's benchmark workouts. it's 17 minutes of work, and it's hard.

3 rounds of 1-min each:
  • wall balls
  • box jumps
  • push press (45lbs women/75lbs men)
  • sumo deadlift high pulls (55lbs women/75lbs men)
  • row
rest 1-min between rounds; every rep is a point except the row is for calories. bad form will get you no-repped, which is the worst. the clock doesn't stop as you move from one apparatus to the next so you must keep moving.

still don't follow? luckily i have prepared some visual aides:

wall ball: squat, stand up, hurl medball 10 feet in the air

box jumps: self explanatory. try to be graceful.

push press: push bar overhead and try not to drop on yourself.

sumo deadlift high pull: don't throw your back out. 

rower: it's completely degrading how slow the calories tick.

how you might feel after round 1

after round 2

round 3

we did a trial run of the workout earlier in the week, i scored 241. on game day i tallied up 222. the women who won scored over 300... out of my league!

fellow upstate bloggers - my gym officially becomes crossfit-affiliated in october and i would love to have you come as a guest to a workout!

*while i am totally loving my crossfit workouts, running is still my true love. i definitely think the cf'ing has helped with my running (yes, i am running i just never have time to blog about it). the day after fight gone bad (sunday) i went out for a run and didn't come back for 8 miles! i can't complain about the beastly chin ups i can do now either.


  1. LOVE the illustrations! Awesome. I have done a little bit of crossfit and really enjoyed it. Can't figure out where to fit it into my schedule, but someday I'll do it!

  2. Awesome! Cross fit scares me LOL no really it does... :). Love the drawings.

  3. I love your little illustrations and now I want to send that to one of my friends because we did CrossFit last summer and we did that same workout! You are right it's a killer. But I'm proud you did the competition even though it was small and you didn't win, it takes a lot of guts to do a CrossFit competition! Hope your recovery from it goes well too, the first time I did it I was sore for like 3 days!

  4. The illustrations are hilarious! They remind me of when I used to do crossfit. Now, I find my schedule is too unpredictable to be able to make a class, so I'm just running and doing strength training on my own. Part of me still misses those insane workouts! Congratulations on doing FGB!

  5. I'll stick to changing TV stations for my cross training.

  6. I think you did better than I could do. I've never done crossfit before, and found it looking interesting! Great job!

  7. Love your drawings! I know crossfit is really hard. That's probably why I stay far away from it. :) Have a good weekend!

  8. You and your drawings kill me. Crossfit intimidates me a bit but more and more I hear about runners loving it....

  9. Wow girl, that's super impressive! I go to Body Pump, which is nothing like cross fit, but I'm so dead sore the next day I can't move let alone go for an 8 mile run. You are coming along fantastically....must be those M&Ms. :)

  10. You'll be hooked in no time! If you thought the running community was great, just wait.

  11. That does look challenging!
    Love the illustrations as usual.

  12. I love those wiggly arms!! And the rower makes me laugh. Crossfit is not for me, but you know what is for me? Looking at MS Paint-Illustrated Crossfit workouts.

  13. You are super awesome. One of my best friends teaches Crossfit. It is not my cup of tea but I know lots of people love it. I am glad you are running too and hope that means you are feeling good and not spending to much time in doctor offices. Hugs!

  14. Obviously the tongue is very important to crossfitters.

  15. Sounds very hard. I love your drawings as always. I agree with Kim above.

  16. I really enjoyed the 6 wk boot camp that I did recently, but I did mine at about 70% to save energy for running. it was a super workout even at 70%. Enjoyed! need to go back....

  17. I would love to see an illustration of kb's!

    Nice on the 8 miler....:)

  18. I always love the pictures. I fear buying into the cross-fit, but I should probably try some sort of cross-training.

  19. Those stick figures are AWESOME!! Hilarious! Great job!

  20. I did this workout once at CF too and LOVED it! I can't wait to get back CF'ing as soon as tri season is over. Where is your gym? I do have a SocialLiving deal for a box, but really want to do it for longer than a month over the winter, so I might do some box hopping! ;-)

  21. I'm confused about the box jumps. One person appears to be crouching and farting while the other stand on a box smoking a mystery substance. Which one were you?

    But serioUsly. Congrats on the comp! That is cool and looks like a fun way to push the comfort zone for a good cause!