Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CrossFit Games: Gimpy Style

Although I've been dealing with my OI injury/gluteal bursitis and avoiding lower-body activity, I was still easily convinced to sign up for the CrossFit Games. It's not like I'll even get a good idea as to where I stand amongst the CrossFitters of the world because I can't (/shouldn't) do the workouts as prescribed.

Nevertheless, I paid the $20 and signed up. Then I paid another $20 to buy the t-shirt...

Bathroom selfie for the win
The "main" part of the Games is the Open. These are the first 5 weeks (held March-April) with 1 workout each week. Anyone who wants to participate can. The top 60 in each Region move on to more advanced stages of the Games but with 4,000+ ladies in my Region it's safe to say I won't need to worry about that level. The workout is announced each Wednesday evening and you can submit your score (typically # of reps) by Sunday evening.

13.1 - No, not a half marathon. As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 17 minutes of:
40 burpees
30 snatches (45 lbs for women)
30 burpees
30 snatches (75 lbs for women)
20 burpees
30 snatches (100 lbs for women)
10 burpees
AMRAP snatches in time remaining (120 lbs for women)

My score: 2 (burpees)

I was smart and didn't push it. Technically I could have gotten at least 100 reps but loading up my glute/hammy in all those burpees and snatches would not have been wise.

In the days following I was envious of my friends who got to fully attempt the workout and see their ranking. (Insert suspenseful music) When the next workout was announced I was ecstatic - the first exercise was upper-body (the rest was stuff I shouldn't be doing). You can probably guess what happened next...

13.2 - AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 shoulder to overhead (75 lbs for women)
10 deadlift (75 lbs)
15 box jumps (step ups were allowed thanks to one of the top competitors breaking her foot)

My score: 209 (not smart)

one-legged rainbow bright
I probably irritated some of my friends by scoring just as well as they did with my one-legged deadlifts and step ups, but my left leg was spaghetti at the end of those 10 minutes. I've been in some new kinds of pain these past few days. 70 one-leg deadlifts when you haven't worked out your legs in 3 months? Not the brightest idea.

Here's hoping there are upper body moves in the three workouts to come!

I know Kovas and Bob Harper are also trying their hand at the Games, anyone else?