Thursday, July 11, 2013

Waving My Banner All Over the Place

I'm back!

Ok well sorta... Only a few days a week and for verrrrry short distances, but nonetheless I'm getting out for a few miles a week. It's wayyy better than staring longingly at my shoes all day!

I did a test run at the beach (1 mile in about 10 minutes) and though things didn't feel perfect they didn't feel bad either. I did a 2-miler the next day (with one at 8:40! not bad for 6-months off) and another 1-mile run later in the week. The glute/hip/whatever is a little achey at first but warms/loosens up/I stop thinking about it after a little while. Striding with my right leg feels less-natural and I have to make a conscious effort to drive the leg forward. Not sure if that's super weakness from favoring that side of my body this whole time or what. Any ideas or suggestions on making this feel/be natural again? Both of my chiropractors said if it doesn't feel any worse during/after running that I can/should keep at it - slowly.

In other news - I was contacted by BuildASign ( about partnering up and decided to get a banner for my beloved CrossFit gym. We have the perfect spot to hang it in at our new facility (we're moving from 1600sq ft to 6000+ sq ft) and the owner/other members are excited to hang it from our team tent at local competitions we attend.

I ordered a 3x6 ft banner. The process was simple - you can upload your image to their site or use some of their "clipart" type stuff. They assured me the image looked good on their end before printing (I was worried it would be fuzzy when enlarged to 3x6 feet) and it shipped in a timely manner.

BuildASign is a true sign and banner maker business and the banner turned out great. The vinyl seems to be of decent quality and there is a grommet hole in each corner for reinforced hanging. My only complaint is that the side edges were not 'doubled up'/folded over the same way the top/bottom ones were for extra reinforcement. Overall it's a good quality banner and looks sharp in the new gym and will look awesome at upcoming competitions (including one this weekend!).

Disclaimer: The banner was provided to me free of charge in exchange for this product review. A 3x6ft banner would normally cost about $45, which seems reasonable to me. The opinions of the service and product received are my own.