Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That's a Wrap 2013

It's official. Chasing the Kenyans = girl eating cookie off shoulder.*

December 2013
Run Stats:
- 12 days
- 56.25 miles
- 8:49 average pace
- No races
- Longest run: 9 miles

CrossFit Notables:
- Power Clean 1RM: 135# (up another 5# from Nov)
- Squat Clean: 105# (squat needs work... lots of work)
- Thruster 2RM: 95# (front squat + press overhead)
- Fran: 7:42 (21-15-9 reps of 65# thrusters and pull-ups); a 0:40 PR
- Max Unbroken Double Unders: 59

2013 Mileage: 255.10 - yeah, needs improvement.

Well 2013 has come to a close and (once again) it was not a stellar year for me in the running world. Some days I accept where I am with my running fitness, others I don't - it's a constant battle. Though injury and my ongoing health troubles threatened to keep me down, there were still victories to be had.

After 6 months off from running, I got to start running again in July! While I was thrilled to run again, my motivation was (is) still lacking. Perhaps it knew I needed to ease back into it. I've built up to 9 miles since July; taking the "slow and steady" approach to getting back into things.

Got back to CrossFit too! I did all-upper-body exercises from January to early May when I thought my high-hamstring was injured. I took off all-exercise for about 8 weeks in May-June-July when I learned it was my L4/L5 vertebrae. I got back into the gym in mid-July and took things slow, but happily saw consistent strength gains as the fall and winter months passed.

Dabbled in a few short races - mostly 5k's and one 2-miler. No PR's, but improved little by little over these past few months and can't complain about that.

Ran another Ragnar! Met up with good friends in Vegas and survived 17+ miles. Hopefully this will translate to good distance running in 2014!

Happy New Year! Here's to many miles and PRs for us all.

*Sorry, no music video this year. Let's face it, I can't sing anyway.


  1. I'm so glad you finally ate that cookie off your shoulder to make all your readers happy. That was me searching that, you know.

  2. Awesome sauce! Good luck in 2014!

  3. You sooo rocked it out this year :). I love the picture of the cookie on the shoulder but I think M&Ms would be better, personally.

    don't worry so much about the running mileage... you are still speedy. CrossFit is really kickass too, it's a different kind of fitness than marathon running but still takes a ton of dedication. Happy 2014!

  4. All that strength training will carry over into your running eventually! Too bad we can never be patient when it comes to listening to our bodies!

  5. You are amazing. You are so fast even when not at the top of your fitness. And thanks for not calling the cross fit police on me!

  6. Way to work around the challenges and make the most of the year! I love how passionate you've become about CrossFIt. Happy New Year!

  7. Totally cracking up at your pic; only you Lindsay, only you! LOL! I'm so glad this year saw you getting back at it and you owe us a Ragnar recap!!!

    Also, we still need to run that half together, we promised we'd do this!!! Maybe we should meet somewhere to run one? KIT & LYLAS! ;P

  8. The cookie pic is awesome... I love your humor!

    Your Ragnar team looks way cool! ;-)

  9. Happy New Year! Even with injury and recovery, you're still so fast. Hopefully 2014 is the year of NO INJURY and good motivation!

  10. Glad to see you again Lindsay. Happy New Year.

    Keep on running!

  11. The google searches will now only go up!

    Happy 2014 :)

  12. Sounds like you had a solid 2013 despite some setbacks. Seems like you are now back going consistently forward.

    About 50 After 40s comment - if you had clicked on the link you would have saw it, link is below. It was actually a good topic about how women's sports are marketed. A very loaded topic.