Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vegas & Turkey

October 2013
A very belated (and abbreviated) month recap.

Run Stats:
- 19 days
- 57.80 miles
- 9:09 average pace
- 0 races
- Longest run: 7.5 miles
- Cut 44 seconds off my two-mile time from September (now 13:52)

CrossFit Notables:
- CF Total: 400 lbs (sum of back squat, strict press, deadlift - 3 attempts per lift)
- Clean & Jerk 1RM: 120#
- Grace: 5:49 (30 clean & jerks for time, 95#)

Can't say I remember any other worthy details from October, but I have been doing some fun running things so far in November!

Earlier in the month I flew out to Vegas to run my second Ragnar. This time with a new group of strangers including Chris, Jill and Lisa. I had a blast with my teammates ("My Little Ponies") and many other teams seemed to want our van tags (magnets) with our sweet logo - a fierce pony with a Ragnar tramp stamp (designed by Alissa). In true form I did not exactly train as well as I should have, my longest training run was 7.5 miles knowing that I was going to have 17+ miles total. Overall I ran well, averaging an 8:17 pace and passing a bunch of people along the way (chicked lots of dudes in my final 7+ mile leg). It was a great weekend and the views were gorgeous all weekend long!

Handoff before my 3rd leg (the first two were in the dark).

My view of Lake Mead for 7+ miles

The Ponies

I ran another 5k (turkey trot) this past weekend. I last ran this race in 2006 and this year it was at a new location although I'd run the course before. I was the first female finisher (11th overall), cut another 1:34 off my 5k time from September, and brought home a turkey.

Floating in to the finish.

My 10 pound prize!

After much hemming and hawing (and FB messaging Jason & MaUrlene), I put on my big girl pants and signed up for a half marathon. Who'd have thought I'd be so nervous! I survived 17 Ragnar miles, hopefully my fitness will only continue to improve between now and the race (in January). Ginny is coming up for it and I think Katie is thinking about coming down the mountain for it. Should be fun times!

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