Monday, December 30, 2013

Blog Superlatives 2013

(Carrying on from 2011 and 2012). AKA, time to see those Google search gems!

Most popular (viewed) post: Pain in the Rear: A Diagnosis

Bestest blog friends (most referrals): Angry Runner and the lovely Redhead. Third place goes to No Meat Athlete.

Most studious countries (most # of readers):
United States
United Kingdom

Most involved (US states by # of readers):
South Carolina

Most likely to succeed (top common searches):
gu chomps review
obturator internus
glute muscles

Most clueless (randomest search hits):
salt shakers running club
fat girl eating cookie off shoulder (2nd year in a row!)
can i carry protein powder on an airplane
diarrhea my pants / stains on my running shorts (maybe you should consult discombobulated beth?)
faceplant in horse poop
how can i reunite with my ex wife / how can i reunite with my ex boyfriend
i got married in kenya is it legal here in michigan
i took the plunge went bleached blonde
my mom said to get a life
wearing butt plug tail

(I use Google Analytics to retrieve this information)

As usual, some random searches this year. The fat girl eating a cookie off her shoulder was back again, maybe I need to try this... To the souls searching for butt plugs and wanting to get back with their ex's, goodluck. What google treasures did your blog receive this year?


  1. I always crack up when you do these; so strange how people find our blogs!!! Cheers to an even more interesting 2014 my friend! xoxo

  2. I don't know how to find all those searches and I don't think I want to!

  3. My blog will forever be known as the home of the slutty brownie. Happy New Year!

  4. Bahaha! These are fantastic. I love the random shit people search. Happy New Year :)

  5. LOL, mine are never that funny though I haven't checked them again in I feel the need too. The face plant in horse poop is a definite classic as well.

  6. How funny! It didn't even cross my mind to do this post this year. I do it every year though.. now I must.. The random searches always crack me up.