Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting My Rear in Gear

I finally decided to wisen up regarding the glute ache that has been plaguing me since I hurt my lower back last August-ish. It's gotten to the point where it is near impossible to stand up after sitting down for awhile (yay desk job). I have to stand in place and wait for the pain to subside before moving as it is unbearably painful to try and move right away. It feels better once I've been standing up/moving around and locks up again after I sit down for any period of time (15 minutes or longer). Because it feels better when I move around, I had continued to workout at my normal intensity, but the pain was increasing after sitting. Eventually I determined that the current "plan" of ignoring it (for 4+ months) wasn't working and I needed to take a new approach.

I'm forcing myself to rest. It's not easy!

I'm so tone now; 2% body fat.

I ran twice in the first week of the new year but am now taking some time off - hopefully no longer than the rest of the month. I also took a week off of any lower-body exercise at the gym and had a lovely (grimacing) massage. After one week of rest there was barely any improvement (but there was a little) so I'm resting it a second week, although I am incorporating a few air squats and glute strengthening exercises (read: Jane Fonda style) based on my made up theory that a little exercise will help.

I roll my glute, hips, and IT band with a trigger point roller and/or lacrosse ball daily. I ice, heat, stretch and some days take Tylenol (I'm kinda already killing my liver and kidney with the meds I'm on for my skin so I try to limit the pain meds). I also visit the chiropractor regularly. I don't see the value in going to a sports doctor as I assume they'll tell me to do all the things I'm already doing. I probably shouldn't have jumped right back into heavy weighted squats and deadlifts while it was nagging me back in the fall.

It's hard not going for a run and realizing that I won't be training for a fast spring half. It's hard walking into the gym and watching everyone else beast out a WOD while I do a modified workout that a 60 year old could do (and does, as we have people of all ages at the gym). Hopefully sacrificing January will do the trick. I keep reminding myself that I want to run a (fast) marathon in the fall and that won't happen with ongoing glute pain.

Friday, January 4, 2013

More or Less in 2013

I never set goals in 2012 because I wasn't sure how much running I would get in with all that was going on health-wise, and by the time I thought about making goals it was March. I enjoy setting goals for myself, even if I don't attain them all. I don't think the point is to get them all, because then shouldn't you have set some harder ones?

In 2013 I aim to:
Stretch/roll more / sit less - This should be easy enough since I tend to ignore all mobility work. Be able to downward dog and grok squat with heels on ground (currently they pop up thanks to tight muscles and joints). There is no reason why I can't roll out while watching TV instead of sitting on the couch.

Donate more / clutter less - Continue to get rid of things. I say this every year, and I do get rid of bags of things, but I still could declutter more. I admit that I'm a bit of a hoarder - wearing pajamas from my freshman year of college and still owning t-shirts from 3rd grade field trips. My problem is that whenever I start going through things I do not set 'those' rules such as "if you haven't used/worn it in a year". Yep, hoarder.

More hard work / less excuses - I am entirely too good at making excuses. No more! I will do what I can and own it - whether I finish first, last or somewhere in the middle.

Be more uncomfortable / worry less - Already working on stepping out of my comfort zone, in baby steps of course. As for worrying less, guess I'll have to soak in the tub a lot more!

And specifically:
Run a lot.
Improve my pullups. (10 in a row)
Get a muscle up. (Preferably on rings)
Focus on posture. I'm on the fast track to hunchback.
Eat clean. (Veggies, fruit, lean protein; occasional romances with pasta/chips)
   - Can't decide if I should allow for 2 cheat days per month or 1 cheat meal per week?
Run a marathon. (But only if I actually train for it)
PR in said marathon.
PR in the 10k and half too. (All three of these PRs are from 2009 and practically irrelevant!)
Do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do.
Use capitalization.
Bonus goal:
Run a 2nd marathon.