Thursday, September 26, 2013

If the Knees are A-Knockin'

Thanks to my personal race photographer spectating last weekend, I have some lovely race photos of myself. I noticed my knees are a-knockin' and wanted to see if anyone had input on this? I don't recall seeing this prior to having to take the past year forever off, but either way I feel like it should be fixable. Perhaps some running form drills, stretch/strengthening exercises, or even just focusing on doing 'something' (the correct form) while running?

The other morning I tried to "feel" what my hips are doing while I run (is one side dropping) but needless to say it wasn't easy to tell. Nothing hurts, I just figured it was ugly running form and needed to be fixed, but so far I can't find anything via the googler.

Suggestions appreciated!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Rewind

Man, time flies. Two+ months since my last post? Slack!

Thankfully, I've been busy - both at work and at sweating. Hooray for being able to workout! Things have gone well since testing the waters in July and though I'm still not 100% (you should see my down dog), I'm glad to be moving again.

I've run a few races this summer and it's about time I posted the race recaps. No stellar performances but considering I had to take of 6 months this year and I'm having to start back at square one, they haven't been too shabby either. I haven't been good at sticking to my schedule and am only running 3-miles or less at a 10:00-ish/mile pace  not quite putting forth an effort to increase my mileage). I'm also only logging 9-miles a week ...or less. My motivation has returned and I'm ready to get back in the training groove and (hopefully) get better at running again.

Prediction 5k (trail) - No watches allowed. Ran with my sister; she predicted a 33:37 for us and we finished in 34:xx (got held up trying to cross slippery planks of wood over pluffy mud). I believe the winner was within seconds of their predicted time.

Entrance to the trails

Michelin 5k (for the work team/Corporate Shield series) - A couple years ago this was a "return to running" 5k for me when I had to take some time off for health reasons (non-injury). Being a mere one-month into attempting (slackingly) to get back in shape I didn't know what to expect. I chased down a co-worker and finished in 25:25 (8:09/mile).

Post-race sunset at BMW performance track

BMW 2-miler (again for the work team) - I last ran this race in 2008 (!!) and I was in much better shape back then. Two minutes slower this year at 14:36 BUT all my training runs have been at ~10:00/mile pace so I'll take it. I should also note that I dropped a 45# weight on my big toe in the morning and it took all day to quit throbbing. I was nervous about running on it or it being broken but it seems to be ok. I may lose the nail, but I am a runner, it wouldn't be the first.

My first stopping-the-watch finish photo

Troad 5k (trail) - This race was the morning after the BMW run. I had a free entry because work sponsored the race and offered the complimentary entries to the running team. I almost missed this race by sleeping through two alarms and shot up at 8:08am (the race was at 8:30). I threw on my clothes, ran my toothbrush over my teeth, and put my contacts in during the drive. The trail was very runnable (save for a few long climbs for these tired, unconditioned legs) and I finished in 28:48 (9:27/mile), good enough for 6th place female and 1st in my age group! Took home a beautiful toad trophy.

Start of the Troad (uphill) before heading into the woods

Troad finish. Note backwards banner?

CrossFit is still going too (don't worry my true love is still running). Over the summer I set some PRs on the power clean (125#), push press (120#), snatch (85#), and benchmark workout "Fran"* (8:22).

Back in February I sat for my Level 1 CrossFit certification and recently started teaching Kids class on Saturdays - so adorable! These kids get to do fun things like burpees, pushups, play dodgeball, and of course, run. They love to run! Also, they climb the 15' ropes faster than I can.

September also brought around my birthday and friends from the gym got me a big bag of M&M's, lottery ticket, and some gift cards. Unfortunately I was not the lucky lotto winner from SC you may have heard about (boo) and believe it or not it took me 5 days to eat the bag of M&M's! Must be this old age...

*For those who are curious, Fran is 21-15-9 reps of thrusters (front squat to overhead press) and pullups.