Thursday, November 1, 2012

october 2012

miles run: 94.15 (again with the "10%" increase)

this month's diagnosis of the glute pain is related to the "deep six". prescribed treatment is massaging it with a lacrosse ball.

other workouts: bootcamp/crossfit (21x); hiking (once)

days off: 3

netflix/tv obsession(s): oh so closely following the all-star season of dancing with the stars.

artistic/creative outlet/new thing i tried: painting, vaguely, and practicing handstands.

new food i tried: i've fallen off the healthy-eating wagon. this includes eating a half-gallon of ice cream in two days.

book(s) read: thirteen reasons why by jay asher

some of the reviews of this book complained that the main character's reasons for suicide weren't substantial enough, but i don't think that's a fair judgement of the book or of those who commit suicide. you never know how something affects someone else just because it would affect you differently. moral of the story to me: "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" (john watson).

number of blog visitors: 698

number of doctor visits: 4 (+ chiro visits)

number of postcards received: 5! edinburgh, wisconsin (x2), chicago and salt lake city. maurlene was kind enough to include a 'gift' with her postcard.

favorite wod: 50-40-30-20-10 x (wallball, box jumps, kb swings)

highlight of the month: 12 mile run, sub-9:00/mile pace

my garmin must be broken. 12 miles at a sub-9 pace? i was pretty ecstatic when i finished. i've only been running 15-22 miles per week for the past month so it wasn't exactly a) smart to run 12 miles or b) expected that my legs would make it all the way home, but we all know i'm hard headed. the sub-9 miles were a surprise too but my hr was staying low so i ran with it (har har).

lowlight of the month:

rest in peace ck


  1. Sounds like you're doing AWESOME! A come back 5k and now 12 @ sub 9! Oh I loved the paintings too. They're very pretty, and I can't even imagine doing anything good with a paint brush. Well, I'm okay at painting walls... ;)

  2. I've read that book as well and I quite enjoyed it actually. Good pick :)

    And way to rock that run, speedy!

  3. Sounds like a good month, lots of crosstraining! I might try crossfit very soon.

  4. You're getting so fast. I'm going to have to drop some of my cargo...

  5. Bootcamp/crossfit 21x WOW! I'm impressed with that.

  6. Another great month and you totally kicked my ass in miles!

  7. Wow, great run! Lots of miles and extra training, too. Nice! I'm on the healthy eating bandwagon, but I'm on the sit on the couch bandwagon all week long, too.

    I like your pictures. I'm not even the tiniest bit artistic, and I'd probably kill myself if I tried a handstand. I'll just be creative vicariously through you. :)

  8. Love seeing you come back strong! Way to go. And as always, your artistic talent impresses me.

  9. Sounds like your fitness level is back by keeping your HR down on your runs. Enjoy the cooler temps.

  10. Wow, sub 9 for 12 miles! You are BACK girl! I truly wish I was more creative. I have some creativity for sure...but not like you!

  11. Impressive month. You managed a ton of miles and crossfit! You are probably looking like a rockstar.
    Love your paintings. I've been wanting to do some paintings like that to hang on our bare walls but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  12. Nice month lady. And those paintings are beautiful.

  13. Love Marlene's gift! Hope you enjoyed the Canadian M+Ms. Love the paintings. You have some talent beyond blog drawings!

  14. At least you spread out the ice cream over two days ;)

    Awesome job on the 12-miler!!

  15. Don't you love how thoughtful Marlene is and how some of us other (ahem) aren't? Ah yeah...I'm just looking out for your health, that's all! :)

    Well, Speedy, you are making a great comeback. My HR numbers have me at about a 12 minute mile - woohoo! Maybe there's hope for that 50 miler at Leadville next year afterall???

    The paintings are really nice; well, maybe not the handstrokes but hey, maybe it could be modern art and worth millions!! Just remember us little people when you make it big!

    Nice October, girl...keep being strong. I'll respond to your email .. probably in about 9 days!

  16. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm not sure what happened but I hope you are doing ok.

    Good month for running. Bad month for ice creaming? lol! I owe you a post card. Sorry I suck.

  17. Yippeee for kb swings!!
    I am always now on the lookout for cool looking postcards....

  18. Sorry for your loss. It looks like it was a good month. It sounds like you are feeling better lately?!

  19. You rocked October! Like that 12 miler! Hope your November is just as great. I am sorry for the loss, though! Take care and keep on running. Oh, I have never received a post card in my life. lol

  20. NICE - 12 mile run at sub-9:00 pace.....NICE! NICE!

    So is the 1/2 gal in two days a PR?

  21. Nice work!!
    I believe the ice cream helped with the sub-9 pace. Ho-ho's tend to knock 5 or 10 seconds a mile off my pace for anything over 10 miles.
    What's the glute pain you've got? My left hip (read that "ass cheek") deep in the joint hurts. Not so much when I run, but after. Stretching it feels like I'm going to tear something at first then it gets easier. I only feel it in runs if I'm doing intervals. Suggestions?

    I also love the painting. I picked up the guitar 4 weeks ago just to do it. I figure at 50 I should keep learning something new, so that was it.

    Keep at it!

  22. In keeping with my belated commenting trend...

    Sweet 12-milers! She's ba-ack!

    Those paintings are really good! I paint about as well as I "draw SOmething" so you can imagine...

    So sorry for your loss. :(

  23. Nice job on the 12 miler! Seemed like you were keeping a low profile on running for a while. And nice postcards, Edinburgh is indeed an awesome city!

  24. You had a busy October. Your running is really getting stronger and stronger, well done! I think I must try some painting. Keep it going!

  25. What on earth am I going to do for Ho-Ho's now? I'm going to the store this morning to buy up the last boxes of them and Ding Dongs. It's a sad, sad day.

    Along with that and the discovery this morning of how ridiculously revealing my racing shorts are from behind. They're those "superman" shorts and I wore them in track meets this past year. Finally looked at myself in a mirror with them on this morning. Puhleeeze...

    Looking forward to next month's post, Lindsay and hope you're doing well.

  26. You're doing Crossfit along with your running?? That's quite impressive. I've been told that stuff is serious business but I've never managed to get to a class. Or maybe it's that I can't justify spending so much $$ on that.