Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Goals: Better Late Than Never

January 21st, Happy New Year!?

I've had a pretty busy start to the year with two races and a trip to Buffalo, NY (wedding).

Friend's of Josh's conveniently planned their wedding in early January when it's nice and warm. When I landed, I collected my luggage from baggage claim and immediately put on another layer of clothing. I squeezed in a great workout a CrossFit Buffalo (uhh, there was no way I was going running in -2483°) and otherwise stayed inside as much as possible. Other than the freezing temps, the wedding weekend was fun.

The following weekend I ran a half marathon here in town with Ginny! She drove up with some friends as one needed South Carolina for her "half marathon in half the states" goal. I had a blast hanging out with them before/during/after the race. Ginny and I ran together for a few miles, including during a downpour with swirling winds and through a shin-deep chilly puddle (twice) caused by the rains. Race-wise, I ran easy. I hadn't ran since New Year's Day (erm... yeah still suck at that) and my glutes/quads were sore from 100 jumping lunges 3 days prior. I felt fine from a cardiovascular standpoint, but my legs were definitely a little stiff and heavy.

Resolution Half-Marathon - 1:57:17
2nd place age group

A week later, I ran one of the larger area 5k's (~1500 runners) on a chilly morning. Ok, it was 28°, chilly is relative! I started too far back, it took me :25 to cross the start line, and as a result my first mile was 8:00. The crowd thinned a little but I still had to weave here and there. I had hoped for a 21:xx going into the race (again, hadn't ran since the half marathon the weekend before) and after the first mile I knew I needed to pick it up. Miles 2 and 3 came in at 6:53 and 6:44. Luckily the race was fully chip timed and I met my goal! I felt great running - from a cardio standpoint I thought I could have gone faster, perhaps if I hadn't been held up at the start. My low-calves were hurting in the last mile on a hill but feel fine after a day off.

Greenville News Downtown 5k - 21:49
5th place age group

Since my last "first race back" (August 2013 5k - 25:25) I've made steady improvements and I hope to continue to build on this in 2014. As for those 2014 goals and aspirations...

- Run a marathon (it's been almost 3 years!). Probably something in the Fall.
- Sub-20 min 5k (current PR 20:33 from 2011)
- Sub-12 min 2-miler (current PR 12:32 from 2008)
- Honestly, a PR in anything would be sufficient...
- Run 1000 miles (I need to get back to this level!)

- Lift my body weight in 3 lifts (perhaps Back Squat, Bench, & Power Clean). Deadlift doesn't count, I can do that already. This can be achieved by losing weight and/or getting stronger...
- 100 unbroken DUs
- Get a muscle up (since I didn't in 2013)...

- Dress better for work. No more baggy man khakis! I've started a Pinterest board to 'journal' this in case you're interested in following along. Disclaimer: I'm no fashionista.
- Limit the junk. A bag of cheese poofs is not a lunch. I'm still on the hunt to figure out what's triggering my skin to be so bad. Sucks.


  1. 100 broken DUs is quite the goal, I'd be happy to get a couple. :)

  2. Dang, speedy Gonzales! Your "haven't run for a while" times look awesome to me. I'm thinking now that you're healthy you'll be crushing some goals.

  3. I'm with Kate: I'd give my left nut for half of that speed. Oh wait I've only got almonds....
    Don't know what DU's are but I'm sure they are badass. I'm enjoying the Pinterest fashionista pins!

  4. What, cheese poofs aren't a legitimate lunch meal? You just officially made my day sad.
    That, and Pinterest....god, I just got on Instagram and feel overwhelmed between that and FB, how can I cram another social media sight....but it may be worth it to see your fashion progress.

    Dude, how freaking fast was your 5k. Um...let's convert that to a 12 prediction and, well, let's just say you have some work in the half department!!

    Ya know I love ya :).

  5. Sound like pretty solid goals to me! I'm making my return to the marathon this year as well and shooting for 1000 miles!

  6. Happy new for me, Lindsay come back to Marathon... wow, great new.

    Take care mate and best wishes.

    Gretings from Spain, ex-La otra orilla (From The Other Side).

  7. Look at you, speedy once more and going long! AHHHHHHH I wish I could hug you right now!!!!

  8. Fast fast fast that's you. And what about M+Ms? Where do they fit into the plan?

  9. Great results from your races, well done! I must still do a proper 2014 goals post as well. just haven't had the time.

  10. -2483! That cracked me up!
    Nice job on your running! Super speedy!

  11. I'm trying to cut out all the junk from my diet and man it is sooooo hard! Good luck with all that. I think this is your comeback year for sure. You are already running some great races! Good luck with everything in 2014!

  12. Cheese poofs don't qualify as lunch? Right now, it seems I live on granola bars and coffee at work. That's super nutritional, right? ;) Love your goals! Maybe you can come up here and run BayState in the Fall. It's super fast and flat.

  13. Sounds like you have some good goals this year. I hope your health allows for you to meet them this year! You definitely deserve it!
    And your 21:xx 5k is awesome without much training.

  14. I'm late to this late goals post. Heh.

    I think getting up to 1,000 this year will ensure those PR's. I'd like a new PR myself.

    RE: the skin issues. Did someone mention gluten to you? Could be an allergy. I say this b/c my boyfriend for real has Celiac. We aren't rich enough for him to have it so it's a total bummer and I hope you don't.

  15. Excellent half time and 2nd place. Way to go.
    Good luck with the goals. We need them so we can keep pushing towards something.

  16. Great job on the half! I am worthless the day after a strength workout.. Sure would love to see you hit the 5k PR this year :)
    Keep warm there!