Monday, October 8, 2012

sucking wind

i ran a 5k on saturday night. my sister ran/walked the race too (6 months prego!) and won the 0-under age division. it was a "benchmark" race for me, since i've taken so much time off and only been running easy (10 min miles) these past few months. i was also curious to see what influence the high-intensity crossfit workouts would have.

since i've only been running easy, i didn't know what kind of pace to expect to run and i didn't want to go out too fast and fade. i started out in the very back and had the pleasure of consistently passing people the entire race.

i ran a semi-comfortable first mile in about 7:38. then i told myself to settle down and run a consistent second mile, 7:28. close enough? i eyed runners in front of me and slowly picked them off. with a little over a half mile to go, i told myself i only had an 800m cashout (give-it-your-all) run and started to pick it up. third mile, 6:53. i passed another 3-4 women which (i think) landed me in 7th overall for women. two spots away from taking a cash prize! if only those kenyans hadn't shown up...

i thought i felt relatively good throughout the race but my race photo seems to say otherwise --

skeleton face sucking wind / awkward photo

i finished in 22:45-ish (7:19), good enough for first place in my age group. the comeback bar has been set and now to only improve from here!

Monday, October 1, 2012

september 2012

miles run: 69.45. because 4.5 miles in august + 10% rule = 69 miles, right?

my back is better but i'm still having that glute pain. i roll it/sit on a lacrosse ball occasionally. it only hurts when i lift my leg certain ways (like to get into the car, or during hanging leg raises) and has more of a sharp, nerve type pain (i think?). so basically i don't know what to do.

other workouts: bootcamp/crossfit (18x); yoga (once)

days off: 2 (holy crap! did i really do this?)

netflix obsession(s): gossip girl (new episodes). why yes i have the tv taste of a 14 year old.

artistic/creative outlet/new thing i tried: 'competiting' in crossfit. not sure if you can call my remedial level competing though.

new food i tried: organic m&m's? (does that count?)

book(s) read: uh, more training for work as we prepare for an audit? hooray.

number of blog visitors: 1,164 (international m&m day must have driven up traffic)

number of doctor visits: just chiro visits :)

number of postcards received: sadly 0, but i've gotten a lot this year so far and am grateful for each one!

favorite wod (workout of the day): 20 wallball, 400m run - 6 rounds for time

though many of my runs are short (3-ish miles) or part of crossfit wod's, i got in a few great runs this month. on my birthday / international m&m day i squeezed a 4.4 mile run in between eating m&m's and bootcamp. that was the closest i've come to puking in awhile. i've also been getting in a "long" run of 5-8 miles on the weekend.