Friday, October 4, 2013

September 2013

In the month of September I RAN!
- 13 days
- 31.5 miles
- 9:09 average pace
- 3 races

I also did some crossfitting, of course.
- PR'd my power clean, push press, and snatch
- Helen*: 13:45 (3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kb swings (35#), 12 pullups)

A Running PR
On Wednesday the workout was 1 mile run, 5 minutes rest, 1 mile run. The last time I ran a mile for speed was September of 2010. I wasn't in my best shape then either, coming back from a few months off (argh story of my life) due to health issues, but I signed up for a 1-mile road race that was held in conjunction with a 5k and 10k (aka: the 1-mile is what all the kids sign up for). I finished in 6:12, barreling over all the kids. (...kidding)

Being in the midst of yet another "get back in shape" quest, I was anxious to see what I could do a mile in and hopeful that I could at least run something in the 7's. The first mile clocked in at 6:10 (a PR!) and the second a 6:35. Absolutely no consistency, but man I had to fight in that second mile. It's definitely nice to know there's some speed in me somewhere and I'm excited to work for more improvements! (Now if only I could be excited to focus on my diet...)

Race for the Cure
I went a little 'crazy' and ran another 5k at the end of September. I was asked to be on the Komen Race for the Cure committee as the "Competitive Runner Recruitment Chair" so naturally I signed up to run the race as well. I even fundraised a few bucks for the cause!** It was a beautiful morning for a run and a well-run event. The timing company had some issues as apparently I'm a 99 year old male, but I was a pretty spry 99-year old running a 23:50. Good enough for 9th overall female (not sure about age group since quite a few people were also "99").

Probably the best race photo you've ever seen.
(and more knocky knees)

Spandits! Ambassador
I'm excited to announce I was selected to be a brand ambassador for Spandits! We're a 'team' of some pretty fantastic people including B.o.B and The Happy Runner, two long-time blog friends of mine. Details are still forthcoming about this awesome opportunity but I'm excited and honored. Spandits! makes some funky printed workout gear which is right up my "fashion" alley. I had the hardest time picking out my fave print!

*Helen is another benchmark workout like Fran. 
**If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation to Susan G Komen please go here!


  1. Great month! Congrats on the Spandits gig! I think I'm the last person on earth who has never worn capris/tights that had a pattern on any kind. Boring.

    1. Thanks! My problem is that I forget to buy "normal" (plain) tops and then I end up looking like rainbow bright... It's a hot look!

  2. You are one fast 99 year old. ;)

    Great job on the running and fundraising!


  3. Way to go on those miles and a PR. Nice pictures as well. Congratulations on the ambassador thing.

  4. Wow, congrats on the PR! And on the ambassador gig!

  5. Damn, you run fast! Congratulations!
    I truly wish you could spend a couple of days with me and let me KB train your ass! It would compliment your running incredibly! I still have "your" room clean!

  6. You are fast fast fast. How wonderful that you are racing/running again.

  7. Had to look up spandits. oh my. i probably couldn't pull off anything other than the arm sleeves. lol

  8. Great job on the new PR and congrats on being chosen as a spandits ambassador

  9. Two posts in a month? What???

  10. A 99 year old man lol! You really killed it...for your AG or for a 99 year old. Sounds like you are truly in comeback mode! Great job!