Sunday, December 30, 2012

blog superlatives 2012

[continuing what i started in 2011 because it's not like i've done any running of note this year. thanks, skin]

most popular (/viewed) post: paging dr. house

class clown: reader request: running in bikin

most likely to lead to my new career at blue sky studios: boom

biggest imposter: ali asname

bestest blog friends (most referrals): angry runner and maurlene on the run (they flip flopped spots from last year). third place goes to sun safety barbie.

most studious countries (most # of readers):
  • united states
  • canada
  • united kingdom
  • spain
  • india

most involved (us states by # of readers):
  • south carolina
  • california
  • virginia
  • new york
  • massachusetts

most likely to succeed (top common searches):
  • chasing the kenyans
  • gu chomps review
  • dr house/dr. house (um?)
  • thanksgiving funnies (how do these result in a success?)

most clueless (randomest search hits):
  • 40's vegetable people
  • how to draw a giraffe
  • belly suck in eat
  • boobs popping buttons
  • long ugly toes
  • my boobs grew
  • my boobs shrank
  • activewear for older women
  • alligator eating cereal
  • can people see in between the gaps of the bathroom stalls
  • men who need sports bra
  • m&m a good pre workout snack (duh)
  • sports bras that work your arms as you run
  • how to pop a squat on the side of the road
  • fat girl trying to eat cookie off shoulder

(did i really talk about boobs that much in 2012?)


  1. This is funny. I may steal your format. I tend to get a lot of hits from people searching for girls peeing standing up thanks to my Go Girl review. People are weird.

  2. too funny! I get a lot of hits about Axel Rose..since I wrote one post how sweet child o' mine didn't load correctly and left me hanging on a treadmill run. So what body part are you thinking of focusing on next year??

  3. I haven't looked at my blog stats in awhile, this makes me want to take a glance. LOL on all the boob talk. Love it.

  4. Love this and 'fat girl trying to eat cookie off shoulder' had me laughing out loud. I love seeing the random searches!

  5. Excellent stats!! I should look it in my blog!
    Happy new year Linday, and the best for you and your family in 2013!

  6. Haha I love that :). Gotta love the craziness that ensues when you look at blog stats.

  7. I guess I need to go look at my stats. Good idea. Happy 2013.

  8. TITS and ASS always get the most attention no matter what!!!

    My stats are a big bore, not that I care-I still have 10 diehard followers!
    Must be those "my blog-my rules" posts that intimidate! ;)

    Cheer's to a great 2013!!

  9. Your most clueless searches are hilarious. 40's vegetable people? Hey, I'm a kidding, I'm a zuchinni myself. LOL. I think I get a lot of poop on the run searches.

  10. I didn't realize your boobs shrank and grew so much in one year; I must have been asleep those posts? And gee, you also aged quite a bit this year...activewear for older woman? Maybe that has something to do with the boobs sagging.

    I'm not even sure I know how to look up those searches. I'm dumb.

  11. This is hilarious. I need to check my blog stats. lol

  12. Hilarious! Clearly you have some kid of obsession wiht boobs...and 40s vegetable people (wha???). Hope you have a great new year :)

  13. Love that someone found you for both my boobs grew and my boobs shrank! Hilarious. Great way to recap the year!

  14. Hope the coming year includes more running, though I, for one, appreciate all the boob talk. :)

  15. The random searches are hilarious!!!

  16. Happy New Year Lindsay, a kiss for you!

    Great as usual

    Happy 2013 and run'n'run ;-)

  17. Hilarious: men who need sports bra

    Maybe next year you can blog about Clemson winning the BCS title? Is that possible? I mean they beat an SEC team this year and dramatic fashion so anything is possible right......right!!!!!

    Happy New Year my friend.

  18. Happy New Year Lindsay! May 2013 be filled with joy and happiness for you and your loved ones?

  19. fat girl trying to eat cookie off shoulder

    -- There are apparently some new fetishes out there that I'm not aware of.

  20. Happy new year!! Wow, those are some crazy search terms that were used to find your blog!!