Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Update and a Giveaway

It's been 6 weeks since my last post. I never thought I'd be one of "those people" who A) got injured for months on end or B) disappeared from the blogosphere. But here I am, crawling back and begging for your attention. Can you believe I missed National M&M Day?!? Horrors. I made up for it by overindulging in M&M's on and off, don't worry. I hope you all remembered to celebrate without me.

So what's new? (not much)

I'm still injured. Sucky-suck-suck-fest. I am soooo tired of not being able to run and could definitely do without the set of spare tires I've accumulated around my midsection.

I've spent a good chunk of money trying to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it at various doctors, weekly massages, and newly-started PT. I've gotten 4 separate diagnoses (although 2 of them are related as far as naming body parts) and so far nothing has helped. I've taken fish oil for inflammation (can't take NSAIDs), tried Kill Cliff for inflammation (it tastes a heckuvalot better than fish oil), I've iced, I've heated, I've rolled, I've lacrosse-balled, I've tried to stretch it, I've tried to Jane Fonda-exercise it, I've gone to the chiropractor (though I should have been going more frequently), I've taken almost FIVE MONTHS off of lower body exercise... with absolutely NO IMPROVEMENT. I did get a stand-up desk at work though, so one minor victory in this mess?

Ok, so I could still cash in my life savings and get an MRI or CAT done, but I'd rather spend that money on M&M's (and no doctor has mentioned doing one yet).

For all you google-certified-physicians (like myself) or actual-health-experts, here's a brief recap:
- Pain is in glute; hurts when standing up after sitting. Lower back won't stand fully straight right away.
- Sharp/shooting pain when sneeze while sitting.
- Get a sharp pain in glute when bending over (ie: to tie shoe). Yes, hamstrings are tight but I assume mostly from not being used in months; pain isn't in hammies).
- Current/latest diagnosis is something in SI/hip (I don't remember the exact term/location) is aggravating the piriformis which is possibly irritating my sciatic nerve.

On a lighter note, I have something to giveaway! Whoop whoop! I was contacted by and offered a shirt with my logo on it as they were looking to promote their new business/tshirt printing services. They are a UK-based business but shipping was quick coming across the pond.

They were kind enough to send an extra shirt with my new Africa + foot + Kenya flag logo on it to giveaway! (It's pretty sweet if I do say so myself.) It's a women's medium (Gildan softstyle, 90/10 cotton/poly) but you men can still enter for your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter/friend (or if you wear a women's medium but I don't think I have any 10 year old male readers).

Just mention in your comment below that you would like to be entered to win the t-shirt and be sure to check out for your custom shirt needs!

(And I'd love it if you later sent a photo of you doing something fun/awesome in the shirt!)


  1. I love the logo! Very cute!

    I'm sorry they still aren't figuring out WTF is wrong with you. It's frustrating and there's really nothing more to say besides that. :-/

  2. I want the shirt. Kthanks.

    Also- M&M's aren't that great. There, I said it. And I am sure in doing so, lost my chances of winning :)

  3. Very cute shirt. I'm not a women's M, though, so I'm not entering.

    How frustrating to be spending so much time to figure out the problem and still not have an answer or solution. That stinks! :(

  4. Super cute shirt, and yes, I'd love to enter the giveaway! I mean it's the least you can do after all this time away from us! :-)

    Unfortunately I have no better idea about the pain in your ass than what you already know. My first thought was "sciatica" or a herniated disk pinching a nerve. What happens when you do run? Does it get a lot worse? If not I'd just run again.

  5. Oh man how sucky that you are not doing well still. Go away pain now! Did not like reading this

    Yes, I will enter the giveaway!

  6. I was thrilled to see your post pop up but not when I read that you're still injured. So sorry. Does sound like SI to me, especially the sneezing, although that could be sciatic related too. Allow me to confuse the whole issue by wondering if inactivity is not the best idea. If you are still injured, maybe you need to move more - just differently?

  7. Sorry to hear you're still can only imagine what happens when I sneeze!

    I still, strongly, strongly, strongly suggest a CK-FMS

  8. Oh wow so sorry you're sill hurting. I wish I could get Notorious my Romanian ART specialist over to you. Alas he disappeared to "Denver" never to be heard from again. Yay for standup desk though.
    Sure put me in for the shirt. I can crew Leadville in it. I said CREW, not run. Mountains and I don't mix.

  9. Great to see you in my rss feed! As someone who lost most of last year to injury, I know where you're coming from with the injury frustration!

    I forget, what kind of injury are you dealing with?

    1. I'm treating it as a bulging disc. There's no way to tell 'for sure' without more advanced scans ($$) but so far the exercises/therapies/taking complete time off from exercise seems to be helping.

  10. Geez, you sound a lot like me. Nothing the doctors do seems to work. I agree, though, more M&Ms.

  11. I've had very similar pain to what you've described! I can still run, but I take NSAIDs and foam roll to deal with it, but it won't go away! I know you've been to plenty of doctors, but have you tried a chiropractor? I went to one yesterday who told me that my problem might be that my pelvis is misaligned and my psoas is really tight and my pain might be because of that! Massage therapy won't do anything for it, but she did some alignment things and I'm hoping it will make a difference!

    Just thought I'd pass that along...hope things get better soon!

    1. I am definitely also seeing the chiro, and I feel better after getting adjusted (If only I could go everyday)! I suppose things are just so screwed up it's just going to take awhile to get better. It's hard to see improvement day-to-day or week-to-week, but there's been a good chunk of improvement from where I was a 6 months ago.