Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Lately (Giveaway Winner)

Another month has passed and I'm still on the injured list. Improvement isn't noticeable day-to-day, but it's a lot better than where I was in January. Currently what seems to help the most is going to the chiropractor - it feels better after each visit. If only I could go everyday!

My range of motion in my hammy's is improving (gained 15 degrees!) so hopefully that's a good indicator of healing all-around. I'm taking it easy, trying to refrain from plowing down runners with my car out of jealousy, and staying busy by helping out at the gym (so I can still see my crossfit friends at least)!

Since I have no workout news, here's the past month in photos:

Went to the San Diego Zoo

Went on an *easy* hike in San Diego

Contemplating kayaking the La Jolla caves,
but decided it wouldn't be smart for the injury

Instagrammed my Starbucks for Jason

Went to the Alamo

Celebrated my cousin's wedding

Hung out with my niece

Watched the neighbors get flooded after Andrea

CTK shirt winner (as selected by

(even though she left a hateful comment about m&m's... I even tried to re-do and it picked her again!)