Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Great Marathon Debate

November 2013
Run Stats:
- 18 days
- 70.6 miles
- 8:42 average pace
- 2 races (Ragnar & local Turkey trot)
- Longest run: 8 miles
- Trimmed another 1:44 off my 5k time from September!

CrossFit Notables:
- Power Clean 1RM: 130# (up 5# from September)
- Squat Clean: 95# (squat needs work... lots of work.)
- Isabel (not Rx): 2:51 (30 snatches for time, 65#)

So in my last post I admitted that I signed up for a half-marathon and though I'm not expecting a PR (hello rolling hills) I think it should go well. What I failed to admit was that I was still hemming and hawing over a full marathon too. I've been wanting to run the Mercedes marathon for years - solely because I think the medal is cool and unique - which is held in February. I was am afraid that I won't be in shape in time (even though I did survive 17+ miles of a Ragnar last month, for what that's worth).

The Mercedes marathon is now 9-10 weeks away, and my "long" runs have been a whopping 8 and 6 miles. I don't need another 4-hour marathon, I have plenty of those already. I want to train consistently for one and be able to run it well. I suppose this is me talking myself out of it...

I'm eyeing another full in late March, which seems much more feasible to get in shape for as long as I can be more diligent with those weekend long runs. With this in mind, my internal debate switches to considering running Mercedes easy to remind myself that I can still survive the distance, and then continue to train for a (hopefully) faster late-March marathon.

Overanalyzing, I know. Thoughts?


  1. I'd do a later race. A slow marathon - even as a training run - is demoralizing. I like the idea of having some half marathons or 30ks leading up, though, if you can find any.

  2. I would say to just focus on the March marathon. A slow marathon is butt kicking and like the comment above me says, demoralizing. I would say just go for the gold with the March race and save Mercedes for next year.

  3. That is a purdy medal....but if you won't be where you want to be training wise I'd say hold off too.

  4. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Sounds like you should hold off on the full. Way to go chopping that 5k time!

  5. Go with your gut on this. Maybe get through the half and see how you feel.

  6. Forget Mercedes and see how training for a late March marathon goes. Then do another full in the fall

  7. Well, I for one would do a slow training marathon, but most people do not enjoy that. I love it! For a cool Mercedes medal I would definitely.

  8. Because I'm a "member" of this group.....I speak for those who come in well AFTER the 4 hour mark.
    To say "doing a slow marathon is demoralizing" is a very shallow comment. Anyone who has the spirit, drive, determination and gets a marathon finisher medal is just as good as the person who comes in first. Not everyone is "blessed" in the area of speed or whatever it takes to be "under" 4 hours.

  9. I say train for March. Good luck!

  10. If you really want that medal, I'd say use it as a training run. But if you don't want to risk getting injured you'd have be smart about it. You could use the Galloway Method: Run, Walk, Run. It's not something I would typically suggest, but it would be training. I think Galloway's method would help you build up some endurance, reduce your risk of injury, and get the medal. ;)

  11. I definitely agree that when I run a marathon I want to do the best I possibly can, and not just getting another notch in my gun (so to speak). However, you could do it!!!

  12. I would say go with the later spring race and then do Mercedes next year. :) So happy you are running well again!! :)

  13. I've personally completed many marathons as training runs. I enjoyed it, and it served me well in my training. with that being said, if you are injury prone, maybe not. I can tell you be prepared for some hills at Mercedes. I ran the half in Feb. and it definitely has some rollers. I ran my half PR there, so it couldn't have been "that" bad. :)

    I say if your not injury prone, and can truly go and run it as a training run, go and ENJOY.

    Hoping to see you in a few weeks in SC

  14. Hello long lost friend!! How have you been?!?! I will be living vicariously through you (again) with regards to your running as I'm having a fairly complicated knee surgery on Friday! No running for one year!! Ack!! Not happy about that. Hope all is well with you!!